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Gov. Blair's Message

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At thi.s wríting wo have ooly a synopsis of GoV Blair's meRsage to the Legislature whicb convened in extra seaeion on Tuis lny, He reoommendd that Ihe lavv of the last scssion bu so afnended as to autborize him to eul! mmediutely into t!io field for drill, and the placing the same ' on a war footing, fonr regiments in r.d. ! dition to tho two now in reudezvous, with posver lu iucroaao tliu wholo to tun. Also that provisions bo made for pa ving the v.lur:teers wliile o the service of the State the saine wagos as thoy will bo oDtitled to after buing rnnstered into the service of tho United States. Also that a enlistincnt be authorized for tbree yeare, and that autbority bo given to order volunteers to any poiot ou; of tho State in aid of the Qenera' Governrr.cDt (r ol oytd otates that ïiuiy be nvaded. Also that 1 an of o:ie million dollars bo autborized, at 7 per cent., the bonds to bo issued as tho money is wanted. Aleo that provisión muy bo made for the support of the families ofvolaoteere. Bo uiueh i'ur his recommoodations. - It tbs synopsis do s hun justice, the " negro quesúon " was pluyed upon as usual, but of t:iia hen vo have read the message.


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