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%jí$iuBt lirertotii. Ö. g BUTHERLAND & SON riTHOLBBALK AND HETA1L (irorers an.l Commissim VV HerthMti, Kist sile Main Street Ann Arbnr DR-B.HESSE, hlTYiKiAN ,t Pvbceov Resppctifully tonflor liis pro 1 lVssinu;,! H-rvir-cS tf IllP CltlZOnS 0Í Atlll ArttOt Vicinitv. n Mnck New Building, !aii tn'ot Ann Arbor Muli. N. !!. Night Cülls pnimply kttvadad to. TWITOHELL & CLAEK. ttdrxkts anil Oounsollors ut IW, General Ufo anii T. lire Insurance leents. OHire ba l'ily Hall Block Ih HuronSt.,Ann Arbor. ('ollectiona promptly nu4i dnmitted, and special ttentlon pakl to conTynctag n. s.TwmuKii., f"43tfl . T. clab. J. M. SCOTT. áÜROTYPR ÍC 1'HOTlHiTïl'II AXTOTS. ÏT1 11 1 0 TOOlllS fV frtrmcrl.v occupiwi hy C.mllcy. over the store uf Bperry k Inmre Prfec Mtlnfactioo (uranted. " W. N. STRONG, Duua in DrvGood, üoots and8hoes,Oroceriej, Bonnets.Kaiicy' Ooait, te. Kxrhangc Hl.wk, Ann Arbor. ""víÑES & KÑIGHT. DSALERsinStaple, Fancy Dry dooit, Boot 4 BhoWi c. cc, Mln Streel Ann Arbor. HABTÏN & THOMPSON. pi:HsmHK Ware-Rooms, Di-aler n all Wndl of Furniture, V .te. Nl-w Motk, Main Str!t. "kISDON &HENDERSON, DFVl.FKi in Hardwaw.KoTW, bon ftitnIAing gooit, r,, Wm . -,-.. . Stook, Main Street. A;P. MILLS, DKUEli in taple Dij Coods, Orncories, Boots and ShoM and Hi-ady Made Clothing, Hurontreet Ann Arbor BEAKE8 & ABEL, TTOitxKTS S: Cor.v?K!.i.oRS jt lAvr, and SotieHnrs In Hl Chnerj. Ciflicc in City Hali ü, over Webster S; ('..'s Dooit Ston, Ann Vrlor "1OÑGSLEY& MORGAN, ttorn'KYP, Counsellor, BeHettora, nnd Notarios Publ. lic, have Book andl'Uts howtng litles ..rail lands n the j.uuitv. :m. lattend toconveyancingaud collecting aunda,Dd to pajing le ;""' interest in any part of the State. Oilicecastsi-'.eof the Square, Auu Arlar. JAMES R.OOOK, Jrsnci of the I'kace. Office near the Deut, Ypsilanti, Michigan. Wx. LKWiTT, iL D., Pmrncus k Bcaoansr. Mee at hl raaMenee, Notth jicle oflluron straat, mi W house West of Ilivision Itrt-et, Ann Arbor. " O. COLLIER, IfmirMmBul delr in Bota and Bho. ExiVl ehange Bleek, 2 áaort South of Uayaard, Stcbbint jr WiUon's Store, Ann Arbor, Mich. MC ORE & LÖOMLS. iflKrFACTrKEBR nn'l Jealcr In Boots and Shoea, VL l'lia-nix Block, Main Street, one door Nortli of Vashington. Wh. S SATJÑDKRS, in Boots, Phocs, anï Rubber, Ann Arbnr Casli BtKt Jfe Sboe Stre, south ide of Public Square. M. GÜITERMAN & CO, Wnm.KSAircnnrt Retei) dealers and manufacturors of Kealy MiuleClothing, Importen of Clotbi, Cassineres, LXeskins, Jfec. No. 5, New lïlock, Ann Arbor. C. B. PORTÉrV ppm. SgWMOjDflMfc Ofïïce corner of Main jE H& anl lltiron strects, over 1'. Bach'8 store, ifnaHH Ann Arbor, Michigan. -írXXr Apri 1859, Wm. wagTñerT DEALER in Iieaily Made Plotliing Clotlis, Tassimeres ana Vestings, Hat's, Caps, Trunks, Carpet Bags, &c. Main it. , Ann Arbor. M. CAMPÏÖnT Crrouxt TAtlOU nml doalor in Raad; Made Clothing, VI No 41, l'hoenix Block, Ann Arbor. 13 ACH & PÍERSON. DKAtSBa ïu Pry Qoods, Groeerie, Hardware, Boots & Show, &c, Main street, Ann Arbor. MAYNARD, SÏEBBINS & CO., IAbalkrs in Dry Goods Groccrieo, Prtiírs & Medicines, lLl10 & Bhoev, &c., coinerof Maiu ail Ann streets, ut bei = w the Kxchango, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, 1rockrs, Provisión & Comraission Mcrcliants,anl lea.T lersiu Watkk Limk, Land 1'i.astkb, nul Plaster of Paris, ontt door Kast of Cnok's Hotel. _ C BLISSr Dealer in Clocks, Watclics, Joïvolry. anii Fancy Goods, at thesign of the Big Watch, No. 27, Plioenix lilock. J. ÓTWATTS. DKALKRinClcks,W;itclies, Jewelry andSilvor AVare No 'l1!. New HUck, Ann Arbor. "t. b. frëeman. Barbeu and Fashíotuible Ilair Dresser, Main Stroci, Aan Arbor, Mich. Ilair Frouts aad Curls kept jonstantly on nand. SCaÖFFc MILLER. Dfau:h.s in MiscclhiiieonP, School, nnd Blank Rooks Sta tioii'MV, Pjikt liangings, fce. , lain Street Ann Arbor. D. DkFOREST. ITTnoT.ESAT.K aml lit;iil Dealerin Lumber, Tith, ShinVf pies, Sash, Doora, lïlituls. Wttei Grand Rivor 'laster, l'laster I'arïs, and Mails of all tteès, A f uil and perfect MMOrtnnnt of the fcbore, and all othcr lituls oí' building tnateriaU coiiHluntly on band at tbe lowost pOHible nites, on Detroit Street, a few rods frora the Rjühoad Ui-pot. Aaq operatíng extensivcly in the I'ateut Cement Kooiing. WASIlTENiïW COÜNTY B1BLE SOCIETY. IBPOSn-onv of nil.los and Testaments at the Society J pnces at W. C. VoorUeis'. CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO. SUCCESBOBÍ TO tjXT3NTX, OXXjaII3Xrto Co MANÜFACT'.'KERS OF Ixixxt, Boolt. ANDCOLORED MEDIUMS, V7i-ncrlxxg; Faper,rf!c. ANUÍ ARUOlt MIC'H. MISS JENNIE E. LINES, IJifcACHEROK Piano Forte, Cuitar, and PinEing, being I rt.'.sirousuf enlargingher cluss, will rceive pnptll al hc resiilonce of Prof. VVINCHK.l.I., Inch beiug neaí [fíe Union Hchoo!, will be vcry conrcnient for sucb scholarRatteMiliugthercwho iiwy wih to pursue tbe study ofrousicin connection with other branches. Tecunie, half to be pairl ut the lui.l.ücaml the balnc' at the close fo the term. Rifle Factoïy! A. J. SUTHERLAJV1) HAS removed his Gun Shoptothe New Block-n Uuton street, south of the Court Hnuec.ontneiecorid noor, whcrehe is prepared to furnish Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Pouches Game Bags, and Everj other article in bis Line. on tbc most rcasonnblelernie.nnd todo al] kinds o REPAIHING n the ihorteetnptice,aodinthebelinaiinei , 'lil assortmoiit alwayf kept onhand.ond made toor 1000 Fine Overcoa ts ! For Sale Cheap ut GUITERMAN & CO'S.


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