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Washington, Muy 2. Some of the offieera o f the Sixtyninth, on being approaohed by a rabid abolitioniet with the remark that forty tbousam! negroos would do doubt bo in the field to help them, answered that they wantod no such help; fnrthcr, thnt they wou'd maren with as much alacrity to Charleston to pul down a negro insurrection as thev would go to replaco tho stars and stripes over Sufnptarj adding, " [( thero aro not white men enough North to do this without enacting over again the horrors of St Domingo, by the butehery of women nnd children, then it would be better to et the Union fall. We fight to the last againsc traitors, but not against iho defenceleeB." When actuated with suoh principies, our men oannot fail to win the respect of thoir enemies; and of siich as described above is composed the material of tho gallant Sixty-ninth,


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