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GRËAT BARGA LNS AT liLynard, Stebbins & Wilsori's. tTE HAVEAGAIN RLTÍ.KNISKED OCR STORE 11 l:. I E3r O O X S thit WAS e' ■ na '■■: ihe State, all ui whleli we óBcr lux eau be found in Uu Cni ti We want 2&oncy ï uil"v.i!l ranke (ï reut Sacrifices on apyibütj! .■,■■:.■■.! tp obtain it, not excoptlog OLD NÓTES AND ACCOUNTS We ooríÚalíj imito ALL CASÏI Cü STOMERS tyealland examine our Qoöds aiwl Prtces. W i Prompt Paying Ciistcmcrs (o come and buj lies fr (lic TFinior. 'l !::i]ii'ui i.iK's ihiit Mfr-frfmM uimU, we saj 10 ih. m , Hi. coujwcg ï33CjXj Yotir TXXÏ-ii. vitlioutloiigej müth.j Tor highei jíriecs, come n, uld score, and ilicn lEÍSttJ-TSfcT BET' -WCJÜS9 :it Ptirli pticefl os will nl ke np all foéfleê It is barül. aeccessiiry to om Gittnï, tbr "We have Everything' A l&rge assortiment of CARl'ETING, CKOtKEllY DRY GOODS, MEDIINES, GLOERIES, PAINTS, OILS, IIATH, CAPS, BOOTS, S1IOES YANKEE NOTTOKS &c, &co &c. (TlStr) KAYNARt), STI.I!I!IS & WII.SW Stoves &. Hsr ware X '' ' " I r v : ■ 'V C i TEilf I i ï p HTS DON & IIKNDET1S0N Have dow In Store i tai Ba tsortment of wi rr 19 1R7" -B33 spss c, Hardware and House Furnishing AU tovI; w[UbeoldCHEAPaatany otlior Es'ablisliment in Mlelïlgwn, Best Assortment of CooMng r A It ZO R AND l'LA TE X3NT TBtIS S1"j!5í.1"33, Aud will sellthem Choapor than T II E C ïl E A P It 8 T, Piease eait &nd se& AH kinAa of tin ware kopt on Imnd. Particular attentionpaid boU)tlnda "i' srtth NEA.TNES8 AND T1SPTCII. ,0-nease cftlland iee thei SfTOVÉ ROOll in 2d ntóry of New Ulock. RISDON & Iir.NDKRSOV. Am Arbor.Jan. S, lSr,1. Still in the Field! LARGE STOCK of GOODS in my line ilirect from New York. Boston, and the Manufacturero! I have jut recriv. ■: :i !.i: ;e an l veil nelectelitsflortmeni 1 CLOCKS, WATOHES, ar 3u w Eli hy. SILVEK & PLATKD WARE, Musical Instruments, Table ai.d Pocket Cutlery GOLD PENS, And fl great variety of Yankee Notions, fee. I woulil eall particular attentiao lo mj lnrge slock of SFECTACIjES, oí Gold, fciilver, Steel, and Plated, PER SCOPIC GLASS A superior arttole, and & gre.-u variriy .f arttclea la the '"CKEAP for CASH. Pei ono !■■■ ri - ; . ■■ ichectflo vrlthgUM"M, r.,n bc Acconunodatftd my Btock s l;tro anl oonlet i P1 L, PafUculrr att ■ t ■ m ■ :i t-1 R E J J A. I R I IST G it" uil kinds 't" Fine Watcheii, uch as Making & Setting New Jewels, FINIÜNS, BTAFFS and 0YLXNDER3, also GLOiJKö, hKD JEWELHY, Ncillv Repalred tui-l wnrranied. C. BLISS. Augutt 28, 1860. 76Slt Ayer's Ague Cum Ayer's Sarsaparilla A compouml remedy, !■ , lie the nio't . il .-1trralirc that can be ma;!o. It U a conoentrted extract of Para gfarsaparilla, 60 combined witfi othcr Bubstances of still greater alterativo power astoafford au offcctivo antidote for the iliw-asi-s Sarfapari rcputed to cure. It is believed tha( Buch a remedy i wtnited by thosa who suffer from Strumous complaints, and that one which will necomplish thcir cure must prove of mínense service to this large elass of our afflicted fclloweitizens. llow completely this compound will do it lias been proven by experiment u ïuany of the worst ca9C3 to be found of the followiii; fomplaints : - ÖOROFVLA AM) SOROFÜLOUS CoMPI.UXTS, ! EttUFTIONS AND EllLTTIVK DlSEASES, l .':. Pimples, Blotches, Tumors, Salt Bheum, ! Boald Head, Stphilis and Syphiutic Ai-FECTIOXs, MüttCURIAL Dl3BAÏE, DkOPST, NkUi Riloli ou Tic I)ol'i.ol'kli:x, Dehii.ity, DysPEP8IA ANI) lsilllil.sriOM, UltYSIlTT.AS, RogS ou Sr. Antiiony's Fihe, and indeed the whole ' cluss of coüiplaints arLing from iMPUmrï os KUB HlOOD. Tliis compound will be found a great promoter of health, when taken in the spring, to cxpel the foul humor which fcstet in the blood at tliat season of tlie ar. Jiy thettmely expulsión of them many rtmkling disorders ! are iupped in the bud. Multitudes can, by ! the aid of this remedy, spare thcmsclvos the endurauce of foul eruptions and ulccrous sores throtih wnich the System will BtrtVe to vid itself of corruption8, if not agsisted to do , this through the natural channels of t!io body by an alterntive medicine. Cleanse out tho ■vitiated blood whenever you Bnu U impurifica biirstin through the skin in pimples, oruptu n or sores ; eieunso it when you lind it is 0b1-1 structed and sluggish; in the Yeias ; cl whenevor it is foul, and your ïeelmgs will teil you when. Even whereno particular l. is feit, people enjoy better !ali',i, tuid live j longer, for clean-sing the blood. Keep the blood healthy, and all s well ; but with this pabulum of Ufo disordered, thero can be 110 lasting health. Sooner or later gomethin must go n-ron;, and the great maehinery of ■ life is dÍ8order.ed or overthrown. Sarsaparilla haí, and deserves much, the reputation of accotnpliishing these end-. But tho world has been egregioualy deeeived by preparations of it, partly becáUse the drug alone has not all the virtue that is claimcu for it, but more because many preparations, pretendinjr. to be concentrated extracts of it, contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla, or any thing else. During late years the public have boen misled by large boules, pretending to give a Quart of Extract of Sarsaparilla for ono dollar. of these have been frauds upon the siek, for they not only contain littlc;, if any, Sarsaparilla, but oftcii 110 curative properUes whatevcr. Henee, bitter and paiuful di appointnient has followed the u--e of the various extracts of Sarsaparilla which ÍI00J the marker, until tho name itself is juslly despised, and has become synonymou.1 wUh impqsition and cheat. SiiU we cali this compou'.ul Sarsaparilla, and int! lid to supply sucli a remedy as shail reseue the name from the load of obloquy which rests upon it. And we think we liavo ground i'or bclicving it lias virtues which aro irresistible by the ordinary run of the diseases it i 1 intended to cure. In order to secure their complete eradication from the systero, the remedy shonld be judiciouily taken according to dkeotiohs 011 the bottle. PRErARED BY DR. J. C. AVEfI & CO. LOWELL, MASS. Frice, $1 per Uottlc ; Slx Bottles for $5. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has Tvon for itself siich a ronown for the cure of every variety of Throut and Lung Compluint, tliat it is entirely unnecessary for lis to recount tho cvidonce of its virtucs, wherever it has boen cmployed. As it has long been in constant uso throughout this section, we necd not do more taan assure the people its quality iá kopt np to tlm best it ever has been, and that it muy be relk-d on to do for their relief all it Uas ever beeu found to do. Ayer's Cathartic Pilis, roa the cure op Costircness, Jaundice, Dyspcpsia, indigestión, Dyscntenj, Foul Stomaeh, Èrysiptlai, Ueaiache, Piles, lïhcumatism, Entptiona and Skin Diseases, Livcr Complaint, Vropsy, Tettei; Tumors and SaU "Rheiim, Worms, Gunt, Nèwalgia, as a Binner Pitt, and for Pitrifying the Blood. Thcy are sugr-coatcd, so that tho most sensitive can take them pleasantiy, and they are t)ie best aperient ín the worid for all the purposes of a limily physie. ïrioa 25 cents per Box ; Five boxe3 for $1.00. Great numbers of Clcrgymen, Physicians, Statesmen, and eminent persomos, hare lent their names to certify the u&paralleled useñilnesa of tliese ïemedies, but our space here will not perinit tho insortion of them. The Agents below named furnisli ix rat is our Ami'Ricax Ai.manac; in which they are given ; with also full tlescriptions of ilie nbove conipl:iints, anti the treatment that should bc followvd for their cure. Do not be put olT by unprinciplcd dealers with other preparations thcy mke more proüi on. Jiemaml Aykii's. and takc no others. The sit-k want the best aid tlicre is for them, and they shonld kavc it. All cur remedies are for sale by ■ . . :) 11. ..!. -t IVILSON, and by all DruggisljS and Dealers eyerywhere. J.%BÜRRILL Trnve ing Agent. As aperii n.1 ?toma I and Carbon by combustión in Hydrogen. c.'■ in Ka 1 1 t and the l ' Led Statesand pn Leir prac. '1 In -]Ol ' f ti ui:,;u.'ls i prOTO 1 n Q arationol Iron mu be comparad witb i'. Im oi' Ihe blood, ■■■ . . . otlierwise Hickly covapU ---- C IT'. ■ -.::■ Iiiti'ixiui.s n al] maladies En whtcb l li:i bden ttfed, Lutely curativo a each of iha fa ■ Ii1 ■. : ín Ii)i;iy Pfcrrona iffeciluns Sïmaetafloii vysprpsla, onttlpatlon t laiiltoea, Dytentei. Enripien! Consampntt, s roiul us 'ii. bórcaloiaa, SaH Rhenm Mismt nstruation, Chloroeh, ttivt . Chronfc i -■ hi caneuJ UbmuulJ RBiuTYjWhethi i tbei-os ■ ■ . "!' w ■ ii :;uil (limmutfdn of norvoua and taiots, one trial t" this rvhtorativt han wbich uo dcscriptíbn Aurwrittcn attesUitiflo wouW ren■ ; ridden as ti have i ri in ilii-ii1 uivn peipbborhoods, bave sudlinlv Fe-appoflTod in ' : asifjusi re .;■.(; il i i:ic] in :i dlstani land nal iti'.iíiuci-ü !h:s !. pïof foniaje u : victime of api areni marai mus, Kangulneous i:, oi ■ loa 1 '■■.. !'■■ -■. n ii'l t '.' ..; ■■,. ■ of uervouc and dyspf] ' c aversioja io air and i'v: n hiel tl ;v no uu me. l ti N'i rvoí -. tFPForioNa of :ill kiníls, and for vea ■ miliar lo medical men, the operatton of thiB tion f iron mustneceiwaril bV saluiary. foV, uu lik the ■ , il Mvlgorousiy toaic witbuut being exci ing and ovprheatiog; a mi "■■.: '■ , -j, n!:i evcu the most obsi ■■ ! !ïou( i-v a ; mrgative, or inflictiu It [a i'uis l:;ir.r pro])erty,ammnr oiIhts, w-lii.-li :■.)'. i so cmarkably ertectual anrl permaneni o remody for l '■' ■ n(i"ti irhict] it aUo appoars lo Oxfiïi n 'lii iDct ■■'■ oific action by r tllCll). In Dtufkpsu, Innun box of these Chttlfr beate Hilla bave oftca Rufflced 'or the most tiatyitu the atteadent Costircl' M In unchecked Diarbbka, even when advanoyd to D u n ■ ■ !v malignan 1 . . In tire loca I ; nms, '■ ■■ ■ i !i, mili ivmit leal Incipintt CoifitimjJoii, yi gsvcral t i v gratifj i)ig aud interetfng Ensta ret. In Serofidout 'ihtberouoisisi lias medloated Tnn hM had far umro tljau the e most a utiou.s■ : iodido, witlmut auy ;' aoeir well kaow ■ Xheattention of femali cíinnotbetooconñdeutlj tnvls tol ti tliis rcmcdtj;iul rcstOTüthu in tho c&WS pecoliarïy affbctinft ii"'i!i Iu thcu '''. - ■! li phronic and tnflammaory - ín lbo lattor, lirero . i ly- il has bftoh ini rted, bi)th :■ n and reduc - In "■'! rrniui nt Frr mu I rat rtmc:lv aii'i ■ i Pfttivetand ! th new Bei ■■ ■ i, ■■ 11 probablji ono of i nown and us fi N'n :ci!H'U Ihls over leiïn dtSCOTOfOd ' iliO win! ry i melleine, whieh eierts Btieh prompt) bappy, áud tully restoratii ■ ipetite, complete digestlOA rvpid arulsltlon of stréngth, with an i ■ tlon foi actlvi and cheerful exerclse, iva follón ii i. i'nt up in neat Oat metal boxen contalnlng '60 pflls, pricc óO cents per box; f r salo by dr isti a id Will broedt tree f'1 :i;i h roaa on rvceipt f thu Drice. kW letujrs, or ' ed B. Iï. LOCKE.&Cq , General Agent. 477vl ffi9 Broadway,N. Y. ForSale byORENVIliLE & FULLBR, Anti Arbor. Ho"ward Association, PliiladelpUia. n estabUshed bv q nal end urnen for "■■ ■'■''■'""' ''■ S'eJi and Dfotrrtuteed, afflicted with . tl and f !''' and etptfiálly for the Oun of Diseasu oftte Sexrial On?nnt Piwennary frte (, pQi :■■■ i '■■'■'■ "■■'■, VALUAULKK1 L'ORÏS on sujarmatoerhora , iindnn the NEW REMEDIOS ■ tbeaíOicled tn vealod envolopes, froe e. IVo or three Stampa for pttag lo will bc coptnble. $y AddrftSiDR. J SKlLUNIJOVÖHT0N,Acfing Sur gon Hoirrd A&soeiottton No 2, outh Nin 7 ■■■. I 1000 Vests, Shirts and Drawers For Sftle obap at GUITEKJtf AN & Co


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