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Northfield Raising A Cavalry Company

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Al a uioetnig lúe ciUzuxis of Nurih; . ronvened nt (lie Wliitir.ore Lako llnnso, on Sutun'ny the -2.r)tli intnnt, Prrrox was c:il!i;d to the cfíiíiV, and V. Wixe ;.i; chQsén Seci;c.tái'y, 't'ho I of !bu ir.LCíing bciiii,' c. i il wda rosi.lvcd lht a eGihpany el C-iv■.■sli'V tu; íonuc.'i, to be uulli'd tho Suton Union (ftiúrSa. Ilesocal, That brioks b'o opened one week frop lo,da4v, nt twp o'clock, P. ii , :it tlns placo. ün metiOD of I V :;;;,.;. r.. the meet■ijoiirncd to rr.eot ono week íVom ín-iliy to makc Qi'Pi-.ngemertts to celébrate fie coming ÍYurtti of Ju'y. Adjoui hod. (,KO Sl'TTOX, Chaírmau. r. Wikeoar, Seo'y. L3T If the telegrnph offices at Wshingtön, and other principal Citics, are 'm lbo hands of goveiuimcnf agente, we hope that the governtuent will " squelch ': the bogus dispatches which are d&ify and hourly trarrsmitted over tho lincs. Ft is :n iinposi'.ion to -pérmit tho report. the New York press to manufacturo battles siiiijjiv tu aid a f.'iio of daiürs. 'J'h'i pr-nple li;ive alroady toó frcqüewtty been ;) a staie of févérish aiul inI by a repprted eDgiger ment aud great lu.-s (if life, wheu no colisiiiii has deoifaTcd, AMoSt i tton of the Union s 'represen ted :it tlio scat of hostilitL's, and t is an outrage that iho fepl.ings ui' i'riunds at hume are tlnis triiled whh. Let the ouisance bo ■.■■, if r.ecessary. -■.i iiiai j-gT" A "Washington correspondent of the N. Y. Tribune, uncler date oí' Mny is : " This afternoon Mr. Frothinghara of the filth Corapany, wis shot accidentaliy, by a reporter uf ;i Michigan paper, o;;e of Col. Willcox's üiils. Jlc wa Iiini a soei 1. Tío receivod a llosh woand i:i ouo of hls lcgs." We take t t'uo "reporter" referred to ís (i:oROi: H. Ciii:stkü, vrull known to mos' óf out eUïzbfaa. He aceompatiied the Firi ' V. ;iment to Washington, iinfl chromclod its " progresa !i in the Frce Fress. George must be careful Iiow lic playa witli ,söé l8." fLP Tlw Fríe ïr-m soja that tna Coldw'.l.rí Ligbt Artillcry vrïil lünvo this evc::ing for Cuicinnati. T!ov hr.vo fillcd tLeir rank?, and ha o men and horses woll drilleil. lf eallcd to the battle field botli tbc enemy aud their friends vill liear from tliem. {y Üur wonby jiiygu of Proba to', (in bearing thif. (J - 1 j i Í: . VVinTn.F.ii:'.', of tno Ypsilanü Light Giuird, had beo1.) apfWintëa Provost MnffeHfi'l of A Ie sa ft dría, (ortHvrith fórWarded to him n bill of S-3 a jjiio I ■ 8ecéssi(0.Q lawyer ol that ci'.y, with in.-tructions to qollectt and Use Tlic bill was tbr aèrvioes m taking Costmony bélnre a c'ommiasion. Pro vost M;irsh:il WöTlesey wül fiiid the AtNruey, if ho h::a uut ÜlmI, and miiko him " shell out.."


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