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Meeting Of The Ministers And Official Members Of Ann Arbor District, Detroit Conference, M. E. Church, At Ypsilanti, May 7, 1861

Meeting Of The Ministers And Official Members Of Ann Arbor District, Detroit Conference, M. E. Church, At Ypsilanti, May 7, 1861 image
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Punmant to the cali of the Rev. E. H Pilcher, P. K. of' the District, a goodly i) amber ot the Ministors and laymcu of the M. E. Church met at Ypsilauti for consultation ou the general iuterests o' the Church in our bounds - particularly, the subject of Sunday Schools and Missions, aud to discuss the desirableness of holding a District Camp Meeting. Tbc meeting was callcd for 2 o'clock '■ P, M. Reljgious service Tras conducted by Rev. E. H. Pilcher, wheri, on niotion, the convention was organized by appointing Rev. E. H. Pilcher, President, aud Rev. F. A. Blades, Secretary. The President then made a statement of the subjects to bc laid before the conv entiou for discussion, viz : Sunday Schools, Missions, and District Camp Meeting, By ordor of the conver.tion these subecfs were taken up in the order named jy tho President. After a very full and frce discussion of ;hese subjeots, particularly Sunday Schools, in whieh ïuany deeply interesting ucidents werc elicited, and plans tbr the ncreasc in the uuuiber attendance up)n our schools and also the interest in the ishool themsclves, the following resoutions were unanimously adopted : Resolution lst, Believing tho Sabbath School to be an integral part of the church }f God, we hold it to be the duty of the Ministers of the M. E. Church to throw llieir iuÜueuce into tho Sunday Schools )n their respective charges, and render them as efficiënt as possiblo. Resolution 2d. Wc recommend the bolding of a Suuday School Mass Meoting for this District, June 26th, at somo suitable point on the Central Railroad, and that a committec be appointed to make all suitable arrangemeuts for it. Resolution Zd. We earnestly rocomraend the organization of Sabbath Schools whcrever a suitable nuuiber of children can be collected, not represented ip our regular congregations, and aifcctiouatcly advise our officiary to assist in the work. Resolution 4th. Wo recommend the holding of Sunday School Teaclieri Institutes (after the manuer of the State Teachers Institutes) once or twice a year, and that a coinmittee be appoiutcd to mako provisión for the samo. Committee to provide for the Mass Meeting, June 26, - llevs. O. Whitmore, J. F. Davison, J. M. Arnold, S. L. Kamsdell, and one person to be appointed by each of the Sunday Schools of our Church at Ypsilanti, Aun Arbor, Dexter and Chclsea. Committee to prepara and próvido for the holding of a Teachers' Instituto, as per Kos. 4--Revs. E. H. Pikeer, P. E., J. M. Arnold, B. Cocker. Subject of mission and mission work was taken up. After some discussion the following was unanimously adopted. Resolved, That wc pledge ourselves to carry out to the best of our ability tho disciplinary provisión for raising tho neoessary inoney. The subject of a district camp meeting was fully and frecly discussed, when the conclusión was reached not to hold one as a district meeting, but leavc the subject in the hands of the pcople of the several charges and co-operato with such as are appointed, to the best of our ability. The meeting was pleasant and profitable. After two days of christian interoourse the convention adjourned.


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