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Parson Brownlow's Daughter

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A gentlamaa jost arnvd m this ci'v (Vom Knoxville, 'JYnn., brtflga intelli"■i'iico vi atlair.s 11 that cilv. lio informs us that 2,500 sucession toops ara stationed thciv, fot ih o espre&s pnVpose ol crin'g tho Union BOGO li ís a píirt i:f üiuir business to en gago in quarrels iii saloons, Bnd iu street tights, -wiih al) who arfl not (Viondly to secession. Two men v ere shot list waék for no othw üfFensö thon speatótfg words of leyahy to tho Ped3na GtnvemineQá Tho l:ouse of tlio Ottlebratéd, boldheai'ted and eutepékn Pácson IJi-ownlow, is tlic oqly oriè ib Knoxvülo over which th Stanè and Stripes aro [kwting. A fa.v dnj'a agb a conpio of wrmt wiiit, at sis o'olock in tho rmiibing, bo houl down tho Stars :nd Siiijjos Mies IJro-.vnlow, a brüliant yeng bidj oí tWeatyvtiíreej kcw toro on t!ie -i'.z. , fand stápped out and nenian ded i i irrtHW 'J bey i that thoy li at 1 como to '' tako down them d n Sturs nr.d Stiipes." Sho inBtttntly dr4w a revolver from her sidc, and iroscnlin r? t, said, " Go on, l'in goöd í'or ono of yon, and I think for both." " By tho loób) ;f tbát iiTs vyc, BÜe'll shoot," o:.o rètnarked. "I think we'd not try it ; we'il go back and göt more rnon," tíiid fcU othet. '; Go and get cnobe non," said the nobiohidy; 't:getU1Hd rr.on nnd como and take it dmvn, if yon daro !" They iturned with a oompany of ninuly annud mon, and demandod that th'e flag shouid bo hanlod down. Bnt on discovering tímt thc houso iras filled wÜ pallant men, anned to t!o toeth, who would ratiicr dM as ic.iiiy as ossible than soe tlioir country 's flag diahonorod, the si-eessionists rot.irud. W'hon our inf irinant loft KnOKville, lbo Stars and Slripes stil) fkíated to tho bneeze oee Parsoo lirownlows hnusc.


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