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The Border States

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The Border States. All eyes are iiow auxiously turned to the border slave States, und in that term is iucluded all thoso slave States whicli have not yet scceded from the Union, i The universal question is, what will they do ? We ear that all exccpt Delaware, ! Maryland, and Missouri, as States will strike hauds with the Confedérate States and agaiiist the National Flag and i tional Union. We append a nuraber of ' dispatolitis whicli seeui to indícate the opinions of those who occupy high j tions aod control public aetion : i Louisville, April 15. i The recent news has considerably paralyzed the people, and thcy have not yet i recovered from its effects. Comp;nies are enlistiiig for the Southeru Coufederacy. It is rumored that several start to-moirow. The citizons genorally deplore the positions of Lincolii's proclamation. The Courier of to-moi row publishes the following reply to the Sccretary of War : " Your dispatch is received. In answer, I say emphatieally, Kentueky will iurnish no troops for the wicked purpose of subduing her sister Southern States. (Sigued) "B. MAGOFFIN. " Governor of Keutucky." ■Wilmington, N. C, April 15. The prochimation is received It is regarded contemptuously and iudignantly. The Union men denounce the administration. Great rcjoicings are feit over the surreuder of Sumpter. Alexandiia, Va., April 15. Lincolii's pioclamation increased secessionism The hnpression is that iinmedíate secession will take place. Richniond, April 15. The Commissioners presonted Lincoln's reply to the Convention. Several Un ionists declared that if the President meaut to subjugate the South, there was but one course for Virgina to pursue. The epinion was divided as to whether she should secede uow or wait the co-operation of the border States. It is believed that this question will bc submitted to the people. All feel the crisis has arrived . Friends of Gov. Letcher say he will refuse to cutertain the President's proci lamation The general opinión is, that i Lincoln, having repudiated Virginia's efforts for pcaccful solution, she must aid in defendiug the South. Lincoln's proclamation is received with execration. The public are fearfully excited and say that the military will sooner die than respond to the cali. Nashville, Tenn., April 13. The enthusiasm is great. At a public meeting to-night, resolutions were unanimously adoptcd condemuing the administratioi) for the present stute of affairs, and sympatfaiziog with the South. Zollicoffer and others spoker Memphis, Tena., April 13. There is great exoitement - crowds, catinons, rockots, bonlires, uiusic, aud speeches.


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