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jB n jj f ïi r 0 0 iurerlüTti. I. O. O. F. WlTEN-AWI.Or.GEN'ntl.of the Tmlepen.lent nr der of I ts &1 their &oE ïverv i i ', at G u'clock. Ü.'B. WILSON, X. !■ F. Soro, :-,-,■■;.■. &; ö SETHEBLAIÏD & SON muo VV Merchau q Street Ann Arbor. B.ÏÏESSE, PiiY.iriAX Í: Scmito Peapectifully tender liis pro fe8Sional Bi rvic s to the ciVizena of Ai rioinity. iig' Office In Mack's New Building, lUtl Kd pet, ! Hlcb. N. B. Night calis promplj attondccT to. TWITCÏÏELL & OLARK. 1 ttox:ys aifl Counsellors at Law, Cenoral Life an T. Pire Insuïance nents. Office in City Hill Bloct ri Hui Ubor. CoIlecÜona promp ,iu; te ' . ■!■!■; speci a paid to com i D.8. . E. P. I JAMES B.GOTT, r AWOFflCE, N'o.2, ovcrSlasd!i & Geer's Store. J. M. SCOTT. 4 mSrOTTPX k PHOIOGRPH AjlTlSTS, in the LV formerly tfecupied by Corfley, over the store I i' Hoore Perfec 1 ïs1 W. N. STEONG, Dk-vlfb in i Q foceriea, Bon, Afin ,rt)" VINES&líÑTGHT. DBáuns in Stapte, Fam-v Dry (.oods, Boots and Slioes, bc &c, ■; tin Stwet Ann Arbor. MARTIN & TIÏÖMrSüNT" Formtvke Ware-Koums, Dealer in all kinds oí Fumitur?, ie. New Block, M EISDON & HENDEKSON, L DEALERS in Hardware , Store, house furalshing goode, ) Tin Wan &c. are., New Block,Main Street. A. P. MILLS, DBAÚSB ín Staple Dry Ge Is, Groceries, Bonts and Hade Clothing, HuronTStreet Ann Arbori JOHN W. MAYNAKD," DS io; Staple Fnncy ïh Goods, Boots and Phoes, c. &o. , Main ötreet, Aun Arbor ' BEAKES & ABEL, ttorvevs & CotmaKixoRa at I..w, and Solieitora ín [Tl Ch&neery . Office in City Hall Blóck, over 1 Co'e Boor Store, Ann Afrbor KÏNGSLEY fe MORGAN, ' A TTORXKVs-, Couna I tX üc, bare Books and Plats showing titles oí fl ji the onnty, andatteed toconve. collecting [e, and to pyii ■ interesi ín aay the State. Office eas1 ■ Sqoare, Ann Arbor. "Tamës e. cook, Justice of Tin-; PXAfs. Office ncurtlio Deoot, Ypsilaoti, Michigan. Wm. LEWITT, M.D., P:i.v. Office ai bis reeidence, North side af Huron street, and 2d kou West of Díjísíod itrest, Ann Srbor. O. COLLIEE, IV yTAïïUFACrtntJEK and dealer in Boot.s and Sko LVJ. ciiange lïlockj "- . ut Maynard, Stebbiuö fe Wilson's 5tore,Ann Arbor, ÏÜch. MOOIIE & LOOMIS. yTxiT.CTrKF.Pfi as ! iéftler in Boots and 3boe, .Vi. Plioenix Block, Main Street, oue d ior North of Viitbingtun. W-u.. S. AÜNDERS, DK.u.n; in B -i Rubbers, Ann Arbor Cash Boot & Shoc Store, sou M. GUITEKMAN & CO, WHOLBSAisai Lrera of Made Clothing, Ijoaportera of Oloths, neres, Doeakins, &c. No. 6, New Block, Ann 4rbor. C. B. PORTER, mBlS# and Harón streetí', over P. Bacli's store, {JjHBH Ana Arbor, Michigan. Wm. wagnerT" r kalkt: in Beady Hade Clothiag Cloihs, Casfómerefl and 17 Ve ■■■ ; ■ ' !aps, Trunfcs, Carpet Bag, &o. Uaia t., Ann Arbor. M. 0AMPIÖN7" jTkrchast Tatlob and dealer in Hoady Made Clotliing, 'VI No ü,PhceoiK Btock, Ann Arbor. BACHár PIERSOJST. D:-: in Dry Ooods, Grocerie?: , Hardware, Boots & Bh.068, &c, Main i '■ rbor. MAYNARD, STEBBDTS tfi CO., rvgALERB in Dry Good Groceriea, Drugs & U lH(fití fr Shoe, &c., coi ncT of Main and Ann Btret ts, OBtbelW I - -inn Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, 1 KOCSBS, J'rovish'N" & Comm lesión Morclinnts.rind deaOT lersfn WatbrLihb, Laiíd Plabtbb, andPÚBTHt 09 Paris, on: door Eaai of 1 ■ ( C. BLI8S, Dealer In Cïod ' y. and Fancy Goo1r, at the sigo of theBigWateh, N'i. 27, Phoenix 1 :!..(!; J. C. WATTS. Dy aodSUrer 'Waro Ko 22, NTew Bloei', Ann Arbor. T. B. FEEEMAN. Bariïkr ftnd Fashkmable ITair Dresfer, M:iin Street, Ann Arbor, fficlt. Hafi Fionts and Carla bept ;nstantly on SCHOFF &MILLER. DEAISBB ín Hifloeïlaneoas, School, and Blank Booka Sta tionery, Paper Ha . Main Btreet Aun Arbor. D. DkFOEEST. iV gle.Sj S&sDfDoors, Blinda, Water Ume, Grand Ríver I. A full ana pE ' ■ anfl al] ether linda al build : at the Lowcfli ' ' . on Detroit Street, n few n the Rauroad Depot. Alio operating eitensiTely in the Patent Cerne WISBTEBAW COUSTY B1BLE SOCIETY. DgposiTOBT nt Biblca and I at the Society .Ju-ia'. CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO., SUCCESSOBS TO tjTT3NTI3, OHAFIOTcfc Co MANUFACT'.'iU:; ïrixxt, Bools., AND - COLOREO MEDIUMS, AXJI ARI1OK MlLH. MISS JENNIE E. LINES, TEACHEB OF 1 rano the th; I , arsattendiug tía i ofmtuiein eonnection i. , aucc ttt thonlosc f the i, ,1,1. CARDE! CARDSü CARD. ,■ Cnrd oitraoni ( I Offlc.c is prenared to print C I oda i'i ilio „ente po bl Btyle i i, a forin oladiDg BuBin r ,,,,.„ of ;in 11, WeSiling, Crd . : ■ . Oval Picture Frames ALL SEES, STY1.ES aud PRICE Ie cheap at OHOFF &, MILLER'S.


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