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MffeW Cure Om a ', CcUli HormuM, ( VXOMfjJyV eii y Irritación or üormcf ofthe i jMBwJA Thron': Ihlivr.r. the Htuk iíf Onigh vliDliüHMkS mtI' rtWí Ca'.a.ih. Cl'tir and wItOMtJ 'Bi ftrtnjitk tothc raice of X7!fSr r vu m : shj ; a k k r , H3p nil SlAGKRS, Few ai ü aw&ro of the fnapor&nce of sbecking a Cengfc or "Coimuon Cold" te 1U ftmt stafe; tot whleh in the beiriiiiiMi-r wnulii y"i U a Bild r-lTiHly, if neglectfl, toon attaoklfhe Luags. -'Brown'H I-íronrhini Troches," coinaining(]cmu!ccut ingredients allay Pulwocary aud Ettonohial Irritatlon, BROWN'S '-;riiat trouble in my Throat, (for which the "Troches" art a specílic) having made TDAnTTro mu '1tEn a mere whlaperer," "I rccommend tbclruM lo Hi bïjcpeakBRO'WN'S sm-" rev.e. u. chapín. i I "Havo pïoved extremely serviccable for TBnPTTTTQ ötUmKS ittUUilö; 1ÍEV. HKXRY W'AIÏD BEECHKR. i "Almos instant relief in th dltretIng - BROWN'Sjl:iüOr üí treatUing peculiar to AaTHK." HKVA. C LGGLEt$TOr. TPnPiTro' "Ontain no Opium oï aojthiag ínjuri IKUUiLb )US." uu. A.A. ÏIAVES, t ' i j ' ■ 1 1 i t, Hoston. BíiOWN'S „ "A simple and plcasaut comhjnation for Cocühh, &■.' DR. ü. F. BltfELQÁy. j TROCHES ■Benoflcialm Coxcn,." ÜMtI'ü. J.t.V. LASE, . BROWN'S ... . Boston, t I have provefl tkcm excellent fur I KULUi. & EEV. II. W. WARREN", BROWN'S ''Bsaeíotal whon compdhd to speak,' SUÍTtíllUg fixm COLD.' ' TROCHES I!EV-P-JlP-AylS,a. "ElTcctual irtremoving Honrfpiit-H nni BROWN'S '"'''lion ofliif Tlirout, aocninmon with , SrUKIlfa :..'! HíSQOta." i TRnPHM í''"- ■ M. BTACT J0BN80N, 1KOCHLS lCronge, G. Teacher ofMusic Boutliern BROWN'S ,,„ . , fui'i.'wCollH(e. "í.reat brnofit when takeu before Rni Tnnr-TTira aftlir I","-'"11''";-. a11 W7 i revciit HoaiseIWuaJwBMi, Froio theír past eiït-ct, I think they ■.1 bü of pprnifincnt advaniBge t me." BROWN'P REV.E. ROWLLY,'. M. Praidst of Athens Cclleg". Tenn. TROCHES ,$tc$kbl 'taatTNTT. 1.UNG & BLOÖ3DT INFIRMARY, Ftshers Bock Wvodward Ave Detroit Dr. S. J, CARPBSTBB & RAINAXSD. :o: DOCTORS gen. rally pretend that ConiumptloB U iiïjurablp, beoikBM they cannuteure ít tht'inbelveb; but tliis doen nut uuike it'trae. Many mechantes wiü works so a job all dsy and nfter doing notbiu,a; but apoll thc mataría! tbry will tell yon it aerer can be ñena n (he waj you wnt t. Bal oyapplylnffta a botter woikman - ono who thcroughly andsrsta&ds bta budinasa- you will get vuur work acconiplishud u shape. In tliis respect there ia tl.p snrae difTcrence to be found in all tradua aml proíeSion. Thc bunfler in,in the arta, in I:nv, (iy ihedogy, and id physic, wíll auy Buch thíngfl o&naot be don. Anñ t Es truc th:it they could not be il all men wcfo MlM _ selves. ilut íurtLinattly there ia anotber cu yf inn, and th ,se, when they take your case n baml, dó iÍ." joba 3 yuu want it, or restiro you to hualili, acooccing to deatre, We liave uly to romcraber tl is üict to untlorstand whj one pbysician sliouiJ pyüuounce that ucurablc which inother can cure. in "hunics, we sonfettmM ftnd tbat by a potfisttoD of bJ 90nn inventioñ, of wbkli he fcLTCTSTS,1 or K" R y of his ■ mlnd, one penen wfll nk C whut K ,ofer can" . Kxactly it muy bo bo tó pby "nd u'lü ' 1l ] rerynan why I btni KUCCl" r all oÜK-is lathe treaíment of T B w the original ganfas, by posseasíng IC IongMeter, flhtch enables me tu clearly delt rmine tlie bta "re 71 _lli0 diseüse:in 1 by havin? such remsdiM for Consumí 'ot as no otfaer Fhy sician tvér hnd,makQ bold t( iay líifit 1 have, and can effect a cure of this dlfeue bevond the í'oach of any r,:au. To prove tlns to lwtvu been the case, Ï might give you numbürn upon numbcrit i nf eertifirátes trota men and wonien glven uvtr to tlie rave, whi) have bees reacued and re.tored to bealth by the Mrsevering use of my remedli i for C'numiJtiJn. í But It S not Aeet ata y for me to'do so here, for the J j fact of one man domg wbat another cannot rnnr.ot, is j evident toali men of cossiitoa tiense. If the CovwDiptive wishes further proof than this, 1 can only hhv? come and Mttfsfy yoúneSf by triil of my ikill iu the cure of your coinphtít Doctor will visit Vpsiliinti, and Ann Arbor, during 1360-dl . AimArbu, Lt QooVaHuiyi, 3d aml 4th of each month; Hawklns }Iousp, YpaiUtl, 5th and 6th of each month. The remáinder of the time, he will be found at tüü Lung Xnfirmaiy in.I'lctroit Iy77&. OF THE COUNTIES OF Washtenaw & Lenawce Mich , From Official Ricarda and Special Surveyí, By EECHLEE, WENIQ & CO., and GEIL & EABLEY, Deínfí Snecevsofs to Geil & Hartej , Topographlcal's, Authors of Hapi of thc Cpuntiefl of Hilbid&te, Branch, St. Joseph, CalUun, Jíichson. Cuss, Van Buren, Berrlen, Wayne, Genesee, Kalamaxoo, Shiawaaéee, Monroe, iíacombSt. Clair, &c ifitihipan; l-oraine, Medina, te, Ohiúj Niágara, 1.' ru-, Cattaiuugm, Greeue, Haratog, &c, New York; Munnouth, Morrii, ü.c. . Xew Jerse ; City of ReaJing,'"&c., lJenn. Laportu, &c, Indiana - etc , etc. The nndrsígnecl are preparing to puhlish, by Shflcrlptifio, aaiw and oombinea Mauof the Countics oMVahte.vaw and Lk.v-wi;k, Mu iüg.'-n, from caroful hurveyd ol the entire District, made expreaaly for tiiis vork, and from Official Recordman 1 tilhtr reliante inrorniatín.- The Map will delinéate saittutely rafiouí íogr,iiphical aod Topographícal feature! of the Countius, amung which may be enumeratcd Ué folio wlag; 1. It will show ali th Towuship, BectiOB, and Quarter Lines. 2. It willgen;r.illy show the Boundary Linca of Farms, and the nances of oefldeot owaeri. 3. It will show thö locaiiun of Public Roadi", dibtinguiiiiug tlie open rnads from those not upened. 4. It wiU show the locatiun. üf Churclies, Sehool Housés( Hotels, Ifills, Manufactories, DwelUngs, Shopt, &c. 6. It will give the c.ouse of Iiiyers and, and Fthow the location and oulline of all ineniidered Laïéea. 0 It willcoutain Plans of the Principal VUlugon, showIng te Btreeta, Loth, and location of ButltUoga. Kacli Villaje Plan will nlso ooniaia a DirecUijry, giring tlie ñames and business of rUlage BabacrlberM. The recorded add.tíonsto Village will be dlstlngutshed by eolors, 7. I will give the courso of Rail Roadi complyid,and also such as asare ao# in procesa oí construction. 8. It willcontain a Distance Table, giving tlie dlutance by the raost direct openruuds, betwt-on any two Villngea in the District. 9. It will contain a Business Directory of country subscribüia, nvisg tnelrnames, occupatiuUj and the aection on which thty reside. 10. Yiewa of Fti va te Residentes nn,d prpininet Buildings, will be engraved on tlie margin, by tnecial contract only. In order to secure an insertion, early apj.lication ühould be made to the Agenta in {belr respective diitrlots, 12 The Map will be neatly engraved, nandeomely colored, subt:iutially backt-d wJtt musl!n, and mounted on rollers. No palna nor expense witl be spared to make the worl in every respect worthy of public conlidence, The prlee of the Map will be at the low rate of Six Dollars per copy, payable on delivery. Authtinzer. asenta will visitevcry poriion of lbo Dia trict. for the purpose of perfecting uhe work, and, at thp Rnmotime, to solicit patronage Upon their cali, will, be the time to subscribe, in order to ubtaiu tho wurlc as it will be sold by subscriptien onl Cummuuicationü in regard to business pertainlng tn íhiü Jlap, if sent to Aksor, Mich., will rcteive prompt tteation. GBIL & HARLEY, Fublfsheis. t. A Premium has ■;:;"dod by the Michigan State Agricultural Society, to Ukil, HamÜZ StVWUi, forthöir County ttapi onexhibitionat the Aanual Jtau, held Ín Detroit, ín 18-0. jSf See Circulará which will ba dUsributed. 789m3 MOOHE & LOOMÏS Havo Removed to the STORE RECEN TLY OCCUPIED BY C. MACK, Phoeuix Bloclc.East side of Main St., AND HAVE Ia Store SC+íj "fj A Lar8e STOCK OF BOOTS $c SHOES Of every desciiption wliioh will be SOI33 OÏUSAPETJ THAN CAN BE BOUÜH'J IN ïhia City. aUo a large assorlmeut of HOME MANUFACTURE, Of all kinds ma.lo in the mcat FashiQnable Style DY GOOD Áíll ' EXPER1ENCED WOÜKMEN, -ornFEENCfl CALF BOOTS are NOT sitrfassrd this fiide of Xow York City, and are warrauted not to R.iv. Our PTOGASAND KIPSö are made of the best materials Our stock of Moroeco Boot ees for Ladies is the the beat In tova, wifn -heelt or without We Jtlnke to Order, and oever miss of skitixg tbe first time go give usa en 11 and we will shmv you our stock free of charge We have neared the services of two Experienced Journeymen, who do onrmendintc in the Kenteit .Uaniicr, and on shortest notice. Uur motto is Quick Sales anti Small Proflts. TlDinkfu! fnr past fa vors we hopebypayinc; strictattentiOki to our business to merit a liberal sliare of j'our patronafrí1 for thfi lut.ure. jHfSS Hememberwo aro not to be nndersold. -&& MUÜRE & LOOMIS 1OOO Fine Over coa ts ! For Sale Cheap at GUITERMAN & CO'S. A.yers Cherry Pectoral SPRING GOODS.í RICH GÜÜDS. OüE-A-ZF GQODS.f BAGH PSERSON HAVE just oponed a lurgc and wtll Belec-' ted stock of íSSlriixg; Goocls. t latcst stylcs and patterns iucluding I toplins, challies, de laines, TRIilMINGS, SUMMER S T Ü F FS. . i ! DOMESTICS, STAPLtS, Carofully seleotod, Waranted to please, nd for sule cheap. 0O3VE35J .A-TOTO S333n. BAcn & piekeo:í Murcia 26, 18G0. 793tf ANTOHER LL $ ARRIVAI. AT THE ÉfflPpOLT} AND RELIA BLE HyIËË CLQTHIJVt EMPORITJBl!! IÜ1&=J1L NO. S F ZHI CE 3ST 1 2C BLOCS:, MAIN STREET. hasjuet returned from tLc Eu'.tcrn GUÍO, ffltl1 n UkTp und liu.ií rabie stock of F ALL AND WINTER O O 33 í wliicb lie la nw oíleríi:? t unusuaüy Aniong Lis Asíortment muy hñ füond BROADCLOTIIS, CASSIMEKKS. DOEr K1NS, & VEöTIKGS, f all escription, ospeci.allj for FALL AND WINTER WE AR ! which heis cutting ncl makinff to order, in tlielateat styk's, toguthi-r vfith n uin-riur aortmtat uf READT MADE CL0T11ING. TRÜKK3 CARl'EÏ BAUS, ÜMBRKLIJtf, s.iA Gentlemen's Furnisking Goods with numeroua otber artxlea uhuII founj n Birila: eHtablibhiueut. As ANEMPOKIÜM OFFASÏlIOiNthö .subscribir Ba itera liinioelf, that hi lanpr experiencf anl mm. tuecowsvlll uable him lo give the greateti : sutisiaction toa.ll who ihmv tiusL hiia ia Um waj i-i tuaiü : ufa et u ring garments to ordtr. 7b9tf VM. WjkÖNKR, 8,776,994,650 YOLUNTE1RS WAKTEüj TO ASSIST IS THE LIBERATION OF CUBA ! A'liitc fulka, or of whatever color, coste or nativity, wbether ir.niric.1, single ur oí doubli'ul oooacziou, wilt be enhsted in lliü ïiobld cause uf EMANCIPATJNG THE COMMVttjti - FROM THE- THRALDOM OF HIGH PRICES ! and will reoeive their outfit at the Estensive Furnishing Establishment -OF TEM- G VITERMAN'S HEAD QÜAETEBS! having been established for the LAST TEN YEARS. our known-rule of warfare is an Undisguised Deslrnctiou OF fflOJI PIÏlCES ! 3EO:Ll CLOTHI3XTG For all Jigos.' Sx and Conditions! In consequenee of the very flittering enooyngenient which we have rec.-ived sinee our location in tliis oity, we have increa9ed our ' Stock of FALL AND WINTER CLOTHI ÍMG ! Tonieetthe demands of our customers, and having beconie moro fully convinced than ever, tliat our mode of dealing, namely: at ihe lowest possible ratcs for H.33-A.X-5T-3E.A.-Trv is the only truc plan; we will continue t: serve the public as heretofore during the oyming fall and wintor. Our Stock consista ia every voriety of RÜADY MADE CLOTHINO ! Plain and Fancy CLOTHS. CASSIMERS. SILK, AND SILK VJ5LYETS A lnrge lot of GENTLEMEN'S FÜR3ÍISHING GOODS, wUioli are all warranted DON"-'? FAIL TO DJLaHLsj&.T C3r. H. Q, For pgt favors wc are gratcful to all, The ëame ior large ones in proportion, Anc} thoso wl.o see ñt to cali Shall rpceivo our best smiles aad devotion. M Guit er man & Co, N. U. Studotita nnd nll othwi who want to ese SONDHEIM'.S new "moja of cutting will do wcll to cali and leavu teir measuve For a Nice Fitting Suit ! GtTTIT33H2VCJO.Xr cJ Oo. Aan Artor, Itapti ,#U 7i7t Mr?. WINSLG W s An cxp'rriüii od NuTafl MBiS FbfSt, yrr&ifyt to the Rítention oí mthci! luf SOOTHING SYRUP, FOa CHILDREK TEETHINO, wb'rTí ffitutly fecllitftten the proces of ti-Mlriip. tr loftea na; th gum;;, red uc ing all inflnwniH.&- wilj alUy AI.LPA3N a ni .spnsmociic actTi, and i SgRE to ilEGÜtüTE the BOWELS. I'epcnd upon it, ínoUir-i, it wi'.l give rtvt te youreWmr I;liel' and healtli to yonr Infanta V.'c 1 xvc PlIi UP PMl anH K(l lUi-i f rt itl; íor over tfi. yeai-.; ntl VAX tAY, IN CONHDKKCE AM TRCxH of it wbotl V5 have r.mrr bei n to en) ,,f n otlur."'1''1 -'■'■" ,v'( i' JA 11 F.Mi.i-.l) I!í A S1nÓ?J; ÍNST", Vi MTI.'T A tt)tï% & titnely nsed, '(--v T l;n we know an iatSce nf ata Katibtadioii liy i'" ■ '. ic ")■" i-f! 't. On tho erntrary, all are dohglituri it' iX ''i'" -I'"- añil piuk fn or ccmmi'ndntiin ff ita magie! :únz1 and medical rirtuen. Wo fjioalí " tlih mntlcr ■5THAT "V'.; LO ouk KiiaT.viw ■fon thk rvimuffiaüng WHAT i: lil l'.i; j"'l .Al:P. Iníllniíit tTiiJ 19 J wIhtí? tlie iníiait U írorh pftin flrifl vftbftftAscj rt-Iieí wül be luuni ii Mw-Ul ur Urvuty irnnulví Afir. the syrup i.s afhnÏDlstt-red. 'I'his val uable preparación I thc j.rwitiption "f rt of tho most ESPERIIiSCEL '""1 fcKlUJTL KCKPKS in N.w ln„'!nl, aud ha Xcu 1 wit KtVtll FAIL1N0 SUCCES."! in THOUHANn OÍ' CASKK. It not only reiteres the cliil 1 from Di Id , bul invií Tí.tf3 the t miach nnl bow#U. eorreet Kctd tv, odjM M "n1 ijnergy to thc wkoÍAfijilvn, It wíll aliTat ijw.iaftilf relieve áBIFlHQ IN TUE B0WIX8, AND W!Nr COUO 'tni ovíTcoran ennruUíoim, wliícb if not itpetfdjy ::. ■lieíl, ead in death., Wa beltfve it ilií1 L'.I-; 'i' niid SI'REST RKJ1EDY IM ÍHE WORI.P, Ib il m . DYKNTF.RY and DIAKKU05A IN cii:i.i K! N, wliolhr It iimwi ir tu n-itii'ii' 01 -Mr eatite. W vould mj lo everT wba h % n cbi!'' pmffcj 1 "rom any of tiio foregoiiiT eompTit:.nti - PO NDT 1 IT ynüK PREJOI ICES, KOH THK 1'RfJirMCt ÜV OTHERS, st'iul ímvfcii jrno ad yon uffprnt cWl), ana the reüof tbatwiU b ÍÍL'RK- YKS, D: nL'TELY'-V tü follow fsí uso of tlii modicino, if tiriirtr ' aai. l-'üll '■.■(iroiji fer lutag vrW í r:iv wtí MAtU N'on (roiuian un'.üss t'r facsimile ul CURTÍS 4; PKKK1N-'. i.i':. ís on tha OutifMe wrrij-nir, b.ild by DiugvisU tbrougout tta sci rlL Principal ( Rtvr, J3 fídnr fxrett N. Y ! KLY '.5 CEN'ÍS i'!.:'. :.!ni.E FotmI b EH r'.-.-' '■ , Ij773, Por Ae Spccdy and Permanr.vt Cure of Seminal Weakness, Nocturnal and XHurnal Emisèiom, Nervous and General Bebility, Impotence; ■ and all Disease-t arising from 'E.cHry Habits or Excessivc ïndulgcnce, THERE aré thonaands of Yockg Men, as wel! u Miobui Aged and Olí) Men, who are sufTeríng to aomt xtent from the above diseaaes. JSlany, perhaps, are Dut awara of tbeir true condition, or when assistaacc ig really necdo-i, For the benefit of sach, we hercwith give a few o f the mout common symptoms, viz; Wtukiwss of the Jiack and Lintbs, Pain ia the tiead and tiide, Dimite o Siylit, Dota atul 'i before the Eijen, Palpitaion of the lewt, DyppUit Loa iy' Memory, Confusión of Idewt, Depreêtton of fípírü, Avertivn to Society, Distrust, Ttmi&ttu, etc. For each anrt all of tha ubovo svmptoma these remedirá ull bo fouud a "Soverelgn Balm." Théáe remedios emlirtco three prcscri(jtions: A box of Pastéis, a box of JS'efiious Tonic i'UU, and a box i..f l'iritf Toñi1 &&} a'l of whieh have' licuor aqt oífii-e.í to perfbtm. and shoúM e llscd together iu ca,st. ITiotr supcrioritjr ere.' other ioöl's "f treatment may bo suud as fclJ8S"Tne7 dímfiihh thi iolcnce of sexnal extiime-v.. They immediatel arrest mviurual and diurnaí iv tlons. j-They remove local wealtne?, causni lúa orgam U assume their natural tone and vigor. Ü&f They strengthen the constitutiun bv overt-omlag neïvou3 dtíbility and general weakaess. jgSf Tliey enliven the Bpiritg, which are usuíiIIt doprcaieu, by exptlliug all excitin causea from the syatcm. jÍT By their invigorating propurtioa tliey roatora Uj patiënt to liis natural health and vigor of nianh(d. j8S5 They cure when all otlitr mciwis have fttllM. ÍÍ5 They contain rio. Merrnnjt no Opium, uor njtblft that can in any evene prove iiijununs. flS" They are easy and pleaímr.t to use, and ,, i lte - fe re wlth the patíent'a usual business or pleajfnre. JO" They can be used without suaiñeito, qx küwdg oj even a room-mate. That they may come witliin tlie rencli of all, v.o liiva fltwi the price of the PasU-ls at Lt per box, iind the I'ilU t i cents per box each. In ordering by i;iil, in nddition to th pricí, twelvo cents ia stamj blionld be Inftetfft! for returu puatage. É-. IjADIES in want of a s:fe and efefftn Qk romedy for irregutaritie. StiprrasitH of thu Jl Meases, or any Üiseaae pc-culútr to tbir fli, jB hhuuld use Dít. Gatkss FEMÁIS MONTllLr fgi. PlLL3. l'rico, by mail, $1 rtiid cn ttaiuj . Lí Caütiox. - These filia should not b nM k durlog pffnafiy, as MÍAVrtofi will b th; LADIES who, from ilUhealth. drformlr, Or any other humano and reasouable cniie, dúoiu it v'-i'$ary to avoid, an inereaso of famly, cai do su wifiíuut' iliciiV-" ring danger to health .ir ccnstitutíim' }fy tiic ua'Vf. ,V. fy Craux'B French Preteative Potodiñ. I'iKt:, oj? íiiail, 1 au. two Btamps, ' , These 'Powders can only bo obtaiued by addrcitins Um General Agents, a3 betow. ' Send for Dr. Gatss's P icaU Mcdicul TrtattM on &jctud Ltnt. Fuá Tm Cents. Address. H. Q. MILLER A CO., Goneral Agnnti, L.úuioviÜe, Kr. For ïle by MAYXAKD, STEIÍBI.V8, i Wíl SOS. ' ' J8l?iu Aiíii ArW, Mío!. VIWK L. MILLEWS HAIR INVIGOEATÖH, 1M DFFECTLVE, SAI'K XD ECQXülllCAl. COMl'DLNU ÏOR UESTimiNG CK.iY H,AR Ib tta origiMl color w.'.... uiit djcmg, u I Livyúuí tim ;air trino turslog Brny . FüR PRKVENTÍXÍÍ IUI.Í'XKSs'íujiI enrice it.ulion lbr .i tlio hat purtisW (rf viloli'.y or rucuiítratiTi mivv remainiuz. FORREUOVlKG SCURF ANU DANDKLIT, an.'. U cuuncoiid tíft'cüons of tlie Scalp, FOll BF.AI.TIKV1XG ÏI1E HAIR, impartir., to t an unoquallcd gloss and brilliacj, makior it urflimCjUi ni its textura nuil causing it lu curl nadllj. Ule grcat colebrity au.l the iucrraing dfiñnnd fer t!u'w anequalled prspartion, eoavinco thc pi-m.ridur ihai o tr.aliaonly la-ceary to aatisfy dij.cerniiiKpuWic o', iti supenur qiwütiea over any ollu-r prej.rtiaa ai ui iu u,e. It chuu tho heiiU and acxlp [roja UvdixtfS á-n nlicr nctanmus aneases. Causes i'.'. tï UnowUiXrantly,odglve.K a ricb, s'jft, aud 0xlU p. pearunot.aDd alsowhcre he iVáir UWeBinc aud ihul uing, it will fivs slreugth Hi.d vijor to lite ruots an.l restore tbe grorfth to thoso pnrts hicl. luTe becoir.o Ij..l4, luijlnx it U yidd iijrcth corriing ofhair T.,,T-jaro bundrwls of ladioe tn.l gonlitmciii. Ken .:!■. v.lin íuvc-ha.l thait rwtorwJ bv llie ■ oí tbislavlgorklur, hen all otüer pbntfdlis Had rik,i 1.. M. lujrÍD blspossession lutteas lnnuoie;tijc t tifvW to the aburo facu, from trsuns uf ,, highest rïsjwVtïï billty. 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