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A Story For Business Men's Daughters

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lí M mv, liki a iU ar g'ii yuu picase bcg tifui sel efpearli at Titfuuy's ? All tlio girls in mr ciicli h;ive Fióme, u.d stirely you would not wisL me tu sceui odd " '; Mj dcflT oliild, it it-' uttcrlj iin[.!.-Llc ; yonr fatbcr cannol híijiJ it; and eveu it' lie could,.ií woold be uselcsa estraiaganco ontirciy uuuitrit' to yourage. 1 eonsider it perfectly r (iiculou8 to seo cbildrou )iko yi a '■■ de k ed with tiiiikcts likc sonic íroutLi t-ca líumlcr.'' ' WLy, tnammn, bow y h me ! Wby, every pcrson knows p rich, Hnd tbere ia Clara Gliinou's oiothcr, wbo is ackuowledgcd to bö a lady of superior tasto, and ullows Clara o wc;ivhní s!i; picas . ".Mrs. Cilinton lias n perfect rigbt to ('i her daugbter ficcording to licr ideo . but 1 prcfcr to seo you m the simple giirli su bccoming to modest girlhood. tour falher, darling, is vcry uiuel) embarrassed at present, liaving emter BOUie speculations which I loar wil uis :.-troas-: we will then be obliged to leave this spleudid house and seek one more suitod to our inéans. I teil you this, my cliü'.l, tliat you may uot bo anuoying bim for mo:iey for every elegant, costly triile you may bo pica sed witli. - ï ou know it hurts bim to refuse you." " A;i;l L have been forever teasing Lirn about nevt dressos and jewela, i would uot have beH so uukind, dear niotlior, had I known what you say," Baid jVIutta Bancroft with te.irful eycs. ' Only touffhtlessl darling," Baid her niother. " Now attond to ypur lessoDs - perhaps you may bc able to turn your educatiou to advantage, and assisf your fathor, shoukl troable co:ne." Metta BflBcroftwae anoblegiS From lier infauey .10 had bcm tlio 1 i ■ ■ i i r of homo. With a firui wiil acd keen perception of riglit, s!io ncver wjverod wlien slieknew horduty, andaltbongh roarediu siilucncc, and accustomcd to be pet tod aod caressed, shc was not spoiled. Yet ho wás r.ot ontirely freo from that great error in tbefernalocharrtcter, rivalry about dri'ss ; and despite of lier resolution, she was sadly disoppoluted about the pearls. In the evening, wli-, lerretaraedj liis face lookud very troubled. There w:;s inournful tendenicss in iüs oye as he met bis v, ü'e and daaghter with thcir acenstomed kisses. The evening pnssed almost in silence, and wlieii Metta had retired to her room he said to his wife, " Alice, the blow has folien at last." " I had fearcd so, William," said his wifo. " Bat you havo done all in your pover to prevent it. Ood's will be djne ; wc will not murmur." " And will you bc willing to resign this home for ouc of poverty ? hc asked. ' W Hing, my husbaud. 1 would scoru to keep up a falso appearance, wben we havo not the mear.s to support it." " My noble, noble wit'o. Yuu liavo lightened the burden OU my haart. Bat will our daugbter bo reconciled to such a obango :'' " .Shc is a daíling," said the mother. fondly. ': To-day I refused to allow herto niake some expensive parchases, aod intimated tbc reasoD ; sho iminediately icknowlcdgcd the justioü of my refasál, and was really troubled to th'ink of the annoyanee her ï.nany frivolous requests must have causcd you." The father's cye brightencd. " Our reverse may be a blessing for her - it will bring out aud strengtheu eharaoter." " Are your bopes cntin-ly Ëlasted ?" askod the wifa. " Kven the farniturè wül Kb-so satisfy crcditor.s. I ma}' possibly '.uve enough left to fiirnisb a few roomsy aud Mr. Green of the insurance company has proniiscd me a situation. My salar; will be barely suflicient to support us. Howuver, we will do tho best we can." Uudor tho rnthless hand of tho aaetionecr seares an article was lel't unsokl. Objeots of grcat vaiue were saorifioed at half tlieir cost. With raro dcttevmination, on tho day nfter Mr. Bancroft's fuilure, hia v-ifo set out for the first time in her Ufe, bouse-hunting. ín a quiet street ín Brooklyn, sho seeurcd the upper apartmenta in the house of an oíd wido-w lady, whoso family consisted of an only daughter. Early in the following week thoy removed, and wore soon comfortably settlcd. Mr. Bancroft waj liappier tban he espected to be. The liltle parlor, with its cano ehairs and p -t, looked so lieat and oomfortable - uever h;il bis wife looked so beautiful. Aüired in a BÍmplo calicó, her cheek flushed, her oye beaming with happincss, and sin ging a fcong as she preparea thoir evening meal. Kven Metta looked more dignifica as she sat at a small table writmg copius for her sebolars; for ahe liad obtained a position as teaelier in a school. '■ I Daver feit such eontentment befure," said the father. "Really, people offashion have no idea of the pleasure they miss." " And indeed, gaga," said Metta, " I find nioi'cciijoyuicnt andinstruetion in teaching my liitlo class than during roy association with people of faahion. The churacter of my pupils is an nteresting stmly ; not two are alike. I begin to thiuk 1 have fouud my vocatio-i." " Wc are all íitted to excol in soir.e particular avocation,'' said the mother, "and we should seriously endeavor to know in what beforc wc cater upon any work. Seo my dcar girl, the advantagc of lcarning whatever we undertako perfeetly. If you liad wasted your time and tálente like many a foolish pérsoo, you would not uow be so indepoodent." Metta grew up to be a truc womon ; and although sho never wore the costly pearls wbioh shc saw at Tiftany's, yet in the cabiuet of ber licart were ahriucd those rarer and riclier peurls of Modesty, ÏDteiiigeueo, and V'irtue. ni ia ni - ■ A Valuable Paiat For tho información f :11 ivho are wiahing to obtain a uhcap and vaiuable paiot for buildings, I would say, take coinmon clay, (ihe samo as our eommon brieks aio mado o(,) dry, pulverizo, and run ít iBrongh a Beive, and mix with lipseed oil. You thon have a first rato íire-prooi paint, of delicate drab color. Put on as thick as practicable, If nnyone has doub:s with regard to the abovo, just try it on a sroatl scale - Í)aint a sbicglo and let it dry. Recoloct that it must be mixed thickor than eommon paints. Tho clay. wlicn first dug, will soon dry, if spread in lbo air undar a shelter, or, if wantod immcdiately. il may bo dried in a kettlo over a tiro Wben dry it will be in lutngs, and can be pulverizcd by placing an iron kettle a few inches in the ground, containing tlio clay, and pound ÍL witli a billet oí hard wood, three inolies in diameter, tbree feet long, the lover end to bo a littlo rotmded. Tben sift it. Any clay will mako paint, but the color may differ, wbich can easily bo ascertaincd by trying theiu en a small soalc as above indioated. liy burning tho clay slightly, you will got a light red, and tho greater tho hoat you subject it to, tho brightor or iHifljigöii iirps.


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