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eession of thf Board of Regent s an appropciation of $51) was made for a course of _ Art-Leotures from Prof Bbadish, which are now in proces of deiivery. Prof B lectures laily except Saturday, at 3 o'clock, P M ., in he üniversity Chnpel, and in adilition to the Senior Class, other student and numbera of citizens attend, who expresa rauoli satis faction Twelve lecturej have dow beei' delivered, and the presi'nt week the specifio subject has been ïirchitectnre. Prof. White ia also delivering hia annual coarse of lectures on History, to large audien ets of both citiïena and studente. His lectuies are very pipular "and of right oui;ht to be." His lecture hour ii 4 o'clock, P. M. !E On Thtirsday afternoon of last week a can filler! with Phosgene burning fluid. which Mrs. Russell Bishop, of Flint was sealing up, exploded and Bcattered its ignited ron ents over Mrs B. and a yung eon and daughter. Tlie little girl was bo geriously bnrnt that she lived but a few hours Mrs. B. has since died, and the young son is in a Tery eritical state. Mra B was the only sister of Hon. E. H Thompson, and was very much respected by the entire community. When will people cease to use these explosive ompounds ? -- - - ► ty By a Circular from the Aprricul tnral College we learn that the Summer term of tha; institution opened on the 17ih inst. It is now running under the management of the Board of Agrieulture created at the last session of the Legis ature, and before two years will be pronounced a greater humbug than ever. Our business men are now reeeiving no Western Money except at bank rates.and we hope that the poor stuff will give place to something better. Virginia, Kentucky ani Missouri curienoy is also feeling the effect of the positionot their States and i running down. JC3T Rev. J. S. Smakt, of Flirï, preached in tbeM. E. Chureh uf tuis City, on Sabbath morning last ; and at the close of bis sermón prcsented the claims of the -M. E 1 Cburch of Flint, whicb lost ts chureh edifice byfireonthe night of llurch 2üih. About $100 was raised by Bubscripiion and collec tion to aid in the erection of a new building. L=3" On Thureday evening of last ■week Dr. Tappan lectured before the Flint Lecture Association Uïs subject was, ','tb.e True, the Good, and the Beautiful," and the dtixent saya the lecture gave great satisfaction to a large audience. ii ■■ ii 0P The Coldwater PostofJBce was burglariously entered on Tuesday night of last week. and all he letters stolen This is the second robbery ot that office within a few montha. C3K" Workmen are now engaged n removing the wooden building on -Main Street, three doo rs from Huron. ao long occupied by the late H W. Welles and Welles & Hünt and its place is soon to be supplied by handeome brick building. Glad of it. CSST Many of our citizens are engnged in cutting down the diseasod locusta fronting their premises.and supplying their places with bautiful and thrifty maples. Right. Set the trees well, and protect them, and in a few years you will haTe ftn ornament Tíhere you have had ac eye sore. fcy Baldvvin'b tree deposit this year ia at hia house in the eastern porlion of the City, and he is now engaged in delivery his ordersand selling froin his grounds. He has all the best varities of Fruit and Ornamental trees.


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