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Tn íbe ï vn of Aod Art ir. on Thurrday Miy 6th, by Taylor, Mr. G. OSCAR IDE and Hias MARY B. MOWRY, danfhter of H.M. Mowry. Horrah fi,r '; O.-ïC. I" O-E31 EE353A.Í3T A. DEFOREST, Aiways altead in Low Frices. HAYISQ REMOVED WT "STORE to tho Fast side of Main : !i of Guitorman!. I m now receïving New Qood ing ïl 11 kinds of G?ocfrie-s Fruit.-", ES1 recta, Glaeaware, L&mps, Looking G!a-6Ps, Tabït! Cutlery, Silvcr-pliitcd GooJs, &c, J.-t "WTen? DExiceiStFrenchChi , from S 50 to 18 00 French China D'ntn r-ots. from l0 CO to 30 00 Stone China Ti . a 00 to 450 na Dinner Set, from " ASO to 1650 Beautiful Ula! 2 00 pr dozen ■ r Be&6 I;mn from ÍJ7 to PO e I-unps from 75 t 8 M Plaid tainps fraxn 16 to 50 Kerosene OH) good qnality, 8Uc pergallon All otln': prieTB, Hitï Lampa of all kiui a!teri;d and i epaireó. 70 itf A. De KOUEPT. "trotting staklions. atteïiti0n t breeder3. toünq henry clay, and YOUN-G BLACK HA WK. Young Henry Clay WAS nisul by Isaafl Phillips, of Ontario ;Cn.. X. Y. Hiscol black, 16 handa high, welghs 1150 nëver wastralned, and can trot in 3 minutes, i in harness to any one irishinz, and an orall work cannot be surpaspol, s the I I last ftll Bhov: he reccivcd a premium at tho National Horse Show at Kalamatoo, cocpeting with tweive honea from dWertnt States, also at tho late Michigan State Agrfcnltural Fair, he!l iií Detroit, ng with 2B.)iorsc, lm also reccived the lst premium at the last Washtenaw Co. Agricultura! Society. Young Black Hawfc Isa maliogany bay color, 16 haniis higk, and veigh3 1150 lljí., . and for actlon and lastir.g quality carjnot b : F'.r nnp never handled more. Bis ítet show9 wsfloa thej caá be seen innnl arouml ADn Arbor,as he has prored himself a Rure foal gttter. Young Btack Hawi as ratsed by Ebeneier Legprett, of Stillwater, !'o.,N. Y., fr.m his superior mare Ramble, nnd for further particuiars of gnalitiea and goodness, ■.ni l) Jar-, XowIaiKl, of tltis cily. Tneaboe hones rjnybe aeenatmy atable oa Friday acd Saturday of each wc1í. AnnArbor, May 8th: 1861. 799m2 BYRON" GRKF.K. Ann Arbor Marble WorKS. BATCHELDElTi EISELE. II AVE on hand a One assortment of Amorican find ÏTALIAN MA. BLE v,-liich they are prepared to manufacture nto in all thoír r&rletioa, nnd la a WOBSUAKXJEE manner. ::c i the bunnen they Batti i ■ thai thty will be ablp ta picase TlII trho may favor tlicm with their orer?. Tiicir julcca LCO VV AS THE LO WEST. lioso wihfner any thlng in the:r líne are respeetfully n'itedto cali BATCHELÜEK & EiaZLE. Ann Arbor. March. 6, )S61. 790yI WINES & KNIGHT Aro now receiring their SECOXD Spring anti Suminer STOCK OF GOODS In consequencö of the Grcat Pressure in the wo havo boen enablcd to purchase many kinda of Goods at cur orn priecs. Víc can sell mojt kinds of DKESS GCOD3 for I ESS THAN WA3 PAID FOR THE SAME KISD OF GOODS in New York SIX WEEKS S1NCJE! Wb inTite the attention of all lo nn inspejtioa of our stock. WINES & KNIGHT. 10,1861.