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T Jerw -Advertise mente TUK C O3STTIlSrB3SrT.XJS Will Sing _A_t EEangsterfer's Hall, Monday Evening, April 22d, 1861. ;l w l.icb occ&aloo they wilt introduce a rariety of new mosie, togftther itli a few good old PATRIOTIC SONGS FOB, THE UNION. :m::r,_ t. ikc. "wixxiis, The celebra ted BaMadist frona Boston, now with th Cumpauy, irill Introduce some of his BEAUTIfUL BALLABS. Door open at 7 o'clock ; Concert commence t 8 o'ciock. Tickets 25 cents. C. II CORN'WELI., Agent. HrIIyio v alT J-OIÏ3ST HXJlsTT HAS ÏU'.MOVF.II his tock of Hardware for a few weckn to the Store frrmerlv occupied by C. II. MiLLEN Si Co. 736"2 Haiiffsterfer's Ulock. DEA IT CO., TNVITKnttention to tlieir new stock comprising ai) X kinds of C ocliery, Glassware, Lamps, Gas Fixtures ai.lilod.e-rjraishBíg)od.,alI "f wh ch they are oïering At the Lowest Possible Rates. French China Ten M ttaa %i 00 to 20 00 Fronch Chim rünm-i o:s from ïb 00 to 70 03 Stone China Iet frm 3 50 to 5 00 tflont) china dinner St ts from 8 50 to 20 uO Karaten lAispi complele frem 3x to 6S)i Harble Kíoatn Lampa completo trom 8Q to 10 0:) Fluid I-nmpe Trom 16 to 62j #3r Iainpi of all kitvls altercd aud repaired. Howarrl AsaocHtion, Püiladelphia. A Bcntroient Instürtthn cstabVsbrd bv special rvd"vmfn for ti relitof the S'rk and D'slrrssctd, tifiicird mu VtruUni ind Epidemie Diteattë, and rspmMv }'" 'tl' Cure of Di.ieasrt of the Sexual Orítn, nupensary Jru 10 puien Itl all taris i f the Uniteil Stalt, VALÜABl.EREPORTSonspnntorrh(jM4MJerTO:.,■ Sexual Orgn,ndontbjNBWKEMEDnSS amrod, ent to the cüd is oalod OTdopes, ft of charge, r. . o or three Stamps fur postigo be will bo C''-'.vidr.-.;iK. j, SKIIlJNBODOTrON,Aotlog SmKc.,n nowr] Association Ró 2,anth N'inthftreot. I'bilí.i..i JMyJ


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