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Scrofula, or King's Evil, uption of fho i blood, by which thia fluid becomes I wenk, and foor. Hein" in the circulation, if ind may burst out in ii seasc on any part of it. No organ i-; froo oi is tl re ono ivliich it may rariously ! by nieren , low living, dis;io air, filth and filthy habits, tlie depressing vicos, nnd, ■ I hucetion. What in the constitutii .ioi:i ]iiints to ehildrcn unto thothird aud fourth Rciicration ; " indeed, U seguís to bo tho rod ut' iiiin wlio eays, "I will viait tlie iniquities of tho fathers upon thcir cliildren." It effects cnmmcnco by deposition from tho blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in the lungs, liver, and interna! termed tubercles; in the glands, STvelüngsj and on tlie Burfacc, eruptioiis i 1 tiis fïral cOrruption, wWêh genders in th? blood, de; the energies of life, so that scrófulous constituínot oiiiy Buffer from scrófulous complaints, but tlicy have far less power to withstand the attacks of other ■ consequently vast nnmbera perisl by disorders. nature, are still n taint in tho a. Most of the consuraption which dei the human faniily has its origin directly in tlii; scrófulous contamination ; and many ■ of' the liver, kidneye, brain, and, indeed, of nli the organs, nrisu from or the same cause. 1 cruarter of all our pcoplo are sr rofulous ; thcir persons are invadcd ly tliis luiking inhealth is undermined by it. Xo cleanse it from the systcm wc must renovato the Mood by on alterativo medicine, and invigorate it by healthy fond and Cicruüu. Sucli a medicine we supply in AYEIl'S Coinpound Extract cf Sarsaparilla, the rao il remedy which the m !' our times can devise for this evcrywhere prevailing and fatal malady. It is comost active remedíais that been discovered fortheexpurgationof this foul disorder from the blond, and the rescue of tho System from its destructivo consequences. Henee it should be nnployed for the euro of not only Scrofula, hut nlso those other affectkms whieh ariso Lfom it, stich as Ebuptive nr.'l Disbases, St. Anthony's l'ntr., IÏOSE, Or 1 . -VLE9, Bi.oTcnES, E Bon.s, Tomous, Tettek anil Salt Rukim, Scald Head, Ringworm, lllIEUMATIBM, SvrniLiTic and Meucvuial 1)iseases, ])i;orsY, Dtspbp8IA, Debilitt, and, [, Al.r. Cojiri.AIKTS AKISINO 1'lioM VlTIAd Impvke Bloop. The popular i:i "iinpuri.ii afilie Úoud" is founded in truth, for BCrofula i.iad.genei'ationof the blood. The particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsaparilla is to purifyand regenérate this vital fluid, without 'whieh sound hcalth is impossible in containinatod coustitutions. Ague Cnre, FOU THE SPEED Y CUP.E OF Inf rrmlttrnl Fever, or Fcvcrand Agnc, ltftiiitttnt Fevcr, C'ïiill Fever, lïimib Avne, PcrlotHcnl tloadaclue, or Dilious Iltiulachc, ïintl ïiilioiis Fcvcis, i ml c cd fox the wliolo class of disensos oriiDalliïg in btlÉary dcrnitgcmont, cnnsc-d by tlie Maluria of Miasmatic Conntiics. "Vo are enoblod here to offer ihe coramuntty a romedy vhichj '.viiiii: it cores tbu al ove oomplalnts with ccrtainty, is still perfeetiy harmtion in any gnantity. Such m remedy la Envafnable In cUstrlcts where these nfHicting disordi'rs prerolh This "Corb expeld tho ml poison of Füveb and Ague from the sysíeni. and prevenís the developtnent of tlie discas?, if taken on tho fir&t npproach of ita premonitory symploius It 3 not only tlie best remi v erer yet olRSOtered 8w tliis claj?3 of coDiplidntfl, but also tho chonprt. The Iftrge quantity iy for fl dollar brfogs it within tho rcach of ovflry : :■! i:i bilftnU diStri - VER AND Ad'E prevail6 erery body should Imve it and ose it fieely both for euro and protection. It is hoped this price will placo ií tritbin tbs reacb of al] - the poor as well ;;.s the rich. A great snperlorlty of this remedy over nny other ever discovered for tlie epeedy nnd ccrímn cure of IntermitI tents is. that tt contólas no Qulsine or mineral, conse(ncully it produce no quinism or other injurloae effects whatever npon ílio constilution. Those cured by it are . ■ hèalthy as ïf they liad norer bad the dlsease. Fi-vt'r and Ague i not alono the consequpnoö of tho mfofltBatic poison. Apreat varicty of disorder.; arise from '. Rhcumatism,', Oouty U . rache, CUtawh, Jsthma, . Painful Affcctinn of the Sfpleen, Hysterie. !'■'-' in the Bou '' ■ ParaZysto, and De rangammt of the Sfomach. all of which, when orïginaiIng in thïii cause, put on the iiiUrmitlcnl iypc, or bccouiö poriodical. ïbis Gi iho poison from tho bloodj and con sequen tly cures them all aliko. It is an Inval uabïe pr nlgrantaand persons travelling or temporarily residí ng in the malariOQS dLstricts. IL taken occasionally or daily whüe exposed to tho infection, that will bo excretcd from the systom, and cauuot accnmulate i:i suilïcient qxionUty to ripen into disease IlriK'i' it is even more voluable for protection ihan cure, and few will ever suffer from Xntermittents f they avail thcmselves of tho protection tbis remedy afíbrds. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., LOWELL, MASS. MAYNARD 3ON, and by all Druggi.-J. BUI ■ ■■ Agent. n oflKON purïeEd in li in En ■ ■ in wliich ii i ui u tely curatiroin each oi In Dcbiïliy-.Ncrvons AffV-ctlona, Ktunclatlon Lyieps!o, ÜoHiliHitlon, Dlarilion, D3 ry, Ittcllent Consnmitlon, Serofnloo beruloflts, Salt Tl ChloroaL ■ ■ - or of tho continucd ■ iption norwvJ ■ tiincouB p!i;uisl ion, l ■ t air and exer In N. r sof all kinds, and ; ■ ■ old oxid . -.y toaic iilmni bolng t-:oii :'; ,'íthou ■ ■ gas! 1 ie !■ It is thislattcr property, among otbers, whicb , iibly ofl'ectual a tid ;■■ ■,,■.:■.. 1 1. px : t a di . ■■ the local ithem. In Dïspktsïa, tnnui box ut' I . ; have ol ■ 1 ling the attendeni ( nes. in unehecUod Diarkhea, eveu wh o Vy$en tpytj confirme 1, ■ in the local . congn, and remtttoni beotio, which gencriilly indícate . . 1 iin has hn 1 far m ly balance l prepai ai e, without any of ifMenily invi';:iti'.i ratoratiee In the ■ Ihclii. In Rh(and tnflammatory- -4n the latter, hi . leci Ledly - i ; ivariably - In Tn ■ ra it oau 1 nee No rem tl in tho wh,olc biato11 cxertfj such promp ■ ■ ■ el e di gestión, rvpid acqal 1 ion ol dinpoflii ' . : nd cheorful e folio w ü - use. Pu1 up in .-■■ Ining '50 pills, ■ il bc ierxi freo :■ any 1 ie price. All lottors, order, etc ■■! to B. B. !■ General Agent. , V. Por S:i1e byGRENVIfctE & FULLER, Aun Albor. Howard Asaociation, Piiiladelphia. ■ ■ far the f Distase of i to pa trta of the l ■ A ■-.■■: V. . ■ Pwq or l : ■ 1 be w ill be ccptable, ■■ . ard Assoolftti - - ■ . I'hiladelphlá.! ÏOOO Vests, Shirts and Drawors


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