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Message Of Gov. Blair

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We publuli to-day tbc message of Güv. Blaih, delivercd tü the Logislature which couvened in extra session on Tucsday ' last. In doing so, we must be pormitted to express our dissent trom that portion of it coramenting upon tliu slavery cjucstion, and its aggressions for sixty ycars. - This is no tiine to discuss party difierences, and a State paper that would coramand the approval of tho whole people must ignore crimiuation and recrimination. The people have ralliod as ouo man, and as ono man ■will stand by the government ; but they will not aa one man cudorse Mr. Blair's assertions that " slavery has rulcd the country for sixty yeatfl," or bis conclusions that the ■war is to be waged for the destruetion of slavery. This war has nothirg to do with tho slavery question, exeept asts prosecution may incklcntally affect the " peculiar institution," and no man in authority is wise who seeks to grouud a simple attempt to sustaiu the government upou that issue. Democrats sustain tho Presi dont of tbs United States in every effort to preserve the Union intact ; they , ta'm the govornineut and nat a Republicau administration ; they " onlist for the war " so long as it is a war for the Union, and not to cstablisb an obnoxious political creed; and while they drop all jioliti cal issues, ignoro the past, and posfcpi ne a discussion of platforms until not an euemy is found in anns against the government of tho United States, they do not want thosc in high official station to take advantage of the truco to thrust a full grown "nicger'1 dowu their throats on every occasion. We have no desire to bc eaptious or severo, but we do not wi.h our pos;.;']on to be niisunderstood. We ..;q a Union man all over, but we ave íot a whit ncarer an abolitionist tbau a year ago ; we sustain tho goverauient in " coerciug " the seceded Sta'.ca into a recoL;nitiou of their dutiea and tbligations, and obecUencQ to the Constitution and constitutional laws; but wo will not raiso a hand against thoir domestic instUutions, and we warn both State and Naüoual authorit!cs to regard in all thiiujs thoir own constitutional obligations vhilo endcavoring to compel States to return to thcir allegiance. Aud in so speaking, we aro ure that we spcak tho sentiineuts of over tweke hundrei, and fifty thousand votert, resideiitiAa the-loyal States. It vc.ay be, however, that Gov. Blair laaans no party plea, no threat of aggression, and that ho gave place to the " colored individual" ouly to mark the parentage of his racsage.


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