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It is aniiounccd tbat the Supremo C'ourt has rcndercd a decisión iu the three-oornered Judge of Probate case from Oaklaud. Tho'poiuta nero these. Nor tl), Judge in office aud Judgo elect for fcho new term, died just after the last Fall's election. Gov. Wisnbr appointed Van Volkkxblkü to the vacaucy. Wheu Oov. Blaie carne into office he appointed II. W. Loud for tho dow teiin. Tho Board of Supervisors not relishing this cxereise of tho appointirig power, aud without any fear of Biogbam's-speciallaw for-the-benefit-ofhis-brother, ordared aa electiou fot the day of tho anuual townsbip moeting, and II. O. Andrews was elccted. Loííd would not give pos-' scssiou, and And&ews applied to the Supreme Ucuti to oust Lord and Ínstate hira. The Court has deoided that A.vDREWa ü the Judgo, that Loud never teas, aud thut Va.n Volkbnbdbg was entitled to administer the office until Andrews was elccted and (jualified. This disposes of an arrogant assuniption on the part of Bingham and his too willing Legislature to prevent tho people from elücting their own officers.


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