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Appointment Of Officers

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Washington, May '20. Tlio Secretary of War has sent to the ü.vcrnors ot' the different States a circular ot which the following is a copy : War Department, ) Washington, May 22, 1861. ) Dkar Siu - By reference to general orders No. 15, of the War Departmene, appe ,ded a copy I herevvitu forward you, giving the plan of organizaron ot' volunfeer forcea callad into the service of the United States by the President you will pereeive ttíst a!l regimental officers of those volunteer.--, trom Colonuls down to üd Lieuten ints, aro appointed by all the Governors of States. Having thus confided to you the appointment of all these officers for the regiments i'urnished for your State, you will, I trust, excuse this Department for pressing upon you in advance the necessity of absolute adherence in your appointments to the lollowing suggestions vvliich are deemed of the highest itnportanco by the General-in Ciiief, under whose advice they are submitted to you. First, to commission no one of doubtful tnorals or patriotism and not of sound health. Öecond, to appoint no one to a lieutenancy - 'ld or lst - who has passed the age ot 22 years, or to a captainey over 30 years, and to appoint no field officer,míij or orcolonel, unless a gradúate of the United States Military Academy, or is known to possess millitary knowledge and experience, who hsve pa?sed the respective ages of 35, 40 or 45 years. The Department feels assured that it will not be deemed offensive to your Ex:ellency to add this general counsel ; that higher the moral charactor and general intelligence of the offieers appointed, the greater the efficiency of the troops, and the resulting glorv to their respective States. I am sir, respectfully,


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