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GÏtEATB. Maynard, Stebbins & Wilson's. ,. i, i r, [ T''. RAVK Af;.r: i tiie u O O X3 @ thitWAS evor oí! tnent ir .. . i oan bc fúund In the We want Money ! tod v'ül mala Great Saeriíices on AoytbiBg lo obtaio ít, iiot oxeoptíng OLD NOTES AND ACCOUNTS We conHalty nritfl ALL CASH CUSTOMERS ad rxiirainc our (ooils and Frlces. We ul.-: invite our Prompt Paying Custcmors to come and bny their supplies for tbe "Winter. TothoFí nea that aro aírala to cali, we Bay Lo ihem, tak SBIjïj Your VCI-IEÜLTI without longer waitiug for Ligbcr pricos, come in, oíd scores. ;::il then at Bnch priM as vil! uiKfl ap aíl loóse! It iiíjt to enumérate oui GoodSj for We have Every thing Ï A largo assortmont of UARPETING, CKOtKEUY DRY GOODS, MEDIIKES; GEÓEEIES, PAINTS, OILS, ÍIAT OAPS, BOOTS, SI I OES YANKEE NOTIONS &c, &c,, &c. (Ti.v.n mai ■ ■ & fl ii ao Stoves & Hardware I ir ffiHyHQH : i S V : RTSDON & IIKiDERSQN &m rJtr L& 7" j2 sb 9 Hardware and Hcuse Furnishing O-E SO SS Ali t. ori ill be ■ ther EstaMLshiiieut in MieiiigaiK Best Assoitment of Cooking P A Ti LO R AND l'LATE S TOV 3E3 S IIOT TX3DCS STATE, Aid will selltbom Chüapor than 7' 7' CIIEAPIlST, Picase cali and see. All kinds of tin wate keyt on i 'ari tcpbit al ■■ ijj C2D H3 ' CiJ L52 OSL; win be done wlth : mjgSS AND DJSiïkWH. Ann .Vil... :■.. !;■!,. ;.. Still M the Field! ■H-1TII A LAllüE STOOK of GOODS i: itiv Une ilin-ct froxn New York, Boston, Manuiacturers! I liiive just MC wefl sclccted asKortmoul CLOCKS, WAÏCHES, J ES ATV B Ii R Y. SILVEK & TLATEI) WARE, Mu3ical Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery GOLD PENS, And a great variety of Tsnfcee Notions, &a. l wonlacall particular pttention to my large :itock of O3PEOTACIjKS, ot Gold, ilvcr, Steel, and Plated, with P E II SCOn.0 G L A S S ABnporlt ■ .' i TOrloty of artlcloB In the ""CUBA.!? for CJ-A.SH. : 'i I completo, ■ : oi t" ii i aW to the REPAIEINd ol a'l kinda ol' Firn. ' Making & Setting New Jewels, PINÏONS, Si -'l CYt.lXDXK:CLOCKfe, AND JEWELKY, Rcpairtd and warranted. C. bliss. Ayer's Agüe Cure.


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