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Gone To Washington

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On Saturday evcning last, Col. Wilcox, of the First Regiment, received orders to report himself and command in Washington furthwith. Arrangeiucnts were iminudiately made for complying with the order, and the entire Regiment, except the Artillery Company attaohed thereto, enibarkcd on Monday evoning on the steamer May Queen and propeller Illinois. Tlie Artillery Company will folio iv as sonn as their equipinents are ready. The Regiment goes via Cleveland, Pittsburg, Harrisburg and Baltiïuorc. It is completely uniformed, each I man taking his musket and thirty rounds of cartridges. Teinporary knapsacks have been furnishcd for the ïuarch, and when the regiment reaches Washington it will be furnished with permanent knapsacks, tonts, and camp equipage. The lleg:ment goea forward under the three months cali, but we presume will extend their term oL service if the government ia in an einergency at its expiration. The Regiment went off in good spirits and followed by the blessings and cbeers of friends. We shall hope to hear a good account of it in the fu.i-urc but it is too ruuch to hope that it may return with ranks unbroken. Süch is not tho fortune of war, ar.d will not be tho fortune of this at -ter-jpt to crush out rebellion. - o sh.dil keep our rcadors advised of the movements of the Regiment froiu week to week. The Regiment reacliod OlTeltmd at 6 A. M.. Tucsday, and at H A. M., samo day, left for rittsfeurg in tweuty cars, urawu oy 'vW0 locomatives. The Cleveiand papers speak iu highly complimeutary terms of the Regiment.


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