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They Call Me A Traitor, Now

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■ [ollcwlng linea Wïr ■ by Roeingano man Intntly gazing from 1 :. .■ . ne of the h live," eaid ho, "■ in Misaissipppi, where thej won't 1 . bot 1 lovc ('nat liag ; I loved tlirougb the Jndinn wsrs, and at New Orlen, I Jacksoo, I tttn Bixtj nineyearaofs e. Ewl born rd 1 raieed in this tHato. My father, an oíd revol one of the eaiiioat aetlera. W country ha been rerygoocl to me, andpne me a hm1 1 loe. ï lorfe Itennessee ; fain sorry I left fcfer. I w;n to live frhere I Pp! j 1IIEY CALL 3IH A THAITOR, KOMT" - I linve tiorno tb;it. O; years To o i ■ foe, fflioae rava ring deedfi od our then fri ' . li and woe. And bow we auffered 'mid tui] '.n. pain, "Rh history will teil yon hów, Tet ihose, wliose peaee those wats did si:if Cali me a trattor nov. I leved that flay in New Orleans, Whieh city'a i hughi Iteyond tlie power of plitriot m i I'rc the flffi " Uut whs I s,iw te the stripea snd it&ra ïiic lïritish Uon bow, I Jittle thouglit, in my grateful prayor, To bo called a traiU-r uuv. Xo pelicau flag wa ■ hen ; No moon's lone star was fortned ; No pftlmetto busb, with its shaggy stem, And the serpent coflfd around ; Bat atare and Btrtpea alone rcniíiincd. And pray can yon teil me how That Iip, who bore that flag, uustained, Can bo called a traitor duw. Ob, bad I rcinnined in my nativo State, ':■■■■ Or liad I lujen doomod to a similar íato, ■ - ■ ■ ■ laid ; O rbad be been epared for hia country 's good, are be'd not allow Those friends, who ín arms by bim bad etood, Should be branded as traitors notr. But wb, . ïo my name why apply ibis .■: b Have I to my country ever failod, Or to Bocieij proi a tac . No! no such charge orkindred crime Oan b i ■ brow ; Bu1 böcause rebellion I must ('(''line ,.U me a trattor non-, But vet. in my licari, 1 can't deapair - My country, so free and pure, VVhoae toila and trimuphs I hoped to sharo, ■ ■- wilJ yei endure. When i e, aud calm react Ami r ■ minde endow, U then these cruel words retraot That ipake me a traitor now.


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