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The Michigan Argus

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■ :.-K!;ï FioDi In UicThtrdStor; afilie Briek i tinand Hurón Street! Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Michigan Entra Tl rr on Uure!', .■livi ! . oppoaite tiip Fnlnklin. ELIHXJ B, POND Editor and XJuVlisïier. TE312IS, W,3O A YEAU IN ABVAIïCE, ADVERTIS1NG. square (IL lint . bü cents; ani 25 MBti for every ii moi:1' . 3 monttia., ..$31 Quertercol. 1 vcnr $20 Dne do 6 do 5 j ] '' dar ñó 1 year 8 Half do 1 year : 5 rwo Bq'res Hmos 8 I One do S moa h5 !■,-,:,. !■ í ( ■' do ! year 60 Ufg=. i f i written orrera) din i.iitil ordei-cíl out, and ebM Sits, ISrst insertion, 50 centi per nlïr, Vï cents per Foli í lien . i ertisomení the R'hole will bo ejiftrged the same a i rtion. jos xtiasjTxisra-. Panapl ' lila, ircolan, Carda, Bal! 1 I ind 1 trf ) , m and IMnting, . prov,pt?iess, and in the ).:r sms BOOK BINDING, Conoected with the 0 ok Binder; id of a eompeient workman, County !:■ ïóurnals, nd all kisiöa of Blank ind ofthebest .tock. Pamphlelü and ? m a neat &nd dui ■ !1 prlces. En tranne to Binder s '''■■ l tffice.


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