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Col. Ellsworth

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C'!. ïiiüu-r !). billsworih was hom near McchauteavilJe, Saratogtt o)wn-ty; N. Y., Apr. i::], 1SIJ7, nild was, iherefore, at tlie timo of his death, onlv L'.'i yoiirsiif age. Ii hw cativ ycirti] he IjlilliilcsU'U pfVong military i'icünaions. He hvci I :t home until IJ r 19 yvltra ot ng, durig wliieh tirno hú reitoivQtl a giii(J coiiiinon Pehool ediiv.iliosl; J!o was a'ways a closo a.í di.iy;ool f-!iuicnt. On Leaving homo he went to Troy, and iiir a numi'ur ot yea:s was eHIJ'luyücl :s a olerk in a story in i!iat i t. .- . Uut the rfnrrow liinits of ilio caunter wt-c not si-.tliuioni lor the dL'!ijjinfli)! wf liid taléntë and : 1 1 : ' i t i í 1 1 , n.H'l Ivaviiig li -s b'isiiies?, hu caino tu tliis city, iioro lic reïnsMtetj atxuii tvjy$uri. Sitlrte úx yoai's pinco lo rcn.oviMl to CJiföngö; nfriving tlierc ponriilcssi, without :i prolession on crrtaii. nj(j;:us i' support ; Uut, by his inJusiPJ) icrsiívui aaro, and éiíiergj', sooi: arhicvud il) honohlble ioiti(n; in tha! cuy. Tbc OKi'kitig espluiti cf the Z'in.iw.s at Suwftstbpwi ltd him !o i:Vi.'íifí:it(í tiiirt dosei'ípth n (T diü!. üolñihg lo il:c ici:ihinn tliai (1)0 Zouavo tactics ltc tt.o nio.t sfficrairt yct btiuüed, lio set to work to rrgnnizd a Wiinjlanj1 of tiiis characu r in fcMiioiigWj by tlio tit!e oí thu ''-Gbldago Zo j a ves. '; Forfy ór iii':y young men jtwaed tlic; borttpany, and be devottid hiirlseii i uDiisly to ciiiiiiLr them io Uié highest pt-i fütka in erery bíanch oí t; After a piaclice ot abont n yoar, a tour to t!:o lvt.-t. was pi'ojected. ïbey ar rivi -! in tiii.i city in the lttti oi July, ;ij), ofte i tiinmpaal progresa tbrewigb tiiu western States. Tlio novfiíy oi tileil' drill, tliuir t'antastic dfeta the procüiön of tlieir evohr.ions, attraett'tl tmiveral attention, nol cjüIv frücn military men, but alao from the yneial (jubile. 'J'lie ex!ibition at the Acadeniy of Mnsie was aa immense HUCoeuHj and ('!. Ellaworth beeame kinnva all over the country as thoorigi ; oi the Zouave driH in the United New Zoumvo eoinpanies b. ;rar to bf OltgUJÜafcd at most oi thu urge i-.iíieá. Gul. I'li'.-iworlh lafoly siudied law tt'ith Mr. Jinuoln, aüd was adimtted to thu bar last spring. After Mr. Liooohi yoa cieeïtd l'resident, :t was goneraliy nnderstood lliat Cd!. Eiiswortii wuuld [j atLached to Ilis pensoru Ho accompaniod the. i'resident to Washington, and was ono oí tlio most ae-tive and atteiUive ir.einbors of tho party. It was expecíed that he woald ba plaottd in sorne important position in the War Department, but it is not probable that 3ucii u position wouki bave been in eo -ordanco wilh h;-i desiies. Imrnediately upon the outbreak ol the war, he sii'.iht aeiive f-'erie, and caine forivard to New York and comrr.eneed tlia oranizalion of a . lUJftvé regiment from meinliers oí t'ne Bfro i)epftrtir:ent. Finí freèdorf) and dash ci tho Zonav, lrill exaetly suited 'he spirit of the hvinen, and in an ineredible short time ;i ñill regiment bad been formeel, ond wafl on ka way to Washington. The regiment has elicited universal ir.'iï f'i parents are stil! living 9t IÍÍS nativo piare, llis on)y brothöf died n year ago last spring. He luid no sister. At tho tin e itf his departuro froni tho city w i l h his regiment, his pnrents werc stopping at the Astor BoliSO. At his last HitePviflfW wit! theiii before ho iei't, bia moiher sailJ : '' I hope G'd wit! take euro of yon, Elnier.;' "líe wil! take caro of ni ,:' lie replied. ''II e has led me in t his v,o;k, and ha wilt tako caro of me." (jud hun taken care of hini, and the cuhninaiion if his life could nat liavo been more gloriou.-j for hiuiscli or the canse íor wbich he diedi ('i. Iilswoi'th as [xcccüiigh' bfl' loved wluM-ever he was intiinah-ly known. Tlie ïinijression was ÖOiilöobínined bv eirangers thaf. lio was soüicwhat afféoted m his déport ment., but those thut kiiüw hiin iu-st wero his wnrmtíét and fihöst (L . friendo At Chioago and liockfonl He was i universal favorito. President Lmco.'n enlcrtainod for him a high per simal regfird. It moy not be nmiss to niention at this lime tliat Col. iMlsworth has buen érigügsd for thc Inst two yuirs to lligs C.urie Kpañ'ird, a yoini.; [ttdy of sevL'üíeen, the daughtop of ('has. I'. Sp:If inl, a wealthy citizen oí' HóokTord, 111. Miss Spaflord w:;s reix-ntly a student in the Carroll Institute, Jjrooklvn. i a marriqge would prubably have t;kcn plbce ere Ibi?, but for tho breuking out of' the war.


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