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The Apportionment Of Military

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Tha War Department has made an apportionment of the 75,000 troops called for by tbe President, among the soveral loyal States. It requires Michigan to iurnish one regiment of 780 men including officen?. Sliould any of the States re fa se to respond io the culi, the deficiency will probably be appor tiuned among the oiher States. Wo give the apportionment. Washington, April 15. The folIowÏDg is the form ol cali on the respective State governrrents, for troops, ssned through the VVur Depart ment lo-day : " Sir:- Under the act of Congres for calling out the militia to execute the lawa ol the Union to supprer-s insurreotion, repel invasi-.n, &c, approved February á8th, 1797, I have the bonor to request your excellency to cause to be immediately detached iiom tho militia of your Slate the quota designated in the table below, to 6erve as ïnhintry or rirlemen for a period of 3 months or t-oonor, if dischuigtd. Your excellency wil! please communieate to rao the time about which your quota will be expeoted at its rendezvouw, as it will be met as soon as poesible by an officer or officers to muster it into tho service and pay of the United States. At the same timo the oath of fidelity to the United Mates will be administerud to exery officer and man. The mustering orneara wiíl be instruetod to receive no man utidor the rank of cotnmWioned officer who is in years apparently over 45 or under 18, or who is not in physical strength and vigor. The quota to each State is as follows: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhodo Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Arkansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota - one regiment eaeh. Massachunetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, - two regiinents euch. New York 17 regiments, Pennsylvania 1G regirnents, Ohio 13 regiments ; New Jersey, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, four regiments each ; Illinois and Indiana eis regiments each; Virginia threo regiments." It is ordered that each regiment shall consist on an aggregate of officers and men of 780-73,320 men. The remainder, whieh constitutes 75,000 under the Presidenl's jnoclamation, will be composed of troops in the District of Co.umbia.


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