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The New Jersey Legislature

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Ireníon, JN. .] , May 7. Im tho Legislature, ihe llouse'bill to raise ;i lo;:n uf $1,003,000 :tnd a Stute tnx nf nnolhpr miilion, passed to a third ronding. Mr. Monroe (ilem.) ntroducod a regolution thanking lh.; Governor for the . displayed iri raising tho quota of troep, and pledging New Jersey to use ;i!l her power to maiotain tbe Union and Constituüon ; also, thankiog tho President for tlio energy and activity lyed in defend'ng the CJnion.- _ The reeolution passed unanimously. Mr. Cook has introducod in the Senatc a BupplemeiiL to the act for tho pnnialunent ií criroco. It provides for the punishmeüt of those who ehall in any way, by furni.-hing ;irms and muuitioua of war, vessels or rnonev, givo aid or comfort to tho ememy, by imprisonment for iiot lesa than five or morethan ten ycars and by a fino of nol lea thati $5,000. it also provides for a similar punUhment of all who shall furnieh the enemy with iotelligence, or by trcasonablo publicatíoos. It afeo roquires each citeer and private in the activo militiu to take an oath to support tho constittftion and Iaw8of thir Ötate and the United States, and to obey the orders oí his superior officèrs. It is thought tho Legislature will adjourn on Friday of this week. A resolution has passed the House to tneet aguin on the fourth Tuosday of July. - II was taken to tho Sonate, vvhere it has not yot been acted on.


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