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Printers On Duty

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Aftcr takirur powsossloh ol Aluxandiia, Co!. Wiu.cox Had ocensirn to jíj. sue a proc!;uü.-iti(i!i, íyhioü Mr. Snowden f tho Alyxandihi Union ivfused to pubhab. Col. Wi knew hú rtiL-n; howuvcr, and deíailed d síü:h! of jtiíij. fors foi" pi'ofessióhaj 8erJicÓj vho tuol: clnirgo ui Iho uili'jo and 's.-ucd tho l'iiui mi ibeM üwn llook. I'lio Anous office has a "boy " in the lirst Regiment wlio can cither rint or (igiit, and wo may Kear onp ui these days that "Con" was ono of the " detailcd fquüd.'i Tlierc is hó lach of primers in any of Ihu Jlie-liigan Keiments, and all Virginia c:in bü sii] piied with good Union papers as Ihe ar:ny of occupütion pi'ogressos in its march. ÖF De.-iiing, ftliroy tlint onr friends and readers mny bo ublo fö'givé o reason for tfrèif Taith, wc piibü.sh in this 88uo a recent speech of Hon. IJ. J. WaiKer, forinorly of MÍ8tjisKÍpp1) Sec (ptary ol the T-reilBury tfndr PresP deht Pot.ic, !iüd tho Göverhor1 of K;uisas so descreed by Ex-Pres'dent BfciiANA.v. It ík an able ind unn.swerablu aigument gaiiist áaceBsioh We. alio ive place to a letter from Senator Dolglas to Ihe chairman of the Dempcratio State of IIlimiis, whinh is worth reading twico, and keepins toread agora. It clearl defines the dntv of every citizen. E3 Wool wilï begin to como iulo market soon, aüd wc rnay as well nd ; e growers now as a weck or two later, not to tako "stump tail " etirrenoy of any kind, no matter what State !t is maJc in. Wool ill command gold and silver or tlicir equivalent, aud sl-IIlts ciimiut be too particular about (hul equivalent. Let ihere be no i h k. A n t i h


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