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How The Secession Cavally Was Captured At Alexandria

How The Secession Cavally Was Captured At Alexandria image
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Washington, Mav 2 I. One í' tlio ido;; unexpeoted !mtures ol' lilis ir.(iriiii;'s military advrnti:res int i Virgima '.vas ii:t capture oí lbur ollicc-rs ir.d tliirty sis mun, cmiposed of K. F, Y 's of Fuirfax county, Va., who had been enrolleci inte a brijliant and dashing cavnlry corpa, Thi.s w ore eai iy atarme ! by tho aniviil i net fin-ees i in Alexundna, nrtíitlieír lioitSOa, Uu-y ',ieul. a (U irpiluU) lulri'at, f ding ubi . fes far bevond tliu l'euuli I puihu'.t. Thcy rejoiced to soi; troups approaoinug frora tlie west, whiiin ihcy Siiposed reinforcemenía in iliuir aid. iíushin hati!y Üloy fojbiud tliuinselves surrounded by tbe Micliigan voluntcuiv, riiid surroiuleríx! wiU.out a Mw. Tbey wcre takon on board thesteam; er Ciiy oí' iJaltiiiioro, Ojrpf, West, and conveyed ;is piinmepn oí war lo the Navy Varil. We í'ound ihuin trailv allired, witli feaíhored cha, eiiüs, appáVL'iitly nnecnscious of tlio íato wliich naturíilly awaits tl.öm as the réirard bf treason. $ome'of t-iétn were anxious to convinCc thosü wi:li v!nm thcy c'cfn. ! thírt tWeir frienda and télhtíorts, as wel! as own unliiase 1 ympatiiies, wcre on the sido oí' thc flag of our Union. 'J'liey wero a crestiá'.le'n troop indeedj !'.■'.' fióme bad ajroady doffed the feathéred éha'peáu for tho simple íclt. The captain waa a man of fine [ihyaiquo andoapriage; Hwplume was stiil uloft, and apura in piace, and haversack marked, MW. W. iiall."- Drmbtless hi.s admirors antl frrends are stil! in a maza at bis suddeo trip aorosa the Potonj-ao.


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