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The Michigan Boys In The Field

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Aiéxandna, May 26Í Col. Willcox; commandant liero, has ssiicd a prnolaiuaticm proclaiming str'a-t martial-luu . ('■uit. W oí (lic Micln., Regiment ís nppoirited Provost Marfcba!, nfaa Cmn;-iny II, of tliat regiment, (',iv ■ T!i-, elfizélTí aro asured that íbuy will !'■■ .)Mtccli-il in their persous, y and Rlavee All publie property will ft) rèspèdLé(ï urtïefed the United States foroes should hu nttackcd. The citizens aio prohibited 'Trom entering or laing tlic city witliout a writtonpermit. Atl outr.iges or oxoessea by the Federal sold+ei'8 will bo prüinptly punishcd, if ro] v!cd. Ppooial üi-ipitclies t'i tíu N'. V. V Washigjgton, May 26. The pk'kets of OoL Wilcox'.scoinmand were fired upou la.t nigTit by the rebel troops, and one of tlio baila passed tbrough a soldíef's liáir, slihtly grazing his Iicad. Col: Willco? itumediately ordered thp ! men to form, and t hoy stept on theiracms all This uioruing lie gave notiee , tb at the pcoplp tliere could haya peace if they desired it, but ff any more liring was done by the rebels, retribution nuist fall on their own Iicads. Wnsliington, May 27, Col, Wiücox, oí tiie Michigan Regiment, in oommand ut Alexandria, gra,cliia;ed nt Vest Boint in 1847; served in t!:e .Mexican war; continued in acüve servicio until two or thrée years sinuc, and ro-ente;-od when the country callea. He enjoya an excellent rcputatioD. Wben Gen. Mannliehl askcd him wbat more was wantod at A'examlria, uhether inore dragoona or halterios, lio replied, " Nothing but onetrtiaty regiment of iniantry." "Tho Massachusetta Fif h was sent in résponse to this messago. There is some diffionlty in controlling ilio exatsperated Zou aves, wh ose misdeeds however, may bo exaggerated. The Michiganders are wiüning golden opinions lrom all. Some of tho secessionists senl their families 'o "Washington irom Alexan3a and fhe neighboihood for protection. Tho fi!]ovinr js Col. Willcox's procamatiou to the oitizens of Alexamlria: IIeat!quar:ers, A!ox;imiria, May 20. Oi'.DEiis No. 2. - Tho undersigned íes eommand of the Union torces in and ibuut Aloxarulria fnun tho 24th Innt. Tho peace of the city will ba preserved unJess nttackcd by the enemy, when the consequencos will rest upon themselyès. Príyúie property will bo respecled and protected by tho ofEcera and of tho wholo coinmand. 1'uacoaWtí cilizens will bo held inviolate o the persua of thornsolves, their families and serva nts. All disorders wül bc proniptly. stopped, and ofifinlerf arrested and punishcd. In onlinarv cases the pólice will not bo interiered with in tho perfunnanca of their duty day or night The police guard will fonn tho military polico of the city, and the i'rovost Marehal may bo applicd to by ciiizjus for protectiori or redress of grievanoes by boïdiers. Citizans will .pp!y to tho Provost MTarsKal foi passes, wtCicn bo will grant at liis discrelioá, undor orders received from the conimanding oüicor. Bv order of [Gaflowny ft O'Dontobll, l'rinters, Regiment Uicbigan Vohm:


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