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The City Of Alexandria

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The city of Alexandria, Virginia, which the late neus malees a central point of interest, is on the right bank ui tho Poiomac, una miles below Washington. It is :i port of entry, and conliüüs ibout 9,000 inhubitants. The river at this p;int is noarly a milo witle, and afíords a coinmodious harbor lor vcssels of the lavgest tormage. It is ai.sD a place whero ehip-building ia oarrfed ofl to sorae exteat. Tho city iá rogularly laitl out, .ih lighted, and cojitaius a cöurt-hoüse, twelve chnrehès, threo bariks, two newspaper offices, and severa] largo public schools. The place is important to Virginia as a convoniaa.t p'oiot for tin export of corn, tobaoco, and coal. The trade of Alexandria has been materially rióreásed of late by tho opening of tho canal to Georgetown, ntersocting the Chesnpeake and Ohio Canal, and a railroacl ninoty miles long, extending to (j-onlonsville. on tho Vir ginia Central Kailroad. This connoction is ;v inot important ono to the South-, as it cxlomls without interniption througl) the Southern States tr Moatfifomery and Mol ile, and coiineols with branch lines :o almost every prominent sonthern city and port. Is proximity to the Capital renders ii n vfrv itiipoitant position for tlio Federal Governinöjit, and ts oocupation may bo coi;..idored an event of po ordinary inteit-.-t. The vory brief pcriod ol its occupancy by the rebel forros has rondered it a point ol'no especial benefit to t hem, and no particular annoyanco to tha iovernnjent


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