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Arrival Of The North Briton

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Portland, Me., April 16. The steamsbip North Briton has arrived, from Liverpool tho 4th, aud Lou douderry tho 5th Concessions to the workingmen in Londen will probably termínate the strike. Mr. Train has been nominally fined on complaint of obstructing the streets of London by a horse railroad, aud has ap pealed. The French navy bas been ro-organized into five divisions One división has boen ordered to Syria It was amïounced that that tho Emperor was about to review the garrison of Paris. Government measures are boing taken for the suppression of unlegalized religious aesociations. The reported rnodifications in the Ministry are denied. The Paris Bourse was depressed. Rentes lower. Garibaldi was received with great en thusiasm at Turin. Tho Opinione, at Turin, advocates the withdrawal of the French troops from Rome, as the National Italian army will sooi) perfonn their dutics. The military force in the proviuces will be increased. The Emperor of Austria has decreed the resumption of paymeius in silver iu Venctia. Latest. - It is reported that Garibaldi and the Hungariau leaders have a perfect understau ding. It is expected that the Hungarian Diet will cali Iíungarian troops from other parts of Austria to coucentrale ín Huugary. If opposed by Ausiria, the Hungarians will refuse to pay taxes, and au insurrection will take place. Turkey. - The Porte has ordered the blocknde oí thu coast of Muuteuegro. Omar Paeba will be Coimtiatider-inchief in Bosnia


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