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Scientific Swindlers

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Ir. Feb ruary last we contraoted wilh "HorftOG L Hegenian & Co. , Druggists, to.,2t A"illi:im Street. N Y.," ccrtnin advertís ing, rcceiving in payment their acci'ptance at ninety days.payable at the Park Bunk, N. Y Their elegant ly priated oheok o aoccptance fell due en Thursjay of last week, was duly presented for payraent, and proie-ted fnr nonpayment ; and without a word of explonatioaTwo other cheeka, given to ouv City cotem porarios, hnve ehared the same fnte, aiid we presume that half of the publiehers from Maino to the MUsissippi have now on hand these - in a dcuble sense- cheeks whieh irere to futnish thcm New York exehange os nn indueement to adrertise cheap. Wc hope thit eaeh member of the fim of " íl. L. Hegerr.nn & Co., Druggists, (te, have freely used Ihe " eekbrated stímulating Onguerll,'' that their whiskers have grown luxuriously in consrquence, and then that they may be pulled cut by Borne swir.dled and and indignant publisher. - ■ 1 ■ i ■■ ., ,. SST SciiOFF & Millbr have just opened the largest etook of Wall Papera, Paper Hangings, etc, that we have ever had occasiou to examine, and the assortmont -embraces a great variety of styles and paf ;rns from pi. in, neat, and cheap to the elegant and beautiful designs fit to adorn the ■wnllo of the most luxuriom parlor that ar.y of our citizena will soou have cccaBionto furnish. If you don't belicve i:3goandexatDine for yourself. They nlsohave a fine lot of cngravinga, pliotographs, stereoeopes, sterescopic views, fcc, with now and then a volume of new and current literature in the siveral departments. Go and see them.


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