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The Farmers And The War

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This country vvould bc able to support a very larga nu in her of iighting men through an indefinito period f time il' the peaceful industry ot' the conimunity were direeted to thw (!.-. It would aiinply bc ndcosafy tó' ííívci 2 the laborWf thoso now engaed in muking superthious Inxuried to tho produotion ot food and clothing. This diversión of labor wül be gradiiiilly olfected by a decline in tho price ot luxuries and an advance in those of tho necessaries of life. This already begin to be lelt ; while works of art, book, jevvelry, i, are of very slow sale, tne coarser su les of w mlen cloths and satinets have a;!va ö:d snme W percent in prico in sucti colors ai anJ dapted for military purposes. If tho cominunity is intelligent, they wül an ticipate this chango in tha rnarket d - mand for articles, and wil!, by a prudent forecast save us from a scaiv ity f producís absolutdy essential to existonce. This appiies with especial forctt to farmers. Let tbom ov their eeed. with ifinfldencethat thcre wül be n oor-tain deinand for their crops, which trilt bling botter prices than in precceding vean. Above all things, let us nol havfi the horrors of a fain no added (■


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