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The Volunteer Relief Law

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8ec. 1. The Peaple nj the State ef Michigan enncl, That it shall be the duty of the Boards of Supervisors of each organized county, at their ses-sions to be held in the month of June in tho yenr 18G1, and each of the subaequent sessions whenever ncoessary, to make adequate provisión for all requisito relief and support of the families of the eommissioned nnd nou-commissioned offiuers, rniihicians and privates, enlisted from their counties and tnuatered into the military service of the United States or of this State; and for such, purposes the said Board of Supervisors ara eeverally autborized to borrow money at a rato of interest not exceeding ten per centmn per annum, nnd to issue bond8 or oiber seeuriites for tho sums lionnwod, payablo at some timo therein to 'oo mentioned, not exeeeding four yoara from the date thereof, ancj to üssuss, levy, and collect taxes upon a,ll tho rea! and personal property of said counties not exempt from tnxation, sufficient to pay such mony borrowed, and provide the relief hereby authorized. Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of tho Supervisor of each township, and of each Supervisor, Alderman, or other offleer representing any city or ward upon the Board of Supervisors of his county, from time to time to make diligent inquiry in regard to the necos.iities nnd relief required by thoiamily of any such comtniisioned or non-commissioned officer, musician or private; laod in conducting sueh inquiries it shall bo bis duty to consult with any voluntary committees of eitizens who may have. heretoforc taken, or who sball hereafter take, action upon tho subject. It shall be his duty to afford such temporary relief as may from tirae to time be necessary, not exceeding the sum of fifteon dollars permonth to any one family, and may give orders upon the County Ticas-, urer of his county, payablo out of any moneys appropriated for that purpose, or out of any moneys not otherwise appropriated, in caso no appropnation, has been rnado to defray the expense of such relief. In case of death, while in the service oi the United States or ot this State, of any such eommissioned or non-comrnissioned office, musician or private, his family -shall be enlitled lor one yearafter his decease to the same ineasure of relief horein provded. for. Sec. 3. It shall be lawful for the Board of Supervisors of any county, a any moeting, to establish a separata fund into which lbo moneys so borrowted er collocted by tax shall be paid, anc to diretït the transfer of' any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropnated, at any time, to auch fnnd ; and it shall be the duty of such Board to establish such separate fund whenever the orders upon the general fund, issued in suuh county, have been for the period of six months at :;n average discount of ten peroentnin. Whonever such separate fund sliall havo been establiohed, it liall ba known as the " Volunteers' Family Belief "Fund;" and all orders thereafter drawn shall be drawn payable out of such fund, unless the board shall otherwise direct. Sec 4. The said Boards of Supervisors are hcreby authorized to adopt and enforce such rulea and regulations as shall sec iro as well the ascertainment of the relict requirtd as the proper expenditure of moueys for relief, and ' may require bonds or other securities. frora airents or officers employed to disbtirso any moneys, or otherwise afford relifcf, and iiiay require such reports, under oath or otherwiso, as shall bo deemed proper. Suc. 5 The relief hereby authorized to bo afforded shall bo and romain separato from, and independent of the relief, temporuiy or othenvise, afforded to poor persons under exiëtinglawa Ordert-d to take eöect on the first day of June.


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