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GREAT. G&EATER GSEATESj, BAItGAIKS EVER üI'TKT.Ki) i 1859. RO1859. 1 Iu tbisCity, nrc uow bcing oflereJ ut tlii; ; CHEAP.CLOCK.WATCII, & 1 Fotvelry Store1 TnffB Subscribir nouliljaj to thecitlzentol Ann Ar3 ï. particular, apa the n-r of Wnihlenftw CnuD in general, ihnt huhnsjust lMl'OlU'Eü 1)1. i.i:c['I.V from liUROPK.a Tremendous Stock of Watchos! I AK of whirh ho bindshimsrlf toinll CHEAPBH (hu -;iii be Ijought west of New York City. Open Faro Cyliüdcr Watclusa trom Stï to -?IO io (io Lever do do H to 21 g Fluhting Cttfld (ïr do do 11 Ei ,, lo do Oylindcr do (o i) to ÍJt " Gold Wntel ca froia 20 iu ir0 F I i ave alsu tne cëlebratëd I AMER7CAN W AT CHES, milten I wlll se1 t rr $35. Kvcry Vvateh warraatcd to pèrfbrm well, ortliu money s-etunded. -; Clockt, Jewclry, Pinted Warö, FAncyGooda, Gold Pens, 1 Musical Instruments uu'l ÖtriDgS; ' Cutlcry, &c, o lact (i varif.'ty Of everyib rog Udunlly fcrpt y Jow j uiers cftu bc bouglit foTthe nest ninoty d;tys nt vuur ' OïïN PllICES! ï Persone buyiog aiivthing: nt this well known estafa lishma nt rnn rel y upon grtting good? exact'} as roprcpíiitPíi, orthfrauncy refoaded. CaUenrly ad se' cure tlio bargaius ever oftered in tbii City. One word in regard to Rcpairing : Wc ure nropsred to mnke any rcPHÏrs DoflDe or conv ; iMou Watche's, even tomakingocr tbe entJre eich , it' nficcwnry. RepéSütog i { looke and Jewelry na ; usual. Alsü tlir manpfacturlsg ol RINGS, BíiOOCHS, or auything dgt ïrotl, froni Caltfirnia Gold on shortnot tice. Engravi;iLr in allits liramjhusextH'iiicd wttfa neat ïioss atiddisp&tch. J C. WATTS. Anw Arbor, Jan. Í38thl859. ?L4w ■ HORACE WATERS, AGENT 333 B r o a (1 w a y , N íi iv Y o r b Publislici' ol Bluste an Muulc Hooit and i];ai.i:ií IN Pianos, Mclodeons, Alcxandre Organs Organ Aecordeone, Martín's cclcbrated and other Guitars, Violins, Tenor Viols, Violincellos, Accordeons, Fliitinae, Flutes, Fifes, TrianglesClariDnetts, Tunïng Forks.Pipes aiHlïTammerp., ViolinBows bestltalian Strings, Bass Instrumento for Bands, Piano Stüolï5, and cover?, and all kinds of Musical Inytruments. ÍS lx o o t 1VÏ xx S i o, 11 f -ni -V. ■■. be ; ! [untin's, choól, and all kinds of :-. for tl:'1 above instrmponts; Ctmrcb Ma ■ ■ and; Muslc papeï, and all' kinds of STusic ii ndUe, A t t li e L o tv e s t Pricc s. New (Manos, At $175, $200, S22&, S250,Jiiulnp to SS00. Sccnml II.iTi'! Pi ■ i $160; 2 ' ' i;s $45,' ■ ■ uLQdreOrgans, with üc stops, $HiO, birtcn Btops . : A libera) discount ;, Churches, Sabbath Scbools, SesuinarJes - . The Trade Tèsttiuonlals of tlie HotAcO Watera Planos uncí Itïc tarten lis. John Howott. of GarthagQ New Tork; who lias had (me of the HoiaccWaters Pianoi, writesasfoUowB: - ■LA friend of mine wilx0s me to purthase a lier. Shs '-- ono yflu ■ e1 ï me ifl D o mber, 1856. hls place, and I tliink I ■y will be me lar than aoy otber noake." (1Wfl luivo two of V"aters' Piaüoa ín use in ourPomione of wbiob hiia'béi Sted ror three jrears-. aiul we can tostifvío thcír ffood" quaüty an[ dorabiliir.ï' - Wood Í: Gregory Mount Carroll, Hl. -;)ï:ar Lir: Jlaving a'sed oneof yrmr ; mrtea t'ir twöyears pasf. I iiavo fonod t a very superior Instrument. Alonzo 6) Principal Brooklyn Heigkts Stminary. (iTlie Piano I recêi+ed from yoa continúes to .ivo B&tefactïon. 1 regard ïtaaone of tne beet Instrumente in the pl.tce." JahbsIm Clarkk, Charleston, Va. "Tho Melodeon has safely arrived. I feel obliged to yon iViry our liberal discount." Rev. J. M. HCCoiuack, TarqueniüéS, C. ' plrtöo vas duly recelved. Itcnmo in excellent (■■ui lilion, ;uul s vcry nmeh admirod by my numoroni ihmily. Accept ïny tuankfl tor your promptueae."- Rosri Coorna, Wárraiktm. Bradjoed Co. Pa. 'Vour piano pleases us "■■il. H is the beaf ono in our County."- TH 't. CampbdUon, Ga. iry nnicli obli ■ J to you for ha.ving sent sttoh a fine instrument for $250." - DraxkIklu k Co., iliijfah) Democrat. "The Horaee Waters Píanos aro knówn ns amon the vory hot vr ara enabled to speak of these Lastrameatfi with couGdence, from personal knowledge of thcir excelleni tone and durable ijuality." - iV. Y. Evangelist. 'W can speak of the njerlta of Uio Horace Waters pianos from jiorsonal kn balttg tiir -vy Quest Huality."- Christian Inlciïigtnccr. lLThe Horace Watera píanosare onllt'of the o most fh'ii-oughly naagoaed material. Wfl liave do loubt tlial Ijuverscan'ilo as wcU,perhaps het ter, at this than at .ltiv pj the l'üii'ii." - Advocate and Journal. Wátérs' pianos and mehídeotií challenge comparisoji with the finest majifi any where ia the country." - Home Journal' "Horace Waters' Piano Foj-ten aro of fulT, rich and even tcjne,nflpowerful - JV. Y. Musical ReoSem. Mr. Waters' store the very id of Pianos to ! tc?,aud wc urge. mr soiithern Am frienrla lo frï-i lii" a cali whencver thoy go to New Vork." - Grakam's Magazine. Warehotxse 333 Broad-ay N. Y. Sab ba t h S ch ooi Bell, 100,000 issced in ten MontUs. Tïio ui ;il' of this bopk has Indueedthe publi&lier toada sonie 80 oew tuneiandhymns to ( withou ■■' on i be cl ■ Üon Am tngthemany beautiful tunes and hyma m:i v be i i-.Ki'l: - "f oughi to lore mj mother;" "O I'H be a jrori'l chQdrlntdaed i will." These and eijihl others from the BelLwere Bungai thöSundaj School Anniver be H. E. Churcu at thé Academy .of Mubïc, with Sfreal applause. Tho Bell cortains noarly 200 tunes anfl ;nl !-, one. of the best colleetions ever sbudS. v; $10perhusdred,po taffs ■ bound, ■ I gilt 25c, ?"-l( per LO0 11 aaa been ntruduced intomanyof the Public Schools. Xiio Bei i.- pnbHafaedin-sináll numlicru cntitlcd Annirersary and Sunday Bchool Musió Books, Nos. 1,2, 3, íc 4f in order to acconimodato the milllou; pricc $2 & $3 per Uuntárod Ño. ó will soonoe Issiied - cömmencemoni of anoíher book Airo, Rerival liaste Boobs, N"o.l & 2, price $1 k $2 por 100, posfage lo.. More th&a 300,000 copies of the above books tiavo been issued the paai montns, and the tlcmandisrapidly incrensinj. Publishedb.y IIORACK WATKRS, Agent, 333Broahvay, X. '. Publised by Horace Waters No. 3 33 Ilroadway, Nciv York. Vocal,ilKiibl Words can noverdlöj" "The Angels told me s.:': "Wildfl of th Wistj1 "Thoughts ofOod;" "(Í1VO mC back ir:y Moiinluin H.itiH';" '-[l;ty [):■■:;, ,;" í(Dandy Cocb Robinj" "I'ra with thee still; "Pet name;" io darilng üke totne;" "Sarah Jarra Leej er of tbn-;': i-'u) lea ving thee in Borrow;" "Binlof Kr:i:ii v ;' ' ilHoBie of our birih;" "Qtwo of Kosabel,'' and ' 'Wake, lady, wake,,' price 26c each. 1 TNiJTiu:MK.vr.i, - ' 'Palace QardeA, or Slbging BW Pplka,' 40c; "Swinging Bchottiaohe:V ''Mirabel Sohottisch;'' Thomaa Baker's Schottisohe;" "Piccolomini Polka, 3ö cents c;u-li. The above pieces have beautiful 7ignettée "Wehnér Polka;" " krabfan Wal iy .March," i the ven lart "Vassovfauioa DonleUaMAzovka; "JEtea ii .: ." "Crinoline Walte," and "Lancera' Qua 5o each. "ITie Empire of Reich'a Quadrille;" a c new dance, and "üic ffibernlan Qtiadrüie," 85c each. y .Mnny of these piecofl are played by BaVèrs celebr&ted orchesi ra wïtb greal apnlrasè.Jflr' Mailed freo. A largélot of For balf price Planos, Hleïodeous ana Orgaus. The Horade Waters ïUnoa and Melodoons, for depth, purity of tone and durability, :fltre tlnsurpassed. Prloes t . áecond Band Pianos and Melodeons fton $25 to ■ $150. fifusic and Muícel InstructloM of :-li kinds, at tho loWest prics. ' E WATERS, Ageni , c Nbi 333 Broadwaj.N. Y. Tssrnroxüïs; - "TIip fiorace Wafers Piañod are knöwn is among the rery bftst.' - Evangelist. , of thehr m.M-iis from personal knowledge , ' ' - Christ lan Inleltigcncer. ('Nothlngat tho Fair tUsplUed greater excellence -"- a, Ch tirchman. Waters' Planos and Uelodêons Challenge oomparisoo ( with the flnesi pjadoanywharëinlheoountry."- Borne Journal 710tf t] Irving's Works - National Editiou ] rniits Fine Edition of the Works oí WUphÍkgtoii Ib . 1 vixg (inoluding the Ufe oí Wavhlngtt&j wíUUl' pubIshod fór ' SUBSCRIBERS ONLY j In Monpbly Volumes, Prïeé $1.50 Puyablo on Delivery. Ooautifqlly Printed On heavy supejfine paper, of th( ■: rery best qualit . tantially bound in hèaVj ol lèrelled boards. Pi PEnch Volume illustrated with Vignet tèc on Steel unl Wood, tQj Knii' ■ New Yurli, Sketob Book, Cloth. t . . 3 V!l]s. Hall, Astol Talesof a Trayelor, i ÑEiacellany, Gapt. Bonnovilïe, OHver Qoldsmíl-h, T Mahoaiet. M win. X Gr nada . ea AlhambrAj gi Wolfert'a Boost, of Li i lYa'hington, 0 vote. Saloauadi . or tiQU wiil bo bers ulwiilin ■ i:ivfvcr before iesoed,- er . vi.'iy h;i' inlvjcraftUy popalar irotki ea thus rláci l wHhln the nuuuia of all. wi i' .1'. PUTNAM, Agt-, Publishor, po 115 Nassau Street, New York. co 2. City Cheap iLumber t ö'it, Doors Blindó, Piaster Paris Grand Iliver Piaster, Water Lime, Nails of all sises, Gla-ss, Paint and Putty, &c, etc. , J8 D. DeForest, HA VING [ncreflfd hl& facïlities for doing business aiui Snlarged liia Yard and 8t0Ck,fs pre pan nt aeason, with tt e beaij Inrgesi - ieasóned stock o t erin this ma rj tt to . siitiMy Lric reiieoDöble sxuectations of all. Óui r' motto is not to be undersoldfor c&eh on delivery "? I wiM not u"hdertakefofrígblethepTibHc hysuying thiit ih-y wil] getshayed ü they !y efeewhore, foi we prcjHuplO Chut (jtíitre wil Jdul JhèIow öBthcy ca n ñon) t o . an All iilntls of Timbcr, Jolsts, .rt and ácantltúg, Pine', Whitewood, liusswood, Hein t lOOfc, 35 Plaiied and RXatched Pine, Wiiitewood fx Ash !" looi in;:. I'lnnrcUnd ronnh Pinoand Whitewood sïdlng, I'ü iet, TuiU, Ook and Ccd&l i'usti, and PIcketl ol nll kinds. 1 JJ'me f atl), anb lUIjttctooob ÍC. f) J Ptae, Abhau'l Whitcwood Shinglce, tf) Bain Boards and Barn Floor Plank, r.Iuck Wa.uUtfand Cherry niïd thin Bturï', Wagon and BUGGY AXLES and TONGUES, ge Boxund Body LutnbcrMitpieLog Timber, Elickory. - Oak, Ash, Ulm, Beech, 01" ■i!hhickntí88eefwiíltii8 undlenyths, &c. &c, Piaster Paris, and Piaster abjp. ofal'.kinds. 3Mi,illsl of uil sizes, 4-c, &c. iü 8ASIÍ, D00RB,& BL1JSÍJJ8, made by liund to order ns lowas factory pricra, on the sliurtestnotice by the best ol workmen, and sS', Best Seasoned Lumber. Hills of al) deaoription in the abovn building lint K)] furnlshedontheshortesiot' notice, lor a We have Mills Cutiing Regularly. g A ful? anda perfect asyortincnt of the above anc other kiude oí líuilding Materials 1 , Constantly onbiindattlidowestpossiblerates Cali and te Convinced. A few rods soutlt from 11. R. Depot 07, Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. 3S ROOFI N G. N.B. - I aninow operating Eztensivelj in the Patent Cement Rooiing. "TÍÍE CAMPAIÖN OPEN. 2s Carapion's 3?latforra ! ÏHE ïi:is joel üoin tlio mst witli bh Fall and "Winter Gr O O 13 S ké "Which ho is tic Determined to Sell AT THE ! L0 5VEST PEICE FOR CASH i a ; nt whicl), Fiist Quality Gods can oe afrbrd,','t ed in tliis city. My clohs are all of the J FINE8T QÜALSTY and as I manufacturo t]iem inlo clotliing myui aelff I aïD cnabled to Jv WARRANT EVERY GARMEXT . i " 1 sell. to be WELL MADE, wliich is a strorg , indocement to customors to patroiiizo my ee atece in prefrrence to plaoea wliere lnrge qiian- titi?B of half madt goods are kept for sak1. - 1 Ikivo tho i.atkst FA-inoNS, and can givo yon "y as Fine and teelt Fitting Girmenis as can be boucht anywhere, I am bound to sell t CIIEAPER AND ,„ BSTTFÏl GOODS ! it than any other similar establishment in Ihis city. Your custom is mrst respect fnlly invited. M. CAMPION. ' Ann Arbor, Nov. 1-00. 773y1 , LOOMIS & TRIPP, ir ■(. &iseu8ora"lo . it Chapín et Loomis,antlChapiu, Tripp fc Loomis fTiHE nliovo finn of Coxols & Trlpphaving purehasM 'j x the entires interest f the farmer companíea will l continue tht' boiiuess ftt Ihcold sta mis, vrhere i h" v will i li ■ iL'Uiiv, ou the ! notice. to üll all orders in the P line ol Castings and Machinery, ín the mosi w rkmanlike utmiiht, ;inl on as liberal y terms as any nther shop in tbc Sífttí-.Amor. tlio ' '„ ous articlesiuaiini'ar-turr.i by na, ue would enumérate : STEAMÊNGINES of all fciads; Mili (Sfearing and Fixturea, wroaratiiod , OUt; !tU ilic v:tnuu.s c:iQg-Mld rejjairïng Ilorse Powers & Thresbiug Machines ) sucb as ar e at prfl 'iü . 1 ;ir fornv-iiv hoen in use in part of the State, as wl as all llio rarioas kin oafffings and machine w irt ca De i for i.-y f&rjners anO mechantes intlm sectiou of tlio country. . of ali tho vaviMitp patterns, up in sizesnnd pricos. will be . kopt constantly ton hfipd,got the most modern aud inipróyéd style. ] HUBBARD'S WROUGHT IROUT REAPERS & MOWERS. ] Imving commfticed miuiii&otarlng tbifl suporíurMa[ chine, rii and combi&ect, the Farmers are invïted t c culi ml se ii sin'ciin'Mi ni:iclijne now in our ware room, b purchasingolsewhi that tliis maclüne - uL't'd ouïy to be seeu to coiivnice the farmer of ( ; ITS SUPEEIOEITY , over the Reapers and ïfowera in iliis uarket. Thankful for farmer patronage totbVbld fimw, we would solicit ;i ccntinuuno1 iVoin 'M fricmlftf and a trial by all wiflhíng fdránythíog in our line of businewi. LOOMIS & TRirr. Ann Arbor, Bfay 18thf 1859. 697tf Ï1 FF& MILLER J ARESTI1J, ONIIAND at tliciroH Stanñ, No. 2, Franklin Block, 9 with the most completo assortment of 01 Books and Stationery, PEEFUMEEIES, FANCY GOODS, A WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, SHADES, EOLLEES, V COEDS, TASSELS, a GILT COENICES, CURTAINS. IIOOKS AND PINS, ' S STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever offered in tl is Market ! D, aiul t!:oy wouM suggesl totliosc In mirsuit cfnnytliingin SANTA CL A US' LINE that tlipy can secure a O' Doublé Christmas Present ! i by porchasing1 from this tifeck, aa ench pnrohaser feete n,, anadditional prepenl of Juwt'lry, &c., aih rvn Ranging in valuc from 50 ets. to $50. jQSgP Thoy trust tli tliIrloiigexpörience (nselectln goods f i ttenlion to the wants set of Caetomort, tnay catite luem to a Ubcral sliaro of Pal rouL e Anti Arbor, Defl. ö. 1860. 777tf in f EYE amTsAR". fi DE F. A. CAÜWELL, "" OPERATOR (IN TUK BYE AND EAU. ih' For DeáfheM, Sllndoom, ind ílü clofèota of P"? Blgbnnd HcaHng. '';'" DR. C'. BEING A REGULAR l-liysicim. w-itli TWrNTV l", ':-",-. I actice iu the troattoeut of aa,i i:VKAM) K.l:. Wlil !.!■ f..,ii„l .,:■:■ !:ti.-.I ti ,.,..,, i-Hvu relief or dloct a care in auy case witbin tfie ch -j of !niii.-iTi bMH; . tlu' gf Ito duirpe for an cinmlunl!i"i or an opinión . p, or for unsuccesfui sei Poa1 i)R. r.'s Tkeaksi os tmi: Bn SODpp., .. ■ ■ riptiunof Dlgaml olhor important intttter.jllustwtcd I , with Cuf. fo Ui' hutgratts, by 8'enmng ' (',■ lo ny ' Dr, ("Miv.i-! i v;.i Randolph Slreet I corner Dsaborn, Chicago, Til. Iv7.,s ' =- ig-iu..-r.r=T.V.--i.-. IIIIIHWW R3AL ESTATEJFOR SALE. Sr WjMnT.XAW, f..:_ ! ■ ■ '■■■ J ' ■■ GHlott Amos W. (iilletl, ani! T. I II t'. ol" the Counly ol1 Waflbtenaw, ín tlie Sint f Kficiilgan, Minora, Notice ia bettíbv i wn, Tbat in urauan l an or'l'T - g"i ' : W Kanford, (i1;ir ii:i!i o! tbe&tate ■! said Minors bj Jlon. Ju.i-,. ,,r Probate fur t' ■ County "t Washtonaw, on the E ■'■■y f April A. li. 181, Hiere wlU bc sold I PobUo endue. I" the higbest bidder, ;t U of t] -d ia the totrnshtp of Frc!riomfín tiro rmiiity of Whshtenaw, [n paid; State, "n Softirday, tho lirst .l.iv of June A. ü. I8S1, at one o'clock iu Uie aftel noon of tliat day, (Subject t uil encumtirauéèf bV niDrlRagcorollitrniso exiitingntthc tine oí the tab) the foUoiring dcHcribcd Real tb (rit: Sitúatela i thetownshlpof Bndgewater, tiounty of Washtenawand Sta : '■; ihigan.- Bolng tb uorib put ol the Knst 31 half of piorili v, . i .i nrter rf Poctfoa no iis-p in rmhlp no, fout sonth of range foor i- itdinlng 11 tweni s ■ if i;iti'ïT lo game more.or less CU ÍKI.E8 W. SAXKORD, Guardian! '8 Dated AprilStli, A. 1). lütll. ir __ ___- Mortgage Foroclosure. TlEFATJLT ban i in the con-1iti-n .f a ' JL Hortggoxecutedby Patrick BnllfTan and Joanná a SulUvan in Lutber James, dated Apnleigbth, A.I). I8öS. and r'!-ir.'.fii In the Reartater'a Office in Wnshtenaw -j founty. in Llber -I of Mortgagos. at pajfo Ï9, April i'th, A. a i.:,!f ,,.,rt ,,,,.,., o'clock.P.M., by tl n-hten dofttult the power of sale eontained in s:im! mortis gage bccame opctalif, and noguüorproceedinfbavinx been Instituí dat law toree irorthe debt sesured bj said mortgage or nny part thereor. nn.i ih ram of siv [ hundredand tnroc doUarn and nlnety-sbt cents (i:03 96) belng now claimed lo due (hereon. tico m there giyeo said movtgáge wtH lm fhrê; cloaedbya aaleoftho mortgaged premises. t-wü: Tbc ' BOnfh-iveat quarter of the north-eMt quarter, anl the gouth'OMt quarter "f the norh-west fiuurtn "f iectlon 'it No'. Beren, and the soüth-ea5t teu aerea of te aoui-eaut qaarterol the north-eagtqóarterofaection number n!net. '■ 'M rrodi eturtand vaat, and nortb and souLh far enouh lo contáln ten acres, nll in townshtp , N'o. oneaoutbof] t, belng in Webster, In Ui Bty of WashUnaw and State of Michigan, t omo n.itt th'-'reof. ;tl public Wiu'rii-, :it CourtHuuse in th city of nn Albor on Stliday of July n.xt at noon. LUTII'KR JAMES, Hortgagce'. E. W. Mobcmh, Attv. Datcd, Ainil 12, A.D. 1861. Montage Forcclosure. DEFAL'I.T having been made in tho conditioa of ■ Mortgage excented hv , ■!-,,„ Ellswortb and Eleanor bisvife t Jabei Bnbard, dated the30th (iav.f August, A. D.1S66, anj recorded In fue Reglster'á oifice, in the county ofWashtenawin Liber No. 22of mortgaËea at pagenO,orthBocoDd aj afSeptnaber; A. I'. [895 ate o'clock, P.M,, und anigned ty Jabez IliblmrJ to s. w . Kneeland by ;; i Ier Beal, dated tho flth c day of Fcbroary. A. l). 1891, and record d ;i mld lUist r'aofBoe laLiber Nd. 22of Mortgages'at page 77(f on the Iütli day of Marcli, A. D. 1S61, at 4 o'cloct, P. Vt. l,v irhfeh.d0?ánlttb4 pover of salo coiitafneVl in Báidmort' gagebccame operativo, and no suit or psooeoding having g been tns'ittuted at lawto recover the debt Bccured by sadmortgcc,or any part thenoft and the aum of flve hnndred and three. dollara and thirty-three centa beinir nov -!aim-d to'bo dne fhereon: Notico ie therefore JiercK Ity givr-n th;t theaid mortgage will be forclofled by a lotthemortgagedpremisea, to-wlt: All that certain traetor parcel of land fsituate in the Town of Lrndnn in the County of VTuhtenav, and State of Michtean, trntl'-lanil 'l'orüK-il n ïuiimvs. The corth-wesi part ' of thttsouth-west fraotipnal quarter, and the part uurth of the Sïate road runnlngfrom Dexter to Orand . tlio south-wost part of the south wost fractional quartVr,. all on scl'Üiu six (Í5) . townshjp One south of range number tbree (3) east ; containtng flfry-eight (58) acres anl 03-100 ofan acre, nioroor U-s, or some pari tneieof. :n public venduc at the Cojirt.BouD in tho city of Ann Arbor, on tho clcveath day of Junenext al noon SS'. KN'HKI.ANii, Assigneo. K":vc-:!:v & UOOAX, AH's. Datd, Mareh v.'.A. I. 1861: T92tl Mortgage Salo. DEPATJI.T haring been made in the conditipn of rt certain Kertgage executed by Jamea ('onmlly, Ji ., and Catharine Connelty lm irtfe to HiramG. Warren, dated the fifteenth day of December in the year fcigbteen I hundredand Hfty-Oiree, and reeordedin the Office of the il Caanty, Uichigao, iu Líber 20 ofHortgnea -l page l'ifi, af .-leven and a - aitcrof the doek in th forenopn on the nhieteanth day of Decrnioer, A.D., 1R.M, ivhich Mortgage was on the i!intv-ü:pi .lay of Oétober, A.D., 18M, duly aaslgned Ii' aid Warren to '. b '!■■■■ Wan in in. and aaid aaaigiimvBt was recorded in the -:ii.l onico of -;,,i Register on hrenty-tbird r'ay of l'c l.ncirv. A. n.. 1S61 at D(ue aud a "'dock in the foren qn; in Ijber 20 of Mortgage, on page 157, and sald Hqrtgago was also oii 'the Wjlilenitli day "f F braanr, A. 1)., Uit, íuly as-i' , by lid Wai.lron to Alplicus Felch, whlch Ingt mention) .-i - -tji-ïiic::; recorded in the sald Office of èaid nty-lifih .lavo!1 ívbriiarv. A. D.,1881, at nine án,d a half oclock in the forenoon. in I,ih:r -11 of Hnrtgagéüon p' #htch defitun the power 1 ■ Ie containod iu Eaid mortgage bcoame opecatlrfii and no Ruit or ni oei ; Instituted at law ' to recover the debt now s-cureil theicby ajar 'art Üieroot, aud the smn of three hnndred aád fiftj one d I ira and flfty four cents belnc claimed 1o be ïue therenn at the iate of thi-i noUce :■- Xotfce a thorefore hereby siven tliat said mortfeage irill be forocl i by sale of the mortragcd rremise t wit : the West bah of the South Wési Quarter of Section Number Two. in Townfhip One Sooth of (ia'nge Í Kast being in Northflcld, in the County of Washfenaw and State of Michiy.-m, or bo much thereof u win bo necei thesnm clafmed to be due witli the interest, cósti and charges, a; public rendne, at the south doorof c;,iri House, in the tho City of -Aan Arbo, in saidCoimty ofWashtenaw, on the tentidayof June, A. II.. 1861, at ten oftheclock in thefon-noon of idday. ■ AU'JlKUSFHLCH.AsBiirnce ShoriíPs Salo. BY VIRTUE ol an exeèntton ijsuod out of and ■ I ■■: Lhe Circuit Court the Goorrty mi Washt.'naw, and ir:t.. ,. ■.: ,.,. besring date 29dayofJttly, 1860, .and ton .:.-. -i.. ana déllv ored, against tbc goods and chattels, and for the want Uiereof land and I f JohnT. Raywanltefondant therein named, 1 did ou the 29th day of oly 1860, levy npon and aeize all the right, iftle and intérest of the s;,M .1,,],,, Ti in aüd to tl. e following dr cribed i:..!,i ai:.! ] r.inis.'s te wit : commpneiiE fónr roda Nortli of the North-irest córnerol Lot o. rat, , in Uluck No. one, in tlio Village of Chebo, in .-aid County, and running thence Xorth alonp the Rastlineof high'vray runnfn North' from said VU1:._■ of Chelaea eight rods, thence North-east ..r parallel ivith iTth street, in said village, fuur rods, thence. South or paiall.l v.ith saij l,:..-hway eight rorts 1o the n.nih line ol' said Kartli strot, thence South-west along the .Vi.ith line ol" said Xorth streel four mds to tlie place of beginning, eontiiiningthirty-iwo roda ofktnd, be the same more or less, in the county of Wasbtena and State of Michigan, all of whieh' premis. 1 shaÜ exposefor sale at public the law directa ai the front iloirof the Court House, in the Citvof Aun Arbor, tliat being the j)'.ice for holding the Circuit Court for tbe County pj Washtocaw, onSaturday the lSth day of May iK-xt, al eleven o'clock in tho forenoon ol saidday. mus. r. leonaRD, late Sheriff Dated. March 27th lSiil. J98td Ho for the Mmrnoth Cabinet Ware Hoorns. MARTIN & THOMPSON", TTAVF. JTJSI OfBEHED Qi TlIKirt and Elegant War e-R ooms KAST SIDEOF llAIXSHtKET, -aliMKr arboh A complete stick of E0SEW00D, MAIIOGANY SCT3 OP PARLOR FUHNITURE INCLUD1NC :,l'as, Tete-a-Teles, Maliogany Kose-Wood, Black W.Un:it . Plaln and .iarlde Toppfl ' OSROVHK V A O O [I O ROSEWOOD, MAHOGANT. BLACK FAN0Y AHO COTTAGE CHAIRS, &c, ko.} &c., &c: .m. -m, ss 3 9 Elegant MIKKiiKS, mr.KArS.SK.-iiirrAIUK?. Complete BED ROOM SET8, INOLUDING LATEST STYLES, -OFOVr A. T T E, E S S E S Of the best cpiality .in.] DilTerent Material In Fact they Have Everythiug with which to furui.sli 1'AHI.OE, ÜÖl'Ilom, " srni; ROOM OK KlTCITEN, AND OUK CITIZEN8 NEED NO' lunger go to Detroit or öliewheri to lïnd a large assortraent. TWa PXJENITURE musut be Bold und will be sold nt VEE Y LOW JPEICES! J8f Let evcry man anl Lis wi?e or going to be wify OOMEAND SEfi Thoyalso bara a HE ARS E OABRIAGJË, And are ahvay.s rcady to attend to the burial of tlia dead in the Cityand adjotaingeouBtry. nnmsin-t side of Main Street, between Washington and 1-ibeity O. M. MAKTTX. tmVa -'. B. THOMPSON DO YOU WANT WIUSKERS? DO YOU WANT WHISKERS? DO TOTJ WANT A MUSTACHE? DO YOU WANT A MUSTACIIE? BE Li. 1NÜ HAM 'S n:i.i:iii?ATED STIMUL4TING ONGUENTj For tire Wüisk9rs and Hair. Tho fobacribws take pleasuro in ámicñiTUcfng to tlio ■ the Ifnited Statos, thrit they hve obt&fped ■ lor, and dre now èoatïe3 U olTr to die amerioan public, tbe ubovo justly cetobrated vAi wo'Ad cuoxrnd arfciole. THE STIMULATISTG 0NGVENT preparad by De.' C.P, BBuixanAX, a eminent phyIcWof LonlonTAndiawarrantedtobring out athick et oí Whiskers or a Mustache i ftom three to iia w ftka Tliif arücle is the only onp f tlie kindusedby ttw tVspcj and in Lonn unJ aria it. is ín universal Ose. ■ ing, ypt stlmulntíng BCt igfti ii !■:■ magi ■ apon thejroots, causieg beautiful yrowth of fuxartaüt hair. Ifapplted to the calj). it will cnr' BALDKcee, and caus. to epring üp in tabe of Uie l;il'l Rjwtaii Unegrowth of now hair. AjrtliBg-to direetion?, Í1 will turn kf.d or tofrj ait dabk, mil restore ftray hsAx to i orlginftJ 04l6, aving it solt, smootli, ana Qftxible Tbe ■■íni i:." ;hi Ipdte] . :■■ i cvery gentïemaoe, toilet, td aftejr e b ■ for ao,) con4tdr . ai [on bo without it. AgJonta i'"r the artfcle in ie l'niteö Stilten, to whomall nrderji must ; ale bj all Drugglsia and oalera; ox a boa ui the Onguent" (warnwited lo luwe i will be sent to aio o desire it, by iiil.liivri). Mvui-.'lv [.:i.-ki-.i on receiptof pnefe aii-l ÍanVco" ■ ' pKCGÜISTS, ■'■' "-, -j W NTew York