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An Interior View Of Mississippi

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ïho letter from whioh wo lmve been alïowed to print the following extraots, was received in tliis city yesterday, by a Lrother of the writeT. The authov of it is a geiitlornan of high standing in Mississippi, wlio haa livcd there between thirty aud fbrty years, ia a slaveholder, and is well koown in tlïis city : . , April 14, 1861. " We aro in the inidst of the greatest exeitement. The storming of Port Sumpter and the Vfarlike news frota the North has rouscd our Southeni (Jonféderaey, j and 1 can assure yon has caused a general gloom. " Wc had como to the conclusión that the North would not fight, that thcy ! wo ild suffer thcmselves to be spit upou without resentiog it. I have told them all along that thcy were mistaken in the character of the North, that thcy were not alwaya blustering, swaggering and boastiug of thcir ohivalry, but prepared ves coolly and deliberately, aud when fairly aroused therc wasno backing out iu them. Two or three companies have lei't this viciuity for Fort Pickeas, and troops are collecting frora all the Ooufederata States, principal ly youDg boys raised n the shade. Au army of r igulars would whip a inillion of them We begin !o think therc is fight in the North, and that the war will be a bloody ono. We have been tuld time and again by our fire-caters that therc would bc uo war. that the North would not fight I ' have tuld them othcrwisc ; that war would como, that tho best governmeut that ever existed would not bs broken up without a Btruggle. '■ We are in a eondition for carrying o:i a war. Our credit ia not good. We have not money to carry on a war threo months without forcing it froin tho poctets of the people. "The banka in all the seceding States, except ono, have suspended. All confidenoe and credit aiuoiig individuáis ia gone. li Ii' the West, to wliom wo are indebtcd for our flour, iicat aud corn, should shut down upou us, we could uot hold out three months. It will require frora the West 500,000 bushels of c rn to save our State alone from starvation. The priee of skvüs has gone down from $1,500 to $500 or $700, indeed, they cannot bo sold at auy prico. All our surplus capital bas been absorbed in taxes. " We havo jiut heard of the surrender of Fort Sumpter. Our people are croing over the victory, and threaten to march on Wasliingtou and take that. If tho North are eowards, iet them give up, but if there isany of the spirit of '7 ) lelt, our poople here will sco sights. " There ia everywhere a large amount of Union sentiment, but it dure not at present show itself, but will eventually. The leaders have no intention of going to the Union, but boldly declare that the Union must come to them. Cotton iá king. and every knco must bow to him. Notliing but a severo thrashing will bring them back. I expect the noxt news we shall have will bo the attempt to take Washington. "We have fouls enOUgh to make the atteinpt. Tho Union party here ia powerless, and kopt in subjection through fear. The convention has taken away all power from tho poople. Not one paper has the iudependence to take a Btand for the Uuioi, Times are shocking hard." - Boston Daily Adv. - New York aud Pkiladelpliia are to bc made military depots for conceutrating and drilling of troops.


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