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The Occupation Of The Relay House

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Kaltimorc, May 5. This raoming Knox Clififord, overscer of James II. Linki U's arm, at the liclay House, attempled to cross the bridge over the Patapsco at that. point, and was met by a guard of United States troops, who prevented Lis erossÏDg Soon afterwards tliiriy cara arrired froni Washington, with nearly eighteen hundred troops, said to be thü Eighth Regiment ot' New York, and t!ie tix th of MaaaachuseUa, ander command of Brigadier General Butler. There was intenso excitement at the Belay House, and niany of tho iohabitanta, frightened, foolishly left, some coming to tilia city. Tlio troops rere followed by thciroamp equippage, and had, beside muskets and small urms, several cannon and howitzors. They took possessiou of Messrs. Luckett's and Talbot's farms, established a camp, and announccd that if any hostile donionBtration was made they should fortify tbe DeighborÏDg hcights. Tho troops are said to Iiave ent down the telegraph on the lino west of tlie Relay so as to prevent communication betweoa Baltimoreand HLarper's Ferry. - The Baltimore and Obio Railroad is also held, to prevent forwarding suppliea to socession troops in Virginia. It is believed tbat tho road from Wheeliiig will bo taken possession of for the same purposo, and soon that secession troops will hold the road only from Harper's Ferry to Martinsburg. The troops this afternoon wero drilling at the Relay. Their approaeh ia said to have boen so quiet and stealihy that the first the telegraph operator knew of it was when the guard came in and took possession. Tho news is not generalij known here, but, so far as it has been announced, it has been reccived with satisfaction, eseept among the National Volunteers who attacked the Massachusetts troops, and they feol tliemselves powerless to resigt. The inteution of tlic troopa was to permit no communication west for tho preaent. If this be earried out, tho reassembling of the Legislature will be postponed ur.til tbey cm find othcr means Df reaohing Frcderick, or they conclude to meet clsewhere. The Uniou men here aro reioinins over the prospect of this uncxpeeted stay of treasonable legislation, which they believe must now bc entirely' stoppod. The inteLtion of the sccessionists was, in view of the certain defeat of the committeo of safuty bill, to keep the Legislature in ses sion to take advantago of any contingency which would cuable thcin to aooomplisn their purpose. The prompt inó vemen t of troops has already deranged their plans, and demoralized the whole seccssion movement in Maryland. There are rumora aíloat that a detaeliment from the House will oeeupy Catndeo station, on the Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad, in the morning, but there is no dffinite iuformation.


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