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Gov. Andrews On The Crisis

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JBóston, May 14. A special scssion of the Legislatura oí Massachusetts met at noon to-day. Gov. Andrews' message is exceediugly patriotio, and gives a detailed account of tho aetion of the Coinmon, wealth. He says this is no war oí suctions ; ' no war of tho North on tho íáotith. It ! is not waged to avengo former wrongs, i nor to perpetúate ancient grieis or memories of conflict, but it ia the struggle of tho penplo to vindícate thoir owa rights, to retain and in figorate the institutiona of theirfathera, and of tho raajestyof the National Government to vindicato ils power and exeroise its functions for the welfare and happiness of the people. After Bpeaking of the financial itïairs of tho State, ho sayseornmissionors with letters of credit for L50,000 had been sent in April to Europe to purchase the most efficiënt arras for tho State, and says when Congre&s meets they will doabtless reüeve us from paying duty thereoo. Another reoommendation 3 the establishment of .a State encampment fur military instruction. He recommends i loan to meet the expenses of the emergency, and suggosts that the sciip be jnrtly issuable in sums of $50 to $100, ihatsrnall capitalista may ebare in the investment. The message concludes bysaying' " Heavy responsibilitie.s have fallen in tho providence of God upon this gov eminent and people and they are welcome. They eould not have been safely postppned ; they have not arrived to soon. They will siit and try thii? poople, all vvho lead and all who follow; but trial is given us to revive our past, and will broath the inspiration oi a new life into our National character, and reassure the destiuy of the Republic."


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