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-We learn that otjOEE L'uüois, late of Geneva, N. Y , has es tablUhed himsclf in the Nurtery business n our City, nnd has planled out ft largo quantity of stocks for budding with standard ' fruits. The present jeaion Mr. D. has fllled orders fora large number of ourciti?ns, and has given such MtUfaetion that he hasgained a large share of public confidenoe, without which article no Nnrery man can long sell I tieeí. Mr, D. will soon stcoV hU.Nursery with Ornaméntalas well as Fruit Trees, and will endeaver to satisfy a want of this conr munity. His Nursery is loonted on the farra of Solón Cook on the Ypsilanti Road, a ehurt distanoe south of the steam saw mili. CF The Sih:cr Graijs wil! rupet on Saturday, t 3 P. M ftt Court to elect cfficcrs. ' J5'S We invite the attenlion of all intirestedto n notice n thispaper sined by E.W. Mobga.v, Treasurer of Forert HUI Ccmetcry Company. lt s importnnt'that promptrcsponse be mnde to the ooll by nll wtio have clectetl lote, but hnye nol mndo pnym-nt f.,r fhe mm or groeui-ed tlie deed. Jf The Mny number of BhicJ:wood s Magazine is on oiir tab'.e witli tlie folj lowing ppcrs : Tlie Ministry nnl t!ic Budgot. (ira tfeauohnnip1 Vengen noe. Mr,:l-y' Uistory nf the Nethorlandi. Tli ■ Euthanasia of tlio Ottoman Empire. 'l'iic Ejcccotor. Teo Orign of Si-eeie- n0"lV '0B8 LilV of'ilie Kight Hon. Willinm Pitt, vy Earl Sknnhoprf. SÜ n rcai' ; w'th the fonr Review $10. Adare3 L Scoir t Co., S. V.


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