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The St. Domingo Question--the Act Of Annexation To Spain

The St. Domingo Question--the Act Of Annexation To Spain image
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Tlio Sptinifth jóurnaiè püliüsh the following aa the act of anuexïilion signad }v the St Dofnlrigo ohicfs on ackrióvèledging the atlthonty of Sp:iih : "lu tljo üKir-t noble and Inval city of Si. Domingo, tiic 18th of March, 1801, we, tlo undersigned, asseiyibled ft the hall of tin; l'ahlcc of JustltíG of tliis tal, declare tbat of oiir frèe ipont.'inoons will, in our ówn nhnrté nnd ii tliat of those wfio liavè contided to to us ü:c power to a'ct, we solemnfy p(oclni;n for onr Queen and sovereistn, ihe Most High Princeps Donna Isabella II., and wii il-.'posit in her haiids tlie Bovevëignty wiitcfa we hnve hitliéi'tö exer'cis d ílá rr.emberá of thé Dótnii Repiiblie. W'ö declare1, beside's, tbat ft ëof ö'ui1 free : nd Spontahdous will. and bv t h at of tHc people whose riíprescnt .ii ivcs we arë, tluit vo deterniihe that al) the teri'itory oí tlic I c shaíl bc anrieSêd to the country "'' CJstil'é, to which it beïonged bciore the {reafy of the lSth ol Fbrifary, 1B:}:); in virtuo of whicli lier Catholiü Majesty rccorr. nized as independent tho State whïch now, of its own wil), epöntaneoiïsly pronlaims hef ai ew as iis Icgftimatè sovereign. In füith of whic!) we havo sïhed tbia in due forrn with our own hatjofs. l'KDHO SANTANA, .]. Dj: ('ASI EOj A. ALFAN, F. Db CASTRO."


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