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A Baltimore Saint

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If ten righteous men woulJ have saved Sodora from the wrath of heaven, Baltimoro might be spared from the vengcance of the North for the sake of ono truc soul that inbabits that disgraced city. The mnsicians who aceompanied the first detachment of Massachusetts voluntoer3 on thoir waj to "Washington were stoppod at Baltimore, and, aftcr boina; most brntally and cruelly assaulted by the demoniac mob, were reseued from their porüous position in a most remarkable manner. The}' arrived iu this city on Monday morning last, on thoir way back to their B;iy State homes, in a terribly bruised, batterod, and mangled oondition. They stopped hcro a few hours at the Irving House, in Broadway, and tlien went forward to Boston to exhibit their wounds and stir up the vengeful feeliug of their loyal eountrymen by a narrativo of the outrages they hid sufförcd. Wc learned the following intcresting partieulars from the musieians, vrhilo they were at the Irving House : The regimental band that loft Boston consisted of twenty-four persons, who, togcthor with their musical instrumcnts, oocupicd a car by themselves from Philadelphia to Baltimore, By soine accident the musieians' car got switched oLf at the Camden depot, so that instead of being the first it was left in the rear of ill the others, and after the attack had been made by the mob upon the soldiere, they camo upon the car in whioh the Liand was still sittina; wholly uuarmed and incapable of makiug auy dofence. - The infuriatcd demons carne upon them bowling and yelling, and poured in upon them a sbower of stonos, broken ron, and othor missiles, wouuding sonic sever? ly, and deraolishing their iustruments. - Sorae of tho miserean ts juuiped upon the roof of the car, and with a bar of iron, beat a hole through it, while others were calling for powder to blow them all up in a heap. Fiuding that it would bo sure destruction to remain longer in the car, thopoor fellows jumped out to meet their üendish assailants hand to hand. They werc saluted with a shower of stotics, but took to their heels, fighting their way through the crowd and running at rnndom without knowing in what direetion to go for assistanco oi' shelter. As thoy were hurrying along, a rough looking man snddenly jumped iu front of their ieador, and exelaiined. " This W&y, boys!'' It was the first friendly voiee they had heard sinee ontering Baltiinore, and they stoppcd to ask no quostions but i'ollowed their guide, who took them up a narrow court whero they found an open door, iuto which they rushed, being met iuside by a powerful looking woman who jrasped each one by the hand and direo:ed them up stairs. ïhe last of their 3and was kuockod sonseless just as he was entering the door, by a stonc, which struek hiin on the head ; bilt the woman who had wclcomod thom, immediatoly caught up their fallen comrado and carried him in her arms up the stairs. "You are perfeetly safe hero, boys," said tho Amuzon, who dircctly procceded to wash and bind up their wounds. Affcer haring having dono this, sho procurcd ihem food, and then told tliem to strip off. their uniforms and put on. the clothes she had brought them, a motley assortment of baiue jackets, ragged coats anti old trowsers. Thus equipped, they wero enabled to go out in search of their compauions, without dangor of attack froru ;he Plug Uglies and Blood fubs who iad given them so rough a reception. Thoy then learned tho particulars of ;,he attack on the soldiers and of their escape, and saw Iying at the station the two men who had been killed, and the others who had been wouudod. üuo of their own band was missing and he has not yot been found, and it is uneertain whether he was killed or not. On going back to the house whcro they were so limnanely troated, they found that their clothes had boen earefully tied up, and with their batterod instrumenta had boen sent to tho depot of the l'hiladclphia railroad, whero they were advised to go themselves. They did not long hesitate, but started in the next train, and ar in Plnladelphia in time to meet the Gth Regiment of Massachuselts Voluntcers, under command of Gen. Butler, who told them to lmrry back to the Old Bay State to show their battered faco9 and broken limbs, and thoy should yot come come back and play iail (Jolumbia in the streeta of' Baltiinore, whcro thoy luid been so iniiumaiily assaulted. Tho noble-heartad woman who rescued these men is a well-known cliarar.i Baltiinore, and, aecording to all the i of Christiau society, is a and a polluted being ; but sho is a horoiuc nevertholesi, and entitled to the il confeidoration of the country. - When Oov. llicks had put hiniself at the head ot' the rabble route of misoroants, Winter Davis had üed in dismay, and official dignity luid Lid themseïvoa in their terror, and the pólice were powerui ui' unarmed : ;gling with the infuriated mob, this degraded took them under her protection, !■ bheir waunda, led them at her own bem back ii s:üoiy to theii luimes. As ,s!ie is too notorious in Baltimore not to be parfeetly wi-ll known by wiuit we have akoady told of lier, it wiil not bo exposing her to auy peisecution to ! meution her name. Ann Manley is the is known iu the city ' óf Blood Tubs, and the loyal moii of the Nortli, wlicn they march again t.hrough ita streef, sbould remomber lier for lier hurnanity to theiï countrymen.


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