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A Proclamation By The President Of The United States

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Wasiüntün-, Friday, May 3, 1S61. Whertai, Existing exigencies danurnd immcdiate and ndequato incasuies for the protection of' the national constitutioD and (lic preservation of the national i ion by the suppression of the insurrectionary combinations now existing in several otates for opposing the laws of the Union and obstrueting tlio execution thercof, to wliicli end a military force, in addition to tbat called forlh by niy proclamation of the fifteenth day of' April, ! i:; the present year, appcars to be indispensably necessary : now, therefore, I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, and Comnmnder-in-Chief ofi' the army and nuvy theroof, and of the militia of tJie several States whon called into actual service, do horeby cali into the service of the United States fortytwo thonsand and thirty-four volunteers, to serve for a period of' three ycars unlcss sooner disoharged, and to be inustered into service as infantry and eavalry The proportions of each arm and the details of cnrolhnent and organiza ti on will be I made known rlirough the Department of War. Aud I also direct that the regular army of the Uiitod States be inoréased by the addition of eight regiments of infantry, one regiment of cavalry and one regiment of artillery, making, altogether, a maximum aggregate inorease of' 22,714 oflicers and eolisted men, the details of whioh increase will also be made known ; through the Department of War. And I further direct the eulistment, for notlcss than one nor moro than threo years, of 18,000 seanien, in addition to the presont force, for the naval service of the United i States The details of the enlistment and organization will bc made known through the Department of the Navy. - The cali for voluuteers liereby made, and the direction for tho increase of tho . lar army and for the enlistment of Beamen hereby givcn, together with the plan of orgauization adopted for tho voluotecrs and lor the regular forces hereby authorized, will be subiaitted to Congress as soon as asscmbled. In tho tneaotime J earnestly iuvokc the co-operation of all good oitizens in tho measures hereby adopted for the al suppression of unlawful violcnce, for the impartial enforeement of constitutional laws, and for the Bpeediest possiblo restoratiou of peacc and order, and with those of happiness and prosperity throughout our country Iu testimony whereof I have hercunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be alïixed. Done at the city of Washington this third of May, in tho year ol our Lord one thousand cight hundred aud sixtyone, and of the independenee of tho United States the eighty fifth. (Signed) ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the President : Wm. H. Sewam, Sec. of State.


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