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ECIAL NOTICES. Passenger trains now Uy Detroit anl the severa! Stations in this Juunty,as follow. GOING WEST. Day Ex. Mail Ex. Jnck. Ac. Xight Ex, Detroit, 7.00 a. m. 7.15 a. ji.4 10 P. M. 6.30 P. w, fpsüantl, 8.02 " 8 35 " 550" 7.40 Aun Albor, 8,22 " 8.55 " G.61 " 8 09 li [textor, " 0.17 " 6.45 '( Chelea. " 9.32 H 7.05 " Ar. Chicago, 0.00 P. M.J.30 " 6 00 A. M. GOIXG EAST. tfight Ex. Jack. Ac. Mail fcx. Cay Ex. Ciiclspa, A. ai. 6.40 a. M. 2.40 P. U. P. M. Dexter, fí 7.05 " 3.00 " Aun Albor, 5.15 7.35 (i 3.30 " 4.35 " fpiiltyuitl, 5 35 í( 8.02 3.55 4.55 ' Ar Detroit, 0.40 " 9.30 " 5.Ö0 6.0Q " Tram.' do nnt stop at stations where figures aro cuoittpd iu tUe t&ble. MOTHERS READ THI3. The followiüg isan extract from a letter written by the pastor of a Bftptbt Church to the "Journal and Messeneer," Cincinnati, Oliio, and speaks volumes in favor oi that world-renowijed medicina - Mp.s. Wi.vsLOV'ftSOOTBIMa SyRCP FOR CniLDREX TkETHING: ':We see an advertisemeiit in your columna of Mrs. Wiaslow'a floothingSyrup. Now m never sáid a word in favor of a patent medicine before ín our Ufe, Imt we feel compell(;cto say to ynur readers, thatthlfl tu no humbug - WE UAVE TRIED IT, AN'D KNOW IT TO BB ALL 1T ci..ims. It is. probably, onc oí" the most succesfiil medicines of the duy, becausè it is one of the Dest. Aml those of your rcadiT n'ho have bab'tes canH do it better than to t y n a" See advertiseuiont in apother co.lumn IMPORTANT FEMALES THE HEALTH AKU UFB OFWOMAN II continually in peril If she is marl enough to noglect or maltreat those sexual inogularitles to which twolliirds of her S8X are more or lesa subject. DR. CHEESEMAN'S PILLS, prepare.l from tho samo formula whicli tlie inventor, OORXELIU3 L. CHSESEMAN, M. D.,of Ncw-rork, has for twenty years usert Buccessfuüy in an extended pri vate pru ctice - immedia tely relieve without pain, all disturbances of the periódica! discharge, whether arising from relaxation or suppres8ion. They act like a charm inremoving the pams that accempany diiïïcult or iminoderate mecatruation, :nl are the only safe and reliabla remotly for Flushos, Sick Headache, I'aius in the Loins, Back and Sides, Palpitation of the Ueart Ntrvous Tremors, Hysterica, fipasms, Frokon Slcip anrl other unplpasnnt and dangerous effocts of an unnatural condition of the sexual functions In the worst cases of Fluor Aibus or Whitos, they effect a speedy cure. To WIVKS and M-A-TIïOISrS DK.CHEESEMAN'S PIL! urn offcredu the only safo meana of rentwinginterrupted menstruation, but. NADIES MUST BEAU I. MIND Thcre is onc condliion uf thcfemale steicm in which the j Pilis cannot bc taken wi'hout prodacmg a PECULIAR R ESUL T. The condï.ion rcferred to is PREQNA NCY- the resul, MISCHRMAOE. Such is He irresistible trndenq of the medicine torestars the seiual functioni 10 a normal candition, that even thi reproductive power of nature canñot resist it. Ezplidt direaions staling when, and when they should not be uscd. with eaoh Box,- the Prict Oue Dollar each Box, f.bnlaining 50 Pilis. A Taluable Pauphlet, to be had free, of the Agenta. Pilis tent by mail promplbj, by enclosing pnce to any Agont. Sold by Druggisis general y. R. B. HÜTCH1NRS, Proprietor. '20 Ccdar-Sl Kew York. For Sale by MAVNARD STEEBIXS & WI1EON and (UE.VVILLE & rULÏ.ER. RELIEF IN TEN MINUTES. BRYAJM'S PÜLMONIC WAFERS Tna Original Medicine Entablished in 18S7, and tha firs articleof the kind ever introduced under the name o " I'ülmoxic VViPEB ," in thi or ín any uther country all other Pulmonic Wafers are countoifeits The ten uina can be known by tho name BKYAXboinx stam mi on each WAFER. r BRVAX'h PCUfOmC WAFER8 Relieve Coughn.Colds, Sore Throat, Hoarsene. Bhtan-'s 1' Wafers Reliove Asthma, Bronchitis, Difflcult Breathing. BlíYAN'S PÜUCONIO WAIT.IÏrï Itoliuve Spitting of Blood, Hain in the Choat. Bhyax'b I'ulmo.nic Wafkbs Relieve Incipient Consumption, Lung Disoase. BRYAN'á P01.M0.MC WaFEBS Keliovo Irritation of tho Uvula and Tonsüs. BRTAS'S PfLMONlC WAÍKR3 FbïHovo tho above Complaints in Ten Minute. Bkyan'm Pui momc Wafers Ai-e a UcSBing to all Classes and Cnnstitution. Brya.v's Pulmomc Wafkhs Avo adaple'l to VocalUts and Public Speakers. Bryan's Pulmoxio Wakers Are in a torra, and pleaeant to the taste. BKYAS'a PfLMONlC AVaFERS Not only rcllore, but eloct rapid ind lasting Curei. BRYAX'fi PCUfOKIO WAFER3 Are warrantod to givo satisfaction to overy ono. Xofamily Hhould be wKlinut .hoz of; " Brjan's Pulmonic Wafers" in tho house. Ko taveler should be without n upply of ■' Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers " in his pocket. Ko person will ever objoct to givo for '- Bryan's Puhaomc Wafen " Twenty-flvftCint. JOB UOSn, SoleFroprietoi-.Ejciotter, K.T. i -'I? ■ ? ?reUil F!lr. Si il! po4 írugsitít ia te Lni'ed tistes nd Coaiiu. MICHIGAN SOUTHERN & KORTEER INDIANA itAII.HOAD. 1861. írl'.!MER ARRANGEMENT. I8S1. Irains now run on this road, Suraays cxcepted, as follows: LeaveTok-do for Chicago ,laly exceptMondayK atlO 40 A M.,and 10.SOP. M.,nntl Ma Air Unoat 10 -15 A. M. Leen Ivtioit Ha Chicago at 1,30 A. M. and 7,50 P. M. Arriving n Chicago from Toledo and Detroit at 8,00 A. M. aud 8,00 K U . and via Air Line at 7.10T. M. Arrive at Dttroü from Toledo, at 7:15 A. II., 2:C0 P. M. and 6.30 I'. M. Arrivo in Detroit from Chicaioat 6.30 P. M., and7.15 A. II. inin la Toledo fcom Chicago 4,05 P. M. and 4.50 A. M., and vla air lin,e at 4.89 1' u. Leare Jaokaon for Toledo at 5.00 51. and 1,45 P. II. Arrlve at Toledo at 9,10 A. M., and 4,35 T. M' COXXECTIONS. At Toledo- With Cleveland & Toledo Rail Road, with Wabash Valley Rail Itoad. At# Detroit - Wltb 6ra,nd Trunk IiaiHvay, with (reat Western Uailway, aUo, with the Detroit uud llilwaukce. Railroad At Nmv Albany k pAi.nM R. R. CnossiXG- With Trains for Iafayotte, New Albanyacd Louisville. Ar Chicago- Wilh Chicago ana Koek latend, Galena, Milwaukse, Chicago, Burlirigton and Quiticy- North West Rttllvrajr- Chicago, Alton and St. Louis, Illinois Central, and to all Patata West and South. ñ Trafni are run by Chicago tiifte, whih í& 20 minutes alowar than Toledo time. ÍES" Patent Sleeping Cars accompany the Nlgbt Tr:.ins on this Route. $fir Time and Fare the same as by any otlior Rai! Roucl ;tü Jte. JNO, D. CAMPBELL. íjene-al Superintendent. tïg_ Couohs. Tbo sudden changos of our climate are so urces of PULXOVAftY, Bkonciiui, and.VínriMATlc Aftkc tioxk. Experience having proved that sfraplo remedies often act speedily and certainly when taken ia the early stages ofthü diseasii, recourse should at once be liad to '.'Brown's Hronchial Trochen," or Losenges,let theCold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be e-ver so light, ariby his preeaution a inore serious attackmay bi effcctuallv warded ofT. PcBUCSFXJLKKKiand BlKQBaa ,yül find them effectual for clearing and strengthcniüg Uií voice. Sfce dvertisement. 770m6 A. DEFOREST, Alvvays afieaditi Lovr Prices. HAVIVG RKMOVED MY STORE tn the Enst sido of Main streot, nne door north of Guit(;rman7H. Um iiüw receiving Now GoücIm, cftiiipribing í 11 kinds of Groei r,te8, Kruits, Exitaots, Glawswarc, Latnps, Looking Glaai?s, Cutlery, ver-lJlatod Gooüs, &c , LOWEK t HAN EVER ! French China Tea Seta, frem $4 50 to ]8 00 Frcncli China üíuncr Sets. 'fram 20 C0 to 30 00 Stone China Tea Sets, froin 3 00 tu 4 50 Stone China Dinnor Sets, from 6 60 to 16 50 Beautiful Uhisü Goblyta, ' DO pr dozen (Jlaas Ktro.sene Lamps froru '1 to ('O Maible Kerosene Lamps from 75 to 3 00 Fluid í-amps from 10 to 50 iveene C'.l, Zit Vuaíity, 8üc pergullon All other Goods ai, CorrcsponJing prieta. J8Lr lJimps of all Uinda niicredand ïepain-tï. Peoplea títoro, 799tf A. uz TQEST. Hangsterfer's Bloek. DEA N$e C O., INVITE attention to thoir new stock comprining ail kinda of Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, Gas Fixtures andHou5e-fiirnisUinggoodí,all of whieh they aro offet ing At the Lowest Possilh Bates. French China Tea sets from $5 02 to 20 00 Fronch China dinner seis from 25 00 to 70 00 Stone china Tea sets from 3 50 to 5 00 .Stone china dinner SEts from 8 50 to '20 00 Ola.-.i Kerosene Lampa complete from 37 ) to '2% Marble Kerosene Lamps complete from 80 tolOOJ Fluid Lauips trom 18 (o 62 W Lampj of all kinds alterad and rapalred. DE FOREST, ARMSTKONG & CO. DRY GOOÜS MKRCHASTS, 75, 77, 79, 81,83 & 85 Duaae Street, Waw York. WOULD XOTII'Y THE TRaDK that tney are openin Wnkly, in iitw and beautiful patterns, the A1SO THK -A. mo q1sljxs 2 A New Print, which excels every Print in the Country fo p(r''ci;'LÍoi] of '.'ccLition and design in fuU Madder Colors.- Our Prints are. cheaper '-iu any in market,aud meeting wth cxtetusive sale. Orders prompily attended 1t 732yl TROTTING STALLIONS7 ATTENTION M BREEDER3. YOUNG HENRY CLAY, and YOUNG BLACK HAWK. Young Henry Clay WAS raised by Isaae Phillips, of Ontario ,Co., N. Y. Hia color is a coal black, 16 hands high, welghs 1160 lbs.,and never was trained, and can trot in 3 minutes, and will be shown in harness to any one wishing, and aft a hor&eforall work cannot bo surpassed, as the testimoniáis he received last fall show; he received a premium at the National Horse Show at Kalamazoo, competing with twelve bocaH from different States, alao at the late Michigan State Agricultural Fair, held n Detroit, competing with 26 horaes, he also received the lst premium at the last Washteuaw Co. Agricultural Society. Blank Hawk Is ft mahogany bay color, 16 hands high, and weighK llüO lbs. , and for action and laating quahty catmot be surpassed for one never handled more. Ilis g(t bhows well as thcy can bo seen in and around Ann Arbor, as he han proved himself a surc foal gotter. Young Black Hawk was raised by Ebenezer Leggett, of Stilhvater, Sara toga Co., N. Y., from his superior mare Hamble, and for further particulars of qualities and goodttMl. I refer you to Jas. Ne.vland, of this city. The abo e hordes may be seen at my stable on Friday acd Saïurday of eaeii week. Ann Arbor, MaySth. lSfil. 790m2 BYRON' OREEN. Ann Arbor Marble Wor'is. BATCIIELDËil& EISELE. TT AVE on hand a fine asaortmefll pf Atn?rican and ITALIA N MKRBLE which they ai-e prepred to manufacture into in alltheir varieties, and in a WORKMANLIKE inanner. Having had cor.sidürable oxpevieuce in the buriinese they flatier themaelves that thoy will be ablo io please all yvho may favor them with their ofí'erg. Theiy pricuc L O W AS THE LOWEST. hoae wiihinar any tliing in thft' line nre roRpcctfnlIy nntedto cali I1ATCHELDEK k. EÍ8JELE. Ann Arhor. March. 6, 1861. 790yl TSS'ETW Gr O O X S . WIINES & KNIGHT Aro now receiving tholr SECOKD Spring1 nnd iSnnuiiciSTOCK OF GOODS In consciuoncü of tho Great Pressure in the iwiOTxraE3"sr ininzsisT we have been enabled to purchase inany kind of Gooda at our own prices. Wo can sell mos l kinds of DRESS GOODS for LES3 THAN WAS PAID FOR THE SAME KIND OF GOOPS in New York SIX WEEK? S1PÏCE! We invita the attention of a!l to aa inepetioa of oux stock. WIJÍE8 & KK1GHT. My 10, 1E61., D. L. WOOD & CO., i HAVE J-UST OENLI X I 1 I 1 LARGE & WELL SELECÏED ] I r STOCK OF ' f ] Seasonable Goods, ! For the SPRING fc SÜMMER Trdo of 1861 ■ t Having purchased their stock at mucli Ubs ' ] than the usual iH'ipea.they ara Jiïopared to ' i ' offer GREAT 1ÍÍPUCEMENT3 i 1 To Cash & Ready Pay Buyers. i Thankful for past favors they -will be ever i'cady to show thcir Goods and by fair aud r liberal dealinghopo to reoeive their fullsharc r of the public patronnge. I West sido of public square. i Anu Arbor April 1861. ) . , FORTSUMPTER EVACUATEI), i _-O_Maek & Schmid RESIJXrPOROBÏD ! I viüi a t 1 Tremendous Stoeit' OF SÏAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS! GS.OE1.CDOEÏ3E1.I3EJS, CR0CKERY.8H0ES, HATS &c OAPS3 OARPETS, &c.s &c. ) i Hoslililk8 Coiumeaoed in waniesi! , Dealh to High Prices ! ! ) I i MACI & SCHMID f are now recciving their , SP E ING AND SÜMMER E3rOOX @ Z and will sell thera for tbo NEXT 90 DAYS, i ; Much Cheaper i , Than has ever been heard of ! I3ST .A-XsTISr ARBOI. Come One, Come Al!, and See. 0. MACK, 795 F. SCHMID. 18G1. 1861. NEW STORE NEW SPRING GOODS! ■ C.H.MILLEN&CO. Have removed to tbeir Brick Store recently occupiod by A. DeFovesl, and aro now recoiviag a SPLENDID STOCK QF GOODS rou the SPRING TRADE, 1 Aniong wblch are Staple Dry Goods of all kinds, BEAUTIFUL NEW ÖTYLES, 1 TItlMMINGS, SHAWLS, CLOAKS, BONNETS. RIBBONS, &o., &c. Choice FAMILY Groceries, ! BOOTS, SHOES, & CROCKERY. Also an enlire New Stock of Carpets and OV Cloths, of New and Beautiful Patlerns, THESE GOODS WE RE BOUGHT AT IP-AINTIC PRICES! a Ani we can satïsfy all who will cali and oxaralno our Ltock,that üoodsavo Chcapthis Spring for CASH OR READY PAY. OHM tLL-.EX & CO, Ann ArV-or , llarcli U 1ÍC1. ' j, iinT'Si