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Edward Everett Sneaks

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Edward Everett made a speech tlio otlier woning in Roxbury, Mass., on the war, which ought to have a wide eirculation in the 'South, whore, a few months smce, he was held in the highest respect. We uiake room for a single paragraph : 11 1 deprécate more tha"n I can expresa a war with the South. You know my politica! courso. Logan, the Iudiau chief, mourufully exelaimcd ; ' Suuh was my love for the whites, that my countrymen pointed at me as they passed, and said, Logan is the friend of white men !' I have been pointed at for years as the friend of the South. For maintaining what I dcenied her constitutional rights, I huve suffered uo small portion oí obloquy and sacritíced the favor of a largo partion of the community in which I was bom, and which, from my youth up, 1 have eudeavored to serve laboriously, dutiiully, and affectionately. I was willing, whilo this ill-starred movemcnt was couiined to the States of the extreme South, and they abstained from further aggression, that they should go in peace This course, I thought, would retain the border States, and bring back the Moeders in a year or two, weariod and disgustcd with their burdonsome and pcril ous experiment. Such I uuderstood to have Úeen, in substance, the programme of the aduimiBtration. But the South ha3 willed itothcrwise. öho has struck a parncidal blow at tho heart of the Unionand to sustam her in this uumitu-al and' unrigliteous war is what my conscienco forbids. Iveithcr will I reinain silent and see this majestie framework uf govermnent, the noblcst politica} fabric ever rearad by human wisdom, prostrated in he dust to gratily the disapointod ambi tion of a few aspirmg men (for that Mr. Vioc 1 resident Stopho,18 bravely told his fellow-citlzens last ' -November was the a cause of 'a great part of our troubles'), and this undcr cover of a so phistical interpretation of the constitution, at war alike with coinmon sense, with cotemporary history and the traditíóns of the government ; unsupported by a singlo authority among the framers of the constitutioD, and cmphatieally donoaaoed by Mr. Pfadiim, their leader nd ehief P


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