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Union Men In Charleston

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A letter from Charleston, duted April 25, saya ; " Say (o yourcitizens that there are vet Union ínen in this headqu artera of sedition. They daré not show themselves vet, not even to each other. But. when yon have put ths rascally Rebela to rout in the first engagement, then raarch the Stars and Stripes down this way ; cali on all Union men to cluster around them, and assure them Ihat they shall have their protection, and I tell you that thousanda will flocb around them, and show the truth of what I have ahrays toldyou, that secession was crammed down the throata oí an involuntary people. We are getting to be in a bad vay íor lood. Our figbting men seem to have overlooked the fact that neary all we eat hns heretofore been reeeived frorn the North, butter, cheeso, lard, bacon, fisb, dried fruit, potatoef, &o The war has gtopped our supply. The troops will snon gübble up what is on hand, and whattben? It ja no joke. Butter ret&ÜB at sixty cents a poiind, and is neither plenty nor good F.'C'sh mpats are Irorn twenty-five to thirty-five ceiíts a pound - all aorta, from the tender calf to the venerable bul!. Short urops will follow the war lever. W hile Massa loafs about tlio city, or plays soldier on the island Sambo don't go to work of bis own aocord on the plantation. Look out for real distress hero next winter. The screws being applied to the bank?, a considerable portion of the loan " was freely token." Hurrah ! The first Dstallment will about use up the specie on hand, and the tsecond will have to be pnid in shinplnsters ; the third in niggers, probably, and so forlh. Pity us, we are in a bad way. Do not believo what the papera say, for they have long ceased to teil the truth."


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