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The Extra Session

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Tlio Legislatui'e which convencd in extra session on the 7th irist., coinpletcd its labors with tlie utmost unanimity, and adjourned on the lOth. ïlie laws euacted with reference to the " National Crisis" wcre : An Act amending the Twq Regiment bill of last session, so as to authorize the raising of Ten Regimenté. An Act to authorize a " War Loan :' of one miliion dollars, redeemable within twenty-five yoars, at 7 per cent,, interest jKi able pcmi-unnually. An Act rajuiring Boards of Suporvisors to extend relief to the families of voluuteers, for which sec nnother column. And au Act to levy $70.000 for each of the years 18G1 and 18C2 to pay the interest on the War Loan. We bclievc that each of the above bilis passed both Houses by a unanimous i voto. An attempt was made in the Sonate to . enact a " Sedition law," but it sigoally failed, receiving but geven votes. The Legislaturc is entnled to much credit for the promptuess with which it discharg ed its duties.


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