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To Raise Giant Asparagus

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A writcr in ono oí tlio carly volumes of the Horticulturist aayg : Every ouo who han seen my beds, has begged me for the secd- thinking it a ncw sort - but I havo pointed io tli nure lieap - (tho farmera bost bank) and told them that the secret all la}' therc The seed was only saeh as might be had in every gnrden. About the first of November - as soon as tho frost bas wu!l blackcuod the a agus tops - I take scythc and mow all close down to tho surtaoe of the bed ; let it lio a day or favo, thon set liro to tho licap of stalks; bnrn it to ashes, and spread tho aabes over the surface of tho bed. I then go to my bacn-yard, takc a load of fresh atable manure, and thercto hall' u bushei of hou dan:;, turning over aud mixing the whole thn out. l apply ono sueh load to evêry twenty feet in length of iny asparagus beds, whieh aro sík í'eot w'ule. W stroug i'ovl', ing undor. - The wholc is :ioiv left for the winjer. Iu tho spring as early as possible, t turn tho top of the bed over lightly bnöe more. - Now, as the aiparagus grows naturally on the sido of' the oeeau, and luves salt water, I givo ib an animal supply of its favorite candiraent, I cover tho surface of the bed about a quaroer of an icch thiek with fine packïng salt ; it is nottoo mach. As tho spring rains corae down, it gr ad ually diesol ves. Not a weed will appear during tho whole season. Kverything elfe, pigweed, chiok woed, purslane, all refuso to grow on tho top of ' my briny aspáramos beds ]Jut it would do your oyes good to seo tho strong, stout, tender stalks of the vegetable itselt', pushing through tho surface early in the season. I do uot at all streteh a point, when I say that they aro often as largo round as my hoe bandle, and as and succulent as any I ever tasted. Tlie samo round of treatmont is giveu to my bed every y car.


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