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Queen Victoria's Proclamation Of Neutrality

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New York, MUy 27. The steámship .Etna lias arriyed. - ■ The following ia the proclarastioq oí Qucen Victoria : ' Vicreas, We are happily at peace with all Sovereign Powera and otates; and " V7icreas, Jlostilities haya unhappily comuicnced between the Government oí tho United States and certaio States styling therhselves tho Confedérate States of Aineiicu ; and " IVAercas, We being at peacc with the Government of tho United States, have declared our Rojal determiaation to maintain a strict and impartía] neutrality in tho contest botween said conte.sting parties : "We therefora have thought fit, by and with tha advice of ocr Pnvy Coui cil, to issue our Royal Proolami-tion, and we horeby warn all our loving subjects, acd all persons whatever entitled to our protectioti. that it :-.nv of èhern shall presume, in coniempt of this pro clamation and oí our high dföfieawire, to do finy aets in derogationlP their duty as eubjeota of a neutral sjov reign in said contfst, or in violalion or contravenlion of the laws of nations, and mure especially by entering ihe military service of either oí the contendiüg parties, as a ramweioned or nou comniissioned officers, or soldiers, or lv. serving as offieeis, sailorf, or marines, on board s.ny ehip or vessel of war or transport oí or in tiiü service of either of tho eontending parties, or by engaging to go or going to any place beyond the seas, with intent to enüst or engage in any Buch service, or by procuring, or attempting to procure within lier Majes,ty's dominions, at home er abroad, others to do so ; or by iittirg out any ship or vessel to be einployed as n ship of war, or privateer, or transport, by eit her oí the contending parties; or by breakins or endeavorincr 10 blènk anv blockade lawfully and actually establisliecl by or on behalf of either of the s:iid cooteoding parties ; or by carrying offiuer, soldiers, dispatches, anns, military stores or materiali?, or any article considered and doemed to be contraband of war, according to law or modern usage of natiöos, for the use oí either of the said conteftdihg pnrties - uil partiea so ofiending wil) incur and be fiable to the sevcral penalties and penal coosequences .by snoh Staies, or by tho law of tiations in that behalf irn posed ; and ivo do hereby declare that ali our siibjects and persons entitled to our pretection, who iiiay nn.-ieonduot themselves in the preinisea, will 9o bo at iheir pei'il, and of their own wrong, and they will in no wise obtain any protaetion fivm ds Hgainst any liabilit'iës or pensil ■onseqiiL'nceí, bnt wül, on the eontrary, incur our aispleaoure by such uúacoñduet. ' Given at Kichmond Park, Mav 13th." -an ■- bb - i il"


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