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R E ï WESTERX H iSSAClnktiTTS iti-jurance Gmpany . c Asii capita l & su r.pitns! O7E3 .■FS. O L2 O O,O O O. W. IV. KTttOWa-, Affent Ami Aib i-, h 2B, 1ÏG1. Tff=Kf LiFE Ili$jL'IlA Tho Connccticut Mxxtual Life Insii- ano Company. ccumufaled Capital, - $3,500,000. Wii ■ s in. i" r. r tho Kliolo term ui Ufe orfoi - : the mout ff i X. h TUe '' ■ i'itunl :i:v 1li hoMem Kt all Ihe surplus over th' ■ ol ii-"ir ,r..,. i; i omi l)iï' ■ I h tin cttlomcnt o ,!,..;,. .. I] ';-, i, .. „red, bv tnklnf .i niiti' fnr nüt1 li:t!fttiy auiuunt, l at si nntnr. Bioidends are Dn-Jarcd AjtnttalJyJ ■■■ (hoy aiifnuni to iin-v j.r comí mu tbo Ve u iiin, c.i'i :tnl ii'tti1, ,Tivl ai'O inoroitsing tllej .jH'üi'il i" cancel :1! ■ lirvmítims .iro;is low i RCcumuiHteil i'-niii o j inveslecl, :.- iuay Iw iiteB I ■ !,■■■ to '.',"■ ■'■ ' ' accof diog tü lav, i i theofficdoftlie UiuntJ An Arbnr. i JAMES GOO0fl :■ -. Grv ft. "me: PSj Pccj ■ lr partlonlarssijplj' to JAÏ1E3 C. WATSOJif, 1(!& i AgenX at Aun Arbor, SIWU. NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMP'NT. AccumuLited Jnn, 1860, $1,707,133,24 MORlíIS PRANKLIN, President, J O KENDALL, Vtee President, PLINY FKEEMAN, Acluary $100,000 DEFOSITED tiitiiéComptroHerof tlio.Statoftf New Yin!;. Divl'k'U'ls avera pc W per oont. anauaily. J&. 3 Si 23 1? - QaAhinRant; s 81iS8. r lli lawsbf I ., !; .111'! "tl," L'. t1. . 28 ltl Kst.lte ana FixUivs, Nos. irindlH ;,,uy 132,450 M l!"!l'ls :ui'! Morl (agw lrav.-ir.L'" ■■■■ i, 998.39 Xoips recolved for 40 per B6U.L'ofpc i.iiiiin:i ou liï'u ". ,315.86 :■ ;ui'l i-mi-anniml preniiumf?, (Uie sub-c' ouent to January 1, 1880 20,560.38 rntercai accruèiup to Jan. l,tSTO, : . ,-! .i.-.l m t.-.liiii . 1, i(M, 1.70S.SJ □ i on poficieè in hands of Agents, 26,-i419 $1,V6T ,133 .24 rr. W'Eusanfl Livrrrr, MeAleal ixnminer. I43M J. G1LHKUT SM1TH, Asont Insurance Agency ï C. H. MILI-EN Is TUI' ;ENT for Ui" Mlowing flrat clasa coinpanie: home: i.vsntAiiCE companï, ol ■■■. Vcivk öt}-,- Capital amï Snr.hif, $l,5üO,C00; CITY PIKE IffSDRANTTE COÍIPAÍíY, of Bartford.- Capital and Soipluff, $400.000. COVTI.VKXTAIi ïSri{AÏCK COMPAMY, oí New York - C.i il and Surlus, $10n,fl(l(). Hiree-qu&rtere of the nett proftts iu t!ns Compaq ia dlvkled annuaUj amoDg Etspolicy holaera. in Árbi r, n embet 13, Í860. Cm778 Coiiwsiy Fire Insnranee Co., Oí' Comvay, Mass. Capirül pait! up, - $150.000 00 Assets (Cash), - - 20!),96::M2 Liabilities. - - - 16,4.10 03 D. C. Rokers, Jaa. S Whitney, Secretar y . President. DIRECTORS. J f= WITiTNKY, L. BODMAN, W. KM.IOTT, J . I'OW T,NT1, D C. McGlLVKr,E.D. MOUOAN WAÍT BP.MENT JO31AII At.ï.IS. A.II H! ■ I Iv w u.wcKnreoi, w.t. clapp, d. c. rogeiw. iin Arbor Rrfcrence?: Dr E WELLS, h. JAMK-. Ti fiNOCH JAMES. CAPT, C.S. GOODRICH J. W. KNIGHT, Attent. Ann Arbor, Michigan. TTfË PEOPvIA MAKTNE & FÍRE I YKURANCE COMl'ANY, OF PEORÍA, ILLINOIS. Gepítál, - - - $500,000 no f the HEAVTEaT, 8AFBST atad BEST Insurance Co', in the U . 8. Insure n rs:imablc terms, and al . . ■, ,riiipily. 'f6J il botíaf l'im lusuiauc Mo ney Wanted, Who will Li end Ai one y 1 FAM REQÜKSTED BY SEVEEAL PERSONS to obtain m )!!'■" for Uteui B i Ten Per Cent Iaterest, (OrMore.) ForaiiT-one-wilimg to ln.l, I n at once invest on cood uoeacnmbered abundsnt REAL ESTÁTE ■ ■nynuma of ipoucï and soe that the titlo and secuntjmr ï'he borrover p.iying al] expon íes, inclndtag rolr,A.-uor, f!ct. T.1R--9. H51f General Land AgencyPERSONS wontlng farms, or residenceMn ornoi Ann Albor, can by calling onrae electfroina list ofover - __. 1OO Karms Fnr Sale! Ofvarloussiínalrom 3, te 1300 acreteaoh ;(lome at goodatanyinthiBConnty.) Morethan 5O Dweüns HoHses n'hisOity.froiotwo hundred to fjurthouBancdo;nrteach: nd over 2 1)1) P,UII.DIïTCi LOTS! imonpthorarrasaretho Iiiehcpetarm, IHOOacrcs, the Potter fnrm, in Oronn Oak, the l'lacefarm, a -j i -J)acrOB,íhcHlandonand Jpnks firms, lu Websterj the StubSa, Michapl Clancy, Newton liengnn, and FnUahi farm, in Ann Arbor; .f.Kingalpy'4 l.irm, InPltUflerd-thoHateh Od Hick larm in l.ocii;tliu PatrickCiayuiarm in Frecdom; W 8. Davifcon H O Baker and liuck'n farms inüylvan. Most..( these and raany otbers can be dividod to suit Puroha8era MO.IGAN. AnnArboJ.Jan Int 1856 3 ?p wTÁl O li A N , Agent for . Hatoal IniiranccConipauy, NeW J"; AMomnlatedAweU, ■ - 5,obO,ooo. the leading Life Insurance Company intne u._. Köiokorbodiel Ufe tosufancs i'umpany, ftcw ï-orls, - a (irst class tnfc Co- tivms rcasonablc. Humboldi Fin Insurance Comsany, c,",'„ Capital, wtthalargcsafplu, - ;,„■ i Peoría Marine ft Fire Insurance Co., I r;n l. - i Ho. 1 Flre Insuianot Co's. JJ' ' Oipitat, - - - 500,000; L. F. BANDALL, DEALING IN PIANO FORTES, MELODEONS, SHEET Music f Musical MurcJiandisc. JACKSON - - - MICN. , PIANO PORTES froro the roanufaotory of A. II. ÖALE ft CO. or New Vork, for whono I ano I iOl! warrant inferior to nonr, in style of finish quautity 01 fjuality jt of tone anJ promiitncss of aotion ] MELODEONS, [ mannracturr-il bv TREAT A l.IXSl.KV Now Haven Cono& ESTKY& OREEN, of fotUbOM Vt. ï will warrant BUporiorto any in the marie et in evi-vy respect tlint pertain to the irooci (inn]iiic ni" i UelodfiDn I have ■ haw and am oonstantlj roerig ing from the publi-h-rs large 'nmn- tits of the most iiopular u SHEET MUSIC vhich I will spnd bj mail to nny part of j the country, on of i markfl prlces. A oood lunortinont ut' GL'ITARS, VIOLINS, PIANO iStools, I3ows Strings, Instructions Books for all nstruinenln, CUURCII MUSIC BOOKS Glee Books Sfc., fyc., ggc. The usual discount (o th! Trofc-sion. Musical , itrameate tunad ndrcpairedanddatisfacUonguarautíu ti erei7 respect, Ai 1-v7b7 I.. P. HAXBALL. ! J. B. V.lB&ttl üj i QppoeiLe the ' SmTÜESN ïVïinl;!:n II oust' """ -, YjjHsjyfcji.j' Aiits Arixi. I !::■: ■ ■ ' . . :■■ u r. lHKKc A 0 Mi LAW & MEDICAL liUOKS, School Books, aliictllaneous Duok.i, Blank Books, dan W : l 1 1 anti Whi'Unv Paper, Dnfl ■ ■ mtlcal róRtrnmenta. Music, Juvenjlis Ubnuieji, Euvolopes, [nkt and ('unís. GOXD And all other kinds of Pens and Pcnciiti Vinilow Coruice, POCKET CUTLERY! A ml oerythinx Dcrtaintng to (he i rade, and tnpro to vhk-UUirv wutiH ii.viic tljp aUenlioa ut '. ■ In con , we BhaUdn all tliatcán ,-(i lübaï un raxsi u iblfl man, win:in or child efa&ll fiii'l ivny faiiH . We po&aosB facïlities whïcu will ènablo us to suppfy uiers ;tt thfl Lowèet Possible Figures. Wo pronose iojwil "' REA05T PA Y, ata BmaU aiU-ance. Wy ospect ;i, profit on our goojs, luit CasL. Sales viii Admit of Low FIGüSES. : M IJltESF. 8PALDING, horeforearo preparod to furuisb Visitïng, Wedding and all olJier Cards wrtlen o order, witli neatness and dispatch, Iy mail or otherwise. Tiio "ExPIRK f :1 u"'lt(l 'orow,' í, i i . ■ r rtock," ' d i.i r úi'iKl tu all wkli pIa8Qre, wko will favor tlicm wilh u ra1.). licmeinber the "Empire Book Store." JAMES R. WEJiSïEK & CoAmi ArW, J[ay, 1860. fJp THE BANNÉR STOEE. SECOND AKRIVAL - OF- aM éFèk.' é3 ü"1 jr 'goods fromaucïiox. Facts for the People ■WASHTE3STA-W - ,VN1- ADJOÏNING COUNTIES ! An3 tlicir numorona questions nruwerod. XYlni it Eeenhnthj trading at the "BANNER STORE? '-Becausc A. P. MILLS, the Proprietorol U-.nt Establishment has rëtnrned from tke Eaatern CitieBWiih the Laryst, Ilandsomed, Cheapest, and Most Aüractivc Stock of SrAPLE AND F ANC Y DRY GOODS! ever brougltt to tliis part of Ule St;itc] Vi'hy is Ecerrjbody please'd teüli hia Stock? Beca uw RtmMes w mnre-banomi, (jualitji '"■' irlcè foifet luán ai any oUlei i t cv In üw county. HrSw 7ias Ac a!C7is Someilnng New and Chcap to Show? !, a rnc.xlconnecf cd wlth one of ,,..: i,.-v(i !- Hou. inXcwYork,ho 'BOBBJNIS ROUüII" tor i rtrloê m thi'v apiirar from time to time and lotlils waj mauppiicd -iii. B'ylcs, and oomo4u!1..v cus omeraoaaalways Önd somethlngï NEW CIIEAPaid DESIKABLE Wiy does 'ne teil st much Cltcaper than.thc rest? SvantegVorthc itínual change of the mar nthatwa] buyshis gooa much cbeaper than ótnere eau, and thee he marta them down to tlio LOXVEST FIGURES. WA does ile ieü Ladies' and Clnldrens' Shoes so much cheapcr than was eoer hcard ofby the oldesi SUoemakers? Bccanse lie lmvs hU Btock in the lan.J of lUoeraikcM, "I tlicmannfiiciiin-rs. fuily '.'"■ percent oheaper Umn tua ..v V.irli Jobber m-Hthera, ;"'! mooh bet tor work man theygenorall) keef. Ihis cóurse enabléstiin t solía botte Gaiter for 35 Cents. than otheniel] at SO eeota,an4 a betler F9XED GA1TÉB at eOceato, Ihan oUien .-.t-ll at 75 cents. Has he any Kals and Caps? Tes,] . lioiil.l tliink he has staelu "f them, enougn to supiily.tlie State, at prices lower üiau was evcrheard-ol round tlií.su partfl. Wliy in his Tea so much hrttr.r fnr the pricc you pay than you gel at other places? Becaufie hé takefl greát care In selecttng it. and gbrenhfi tustomera the benofitof a real good 7S oent TEA FOR 50 CENTS. It iaa.way lio has Kut. Where should you go to grt ynur CLOTHS and have them Cut or Made? To the BANNER T(:r, v, the I'coplc's Banncr ia aqfïirledfor the Peopte;sLood. Soul l sido of l'ublic Square, a few dom-s wost orCook'i Botol. A. P, MILLS. Sept, IS, 1SC0. ïtf MANHOOD How Lost and How Restored. Just Pubhshed in a Sealed Enwlope, A I.KCTI'KK ON THE NATruK. rRBATMKNT AND RADICAL CURE OF SPERMATOKKHOEA, c.r ScmlnaJ . SèXual Debility, aiul Itn-inuulary EmlMions ladoclng Impotenoy, and Mental and l'hysical Incapacity. by kob. j. cltlvervï;ll, m. d. Author oj the "Green Book," e. The world-ienowned author, Ld Uiia admirable lctnre Dlearly proves from hl 6wn experlence tbat the airfül h of sclf.bQ9e maj be efFetuallj removed i uüi t medicino áod without aangerooi nirgicaropeYations, bongie ,in '■ ' nt:s oordlajf1, pointing cure at once certa! and eOectual, l.y ery sufierer, im matter wbal bn conditïón mtiy bo.may cure himioll tkmplf,prtmutly and radically.- uewillprovea boonta thouaanda and - Sent underealtöanyaddre8. pont pald, mi the reeipt of I" v-'u Btampa, by addressing Dr. CU. i I C. KLINK, 127 Böwery, New rorl' Post H', t .Bür.'tÖKE.'.tJLQTBINiQt; Cleveland Clolhing House Fhere 1 1 .■-- non -dl Winter Cloihlng atgreatly Ii,EIDTJCEI5 PBICES, Lfewdoors West of Cook's Uoti'l, Uuron Sireit, Inn ulnr. "2ff A, & C. LOEQ.