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Hatter At The Fort

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Yrstci'iay u'ri.s an unUsually btisy day ifort. 'i ■ ivere iiiüsfered tuto tlio re by Ünptain i'i:k. of thu Uuitcd States ai EcL eonip.iny was formed iuto line, and the men sevaaliy iiispe-cted by th ii of tlio regiment, oud lifter ra jecting all afflioted with any chroniio disoase or bodily iuflnnity, as well ascuttiog ; down the the i 1 dixl of-sevonty-eight, the men were sworn ' [-.■. i.-hiiig the !'■■ (!i : "AH and eaeb ut' you do Bolomoly svrear tbat yon will boar trae allogianoe tj tho United States of Amerioa, and j yon will tliein booeatly and i all tteir eneraies or opposers wnatsoevcr ; :u .■! observo aud obi y the orders of the President of tho United States, and the orders of tho officers appointod over jou according to the rulea and urticles tbr tho goveruiuent of the aruiies of the Uniïud S'.ates; so help you God.' Vaguo ramora havo from time to time beeo oircalatcd tbat a small portion of l!:o mon wer di ified, that tliey had : already beconie sick of their barga íd, and ; wera anxious to rotnrn home. nee 1cd but to be present al thsir inustcriog to be convinced of tho uttcr falsity of :ili sueh rumora. Evcry man was ready to lio was well, " nevcr feltbetter in hls lifo," and, ii' tho seeds of diseasc were detected in any one, it Yas done by the skill of the examining surgoon, and Dot by tlio admissions of t!io mon. In oue company, cousistipg of nincty-one men, it was necessary to rtijiet tliirteen, and it was a most intcresling siglit to watch tho eonntenances of the men as the surgcou paaaed along ; their facas lighled up as ie pnssed tbem, and, as he would stop hesitatingly before onc, a shado of auxiety would sweep over lus face, and it' the faet of hiu physieal inability to bear tho ■sof a oampaign was disoovercd, and hj was obliged to fafl back as one of the rejeeted, it might havo been easily inia:; :. '. awarc of what was taking place tbat, instcad of being deprived of going into a con test, they were those doomed to stay by Üie siuking sliip while their oouijades were taking to the boat3 with the certainty of reseue. Thore was not one of them but affirmed Le would go somo way, and one intelligent boy of perhaps serenteen, who had labored hard to uonvinoe tlie examincr that ho was upwards of ninoteen, inveighed loudly agaiust the decisión whie'i rejected hún, deelariog !io wasn't going home ; " he Wuuld bavu o'.io pop at the rebels any way." The Detroit Ligbt Guard Band were aceepted as the iiegiiuental Band, and were mostercd into service. James D. El derkin, who has boen in t'ie regular service for fiftecn yeara, and : was engiiged in eleven battles m Mexieo, was appointed Fife Major. After the ónrolling of the oompanies ihe oiScers proceded to their headquarters, whero the following were mustered and sworn ia : Coloiid-0. E. Willcox. Lieu'enant Colmei - Loren L. Comstock. r-A. F. Bidwoll. Adjutant - Jolin IJ Fairbanks. Sergeant Major - C. Frod. Trowbridge. Quark minster - Kd waid G ray . Quartermaiter SergH. - Win. J. Stephens. .con - William Bro'lii:. D,um Major - Sclah Reily. Fife Major- James D. Eldcrkin. After the officers were sworn, Coloncl Willoos proposed throe clicers for tbo flag ofthoUaioD, whieh Yoro given with a wilt. The evoniug parado was vory fine, exhibiting a stcndy and rapid improvepaent in tacties.


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