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Burglars Abroad

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-On Tiiesdny Tiight of last -week the resijences of Jacob Volland, Mrs. Dentón, and Geo. F. Lutz were entercd by Burrglars. About $20 in raoney was taken from Mr. I-utz; at the olher places they were frightened away before niaking a raise. On Thuraday night the office of D. TeForest was entercd by opening an outer -window and bursting open the office door. - Tbe drawers of table and desk were burst open, but no raoney or valaablea found there in. The safe was not tried. A Iirg3 overcoat, twoor three pairs of gloves, and sundry other things vrere earried off. On Fridiy night the meat market of George Fisciiek was entored, his desk earried off and rifled of from $12 to $15 current money, and of the same nmount or more of Western fund8. Well done for one woek. Our ofScers should be on the look out. ËP C. H. Millev, Esq., Trensurer of the subseribers for the Steuben Guards of this City.visited Fort Wayneon Monday, and paid to efich mernber of the Company, the $7,00 enlistment bounty pledged by the articles of subscription. Mr. M. reporta the ofiicers nnd men in good health and spirits nnd ready torcspond to mareliing orders. jL%L The Barry Guards are still in Camp at the Fair Ground, awa'ting the aetion of t!e Legifltitnre which convened on Tuesday. As but one three inontha rogimentj ■will be aceepted from this State they will haveto " go in ' for three years if at all. &3L" Prof. BüADisii is engaged in modeling in clay a fu'.l sized mcdallion head of Dr. Tafpan. We visited his studio a clny or lwo since and witr.essed Iba interest ing operation. He ha3 the Work in an advanced Bloga, a:d we are ablo to say that he is sncoeeding in getting an excellent likentss. E The Iadies of our City havo preBented each rnember of the Steuben Gunrds with a "housewifu" well stocked witli needle3i thread, buttons, pins, etc. Just the article ' hoy ceedeil.


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